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  1. I am sorry but 2 pt Leia really removes the struggle of turning around.
  2. we were talking about this on the second page and it looks like we decided only one per attack.
  3. no. r3 only allows a ship to gain 2 target locks when it preforms a target lock action. Dutch just allows them to acquire a lock. However if a ship with r3 already had a lock it could acquire a second lock without losing the first
  4. Looking at hate I feel that tavson only gets 1 action per damage source
  5. this is me i finally got to where i just use marksmanship as the only bulls-eye elite that works on proton rockets.
  6. I used FC for all but 2 games. and only it one game was it unusable.
  7. From page 3 of the rules reference: • Actions are either white or red. After a ship performs or fails a red action, it gains one stress token. or fails was added in the most recent edition ie. September 19th
  8. Its other effect is that My Precious may preform a bonus tractor beam attack on the ship with the "one space ring" ignoring arc restrictions.
  9. Here is more info on Darth Sidious and by extension purple actions.
  10. Thanks everyone. Since the FLGS was closing soon we just rolled a die for it hit/crit during attackers modification blank/focus after defenders modification; And we rolled a blank so we ended up playing correctly.
  11. A friend and I were playing last night and could not decide if her pilot ability happens after the defender modifies or before.
  12. I prefer Debris gambit on Sabine to turn her linked evade white.
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