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  1. I can do the weapons tab, I'll put it next to the master table tab when it's finished.
  2. I thought @salamar_dree was talking about the cargo skiff originally, then realized that he was talking about the Luxury-class. I had already put the Luxury-class in the spreadsheet using your build as a base.
  3. Now I am loosing my mind, I could have sworn that on one of the older drafts that the basic sensors could be modded once to short range. Full blown delusion apparently, just looked through the old drafts. Not there.
  4. @salamar_dree As a note on the Bantha-II you could get it to have 2 HP left over if you remove the Sensors (for 1 HP) and use a modded Sensors (basic) (0 HP) instead. That way you gain back the 1 needed HP. This is what I have been doing for most of the vehicles that only need short range sensors, saving 1 HP. Or are we not supposed to do that?😕
  5. Not really on the Luxury-class. I only got to the passenger/crew number I did by sacrificing all the base passengers converting to crew quarters and then doubling with integrated improvements. Then adding what passengers I could with leftover HP. I had a brief idea of making it start at sil 5 then using deceptive advertising to reduce it to 4, but thought that would complicate the build too much. The order of operations I used to get to crew 26 is, Base Crew 2 / Passengers 4, then used ambiguously large to double to 4 / 8, 1 passenger quarters to 4 / 10, then convert passengers to crew to get 13 / 1, then doubled the crew with integrated improvements to 26. I did this because you can add more passenger berths later but not any extra crew of any significance after the frame is built. But to get to 300 passenger on this frame and hull would be still high 20 HP. If y'all can find a work around be my guest. Took me two days to get it were it is.
  6. Similar issue with the Ubrikkian Industries Luxury-class Sail Barge. 300 passengers and 1000 encumbrance on a sil 4 landspeeder, you'll either be short passenger space or encumbrance threshold.
  7. What is the "custom hp" column meant to represent? Final Hard Points from building them or HP from the actual Stat blocks.
  8. @salamar_dree Ok thanks, that makes me feel a little better about the numbers. I'm a perfectionist and when things don't add up it triggers me, meaning a spiral of try to fix it. 😖
  9. Another Question. Are we trying to use little to no modifications on components, like engines and hulls?
  10. I can't remember (and don't want to read through 15 pages of posts) if there was an option, in the thread because there isn't an option in the PDF, to reduce the Hull trauma threshold on any of the crafting tables? I vaguely remember there was talk of one for 2 or 3 threat on Frame and/or the Hull crafting tables. Edit: Until I get an answer I'm going to work with 2 threat for a -1 HTT on the frame or hull tables.
  11. @EliasWindrider I got a lot of free time right now and can start stating and data entry, just need access. @salamar_dree To both of you, are there any assumptions y'all are making when building that I need to be aware of?
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