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  1. Thanks @salamar_dree, The talent makes no mention of a limit on the number of turns spent using it before attempting the Mechanics check.
  2. @EliasWindrider I figure the thing you were disagreeing with was my interpretation of the Master Artisan talent. Looks like you sent it without finishing the thought. Any thoughts on the other items I brought up?
  3. Thank you for these explanations. They really should clear up that about the comm/sensors in the reprints of the core books. Maybe you could put a little note on it either in the beginning of the collective handbook or as a small bit in the sensor attachment. As for the shield generators, I always thought they should have been a attachment instead of a function of the engines as FFG did in the base system. Because having your thrust provide defense made so much sense. But I get that you are going by KISS and that means keeping it as much to core as possible. What If you made the Engineering Access from the crafting bonus options, 3 advantage or 1 triumph and it has no restriction from that option alone. It would also balance out the chart a little moving it to a section that only has one other choice. That way a engineer can have easier access to repair the vehicles that they themselves build, without having it be a larger vessel. For the weapons the E-web wasn't big enough, and the the first one is in personal weapon scale just to big to be carried by a sil 1 or 2 character. What is your opinion on the Master Artisan talent @EliasWindrider?
  4. Ok, I am the GM in this case using my former character as a NPC that is doing these checks. That way the vehicles are actually built, instead of just pulling numbers together. I wasn't suggesting the weapons for entry in The Nubian, I was looking for a review of them, by the posters here, with regards too game balance, before dropping them on my players. That is what most of the people on this thread are doing, to see if the ships created and rules proposed are balanced for the game. If you want it moved, I said i would. As to the walker build, and a side note, I have never liked where the original editors placed the Restrictions on what can be placed on what. I always thought it should have been easier to see, instead of tacked on to the end of the descriptive text section. The reason I say this is, I completely overlooked the restrictions on those items. Could you place them either after the Benefit or the Hard Point cost In bold text, it would make missing them a little harder. Why are those item restricted the way they are? A military vehicle of any size should be able to mount military grade shields and engineering access is something that is just ease of access to components of a vehicle, not necessarily actual crawlspace in the vehicle. Another thing, a lot of the other restrictions in the core system and here seem to overlook the fact that not every attachment is going into a starfighter or spaceship, and that most of the attachments were made only for spacecraft. Here is a citation from Engineering Access "Starships can be designed to be easily maintained from within...", it's a oversight everyone has done. I see what you were doing with the description, but that sets up the restriction then placed on it, that the vehicle this is installed in has to be big enough to crawl through the walls and floor. The difficulty of modding a item cannot be reduced by the schematic option, only the crafting difficulty of the original item. You can reduce it with the Master Artisan Talent, and depending on your interpretation of the talent on whether or not you can use it multiple times before attempting the check, you can get it down to easy on all the modding mechanics checks, first to last no matter how many. The talent doesn't specify that it can only be used once, just that the decrease/decreases is for the next attempted mechanics check and that the minimum you can go is easy. Another side thought, what is the base communications range for a ship/vehicle? Can't find it in any of the books, and the Upgraded Comms Array is kind of meaningless without a base to increase.
  5. Here is a traditional walker I built using the current collective rules just to see what it could do. This is me not pushing the system to its limit, the character is a bit broken but in the rules (was played to this level before I took over as GM), and has maxed INT of 7 and maxed Mechanics of 6 both with cybernetics, and 2 upgrades from tools and 6 Boost die from tools and assistance from NPC's and Droid's. Forgot the Force Rating of 3 and a fully bought-out Manipulate Force Power Tree. XAT-SS Mk.3 (Strider Prototype) Silhouette:3 | Speed: 3 | Handling: +1 | Defense: 3/-/-/3 WT: 16 | SST: 16 | Armor: 4 | Sensor Range: Medium Crew: 1 pilot, 1 co-pilot/gunner Passengers: 0 | Encumbrance: 15 | Consumables: 3 months Weapons: Linked Medium Laser Cannon (1 hp), Auto-blaster (1 hp), Missile Pods (1 hp), Linked Light Tractor Beam (all facing forward). Attachments: Engineering Access (from hull crafting), Oversized Weapon Mounts (Tractor Beam) with mod (integrated system), Reinforced Frame (integrated system), Sensors (1 hp), Military Grade Shield Generators with mod (2 hp), Encrypted Computer Core (0 hp), Holographic Shell (2 hp), Mobile Listening Post (2 hp), Nightshadow Coating (1 hp). Walker Frame: => 8 hp, 10 htt, 1 crew, 0 passengers. | Mods: None. | Options: Extra Hard Point, Reinforced Construction x3. Fusion Core Engine: 2 hp, speed 1; 12 sst; def 0/0/0/0 | Mods: 2 increase sst by sil. | Options: Fine-Tuned, Enhanced Output, Fine-Tuned Circuits x2. Scout Ship hull: 2 armor, +1 handling | Mods: 1 Increase armor, 1 Increase handling, Add sil hard points and double crew, Increase consumables by 3 months, Increase defense in all zones by 1. | Options: Integrated Improvements (Oversized Weapon & Reinforced Frame), Engineering Access, Extra Hard Point, Layered Plating, Maneuvering Fins, Cargo Pod. Assembly Options: Extra Hard Point
  6. Wanted to run something through the Collective, if you think it belongs in it own thread I'll move it. As I mentioned in a previous post I'm running a Empire R&D campaign. In this game my character turned NPC (when I took over as GM) is a droid tech savant working for the Inquisitorius as a engineer, now that I have took over as GM he's working on a new order of walkers and droids. Kind of combining them actually, during the process the program got seperated, large sil 3 droid program and the strider program. Striders are basically mechs with a single pilot and a droid (hardwired) copilot, the striders have hands like droids so they needed weapons that could be used with hands instead of just a hard point connection. Here is the weapons I came up with, just wanted some like minded engineers opinions. Silhouette 3 weapons - can be used by Striders and Droids Anti-personnel weapon Kisda Industries “Kali” Auto-Blaster Skill: Gunnery Damage: 20 (Superior included) Critical: 2 Range: Long Encumbrance: 25 HP: 3 Price: 12,200 cr (R) / Rarity: 7 Special: Accurate 1, Auto-Fire (only), Pierce 5, Prepare 1, Superior, only usable by silhouette 3 Droid or humanoid. (All statistics are personal scale) —————————————————————————————————————— Anti-vehicle weapon K. I. “Mountain Mover” MHPC (Mobile Heavy Particle Cannon) Skill: Gunnery Damage: 6 (Superior included) Critical: 3 Range: Short Encumbrance: 35 HP: 2 Price: 16,500 cr (R) / Rarity: 8 Special: Breach 1, Knockdown, Prepare 1, Superior, Vicious 4. (All statistics are planetary scale) —————————————————————————————————————— Indirect-fire artillery weapon Kisda Industries RI-4X “Rainmaker” Artillery Skill: Gunnery Damage: 7 (Superior included) Critical: 3 Range: Medium (minimum range of close) Encumbrance: 40 HP: 1 Price: 13,400 cr (R) / Rarity: 9 Special: Auto-Fire, Blast 5 (close range), Breach 2, Concussive 1, Limited Ammo 10, Prepare 1, Slow-Firing 1, Superior. (Uses planetary scale) A full reload costs 7,500 cr. —————————————————————————————————————— Missile pods - function per load out. DRS-18 “Wasp Swarm” Mini-Missile pods Skill: Gunnery Damage: 8 (Superior included) Critical: 3 Range: Long Encumbrance: 27 HP: 0 Price: 9,000 cr (R) / Rarity: 7 Special: Accurate 1, Auto-Fire (only)(1 advantage activation), Blast 5, Knockdown, Limited Ammo 5, Linked 1, Superior. (Uses personal scale) Reloads cost 5,000 cr. Kisda FRM-3 Concussion Missile pods Skill: Gunnery Damage: 7 (Superior included) Critical: 3 Range: Short Encumbrance: 32 HP: 0 Price: 10,500 cr (R) / Rarity: 6 Special: Accurate 1, Blast 4, Breach 4, Guided 3, Limited Ammo 10, Superior. (Uses planetary scale) Full reloads cost 7,000 cr. Kisda Industries HH-09 “Hedgehog” Anti-Infantry Missile Pods Skill: Gunnery Damage: 12 (Superior included) Critical: 2 Range: Long Encumbrance: 23 HP: 0 Price: 12,000 cr (R) / Rarity: 8 Special: Accurate 1, Blast 7 (medium range), Limited Ammo 20, Pierce 5, Superior, Vicious 5. (Uses personal scale) Full reload costs 8,000 cr. K.I. PIR-3 “Pyre” Incendiary Missile pods Skill: Gunnery Damage: 4 (Superior included) Critical: 2 Range: Short Encumbrance: 30 HP: 0 Price: 10,000 cr (R) / Rarity: 9 Special: Accurate 1, Blast 4, Burn 2, Guided 3, Limited Ammo 10, Superior, Vicious 3. (Uses planetary scale) Reloads cost 7,500 cr. Kisda Industries GPR-1 “Gopher” Bunker Buster Missile pods Skill: Gunnery Damage: 9 (Superior included) Critical: 2 Range: Short Encumbrance: 40 HP: 0 Price: 22,000 cr (R) / Rarity: 10 Special: Accurate 1, Blast 9 (short range), Breach 9, Guided 3, Limited Ammo 4, Superior. (Uses planetary scale) Full reload costs 18,000 cr. K.I. ARC-16 Ion Missile pods Skill: Gunnery Damage: 6 (Superior included) Critical: 4 Range: Short Encumbrance: 25 HP: 0 Price: 11,500 cr (R) / Rarity: 9 Special: Blast 6, Guided 3, Ion, Limited Ammo 6, Superior. (Uses planetary scale) Reloads cost 9,600 cr. —————————————————————————————————————— Silhouette 3 Melee weapons use planetary scale for damage all other aspects personal scale. Irokini Mining “Breaker” Plasma Blade (Long shaft with a contained plasma field along one side. Not a lightsaber) Skill: Melee Damage: 5 - planetary scale (Superior included) Critical: 2 Range: Short Encumbrance: 12 HP: 2 Price: 8,500 cr / Rarity: 5 Special: Breach 5, Sunder, Superior, Vicious 2. Kisda Industries LI-90n “Legions” Strider Glaive Skill: Melee Damage: 2 - planetary scale (Superior included) Critical: 3 Range: Short Encumbrance: 24 HP: 3 Price: 5,500 cr / Rarity: 7 Special: Breach 1, Defensive 1, Knockdown, Sunder, Superior, Unwieldy 4. (Requires 2 hands to wield) Kisda Industries Rancor Claws Skill: Melee Damage: 2 - planetary scale (Superior included) Critical: 2 Range: Engaged Encumbrance: 10 HP: 0 Price: 3,500 cr / Rarity: 6 Special: Breach 1, Linked 1, Superior, Vicious 4. Irokini Mining “Mangler” Repulsor Maul Skill: Melee Damage: 4 - planetary scale (Superior included) Critical: 3 Range: Short Encumbrance: 30 HP: 0 Price: 9,500 cr / Rarity: 7 Special: Sunder, Superior, Unwieldy 3, Vicious 2. (Requires 2 hands to wield) Kisda Industries “Leviathan” Ion Pike Skill: Melee Damage: 5 - planetary scale (Superior included) Critical: 3 Range: Short Encumbrance: 18 HP: 0 Price: 9,900 cr / Rarity: 9 Special: Breach 2, Ion, Superior. (Requires 2 hands to wield) Here are some of the ideals/rules I had come up with to govern these Striders and sil 3 Droids. Thoughts and critiques appreciated. Star Wars Strider and Sil 3 & up Droid rules All rules concerning droids are assumed to be ground bases bipeds or quadrupeds. Treaded, wheeled, or repulsor driven droid vehicles work under the normal rules for vehicles. - Encumbrance for striders is = silhouette + armor x 10 (carried equipment for strider, like weapons, not gear for characters) - Encumbrance fro Sil 3 droids is = silhouette + brawn x 10 - Striders use Piloting (Strider) Agility for there skill checks - Silhouette 3 droids use coordination for there Piloting skill checks - Silhouette 3 droids have speed = 1/2 Agility (rounded up, minimum of 1). - Silhouette 3 droids have a handling of 0 - Striders pilots can make a brawl check using their brawl skill but using the striders armor as the characteristic for the skill check and the damage. Melee works the same way plus the weapons modifier. - Striders and droids may take a incidental accelerate/decelerate maneuver to change there speed by up to two once a turn. - Add in the additional actions & maneuvers from the Genesys system vehicle rules. - Striders and Droids are not forced to move based on current speed. - To pilot a Strider a character must possess a neural interface (brain port, neural bridge, headjack) or a cybernetic brain implant, to pilot effectively. -Striders can be piloted without an interface, at a -4 to handling.
  7. @EliasWindrider You could have a smaller pod used as a secondary means of locomotion, like flight or wheels in lue of the all terrain legs attachment. Or you could use the pods for modular loadouts like the Koensayr AD-15 from Special Modifications. Here is what I posted on power cores: The rules do have a special case in the Repulsor cluster that can't be used on starships. I propose 2 new entries in the Engines section, the "Fusion Core" & "Power Cells" Fusion Core Most common power generator throughout the galaxy, can be found in anything from a cooking unit to a AT-AT. This component can only installed into walker and wheeled landspeeder frames. Material Price/Rarity: 1,500/2 Check: Average Mechanics check Time: 1.5 days (36 hours) Base Modifiers: Installing this core component changes a crafts speed to 2, defense to 0/0/0/0, and system strain threshold to 4 x silhouette. Modification Options: 1 increase speed by one (to a maximum of 4) Mod. 3 increase system strain threshold by silhouette Mods. Hard Points Required: 2 Power Cells Power cells are used in application that have size or weight limitations, only down side to cells is that they need to be replaced or recharged. This component can only installed into walker and wheeled landspeeder frames of silhouette 3 or less. Material Price/Rarity: 250/1 Check: Easy Mechanics check Time: 12 hours Base Modifiers: Installing this core component changes a crafts speed to 3, defense to 0/0/0/0, and system strain threshold to 3 x silhouette. On any Piloting (Planetary) check the GM may spend 4 threat or 2 dispair to have the vehicle looses all power and becomes motionless. Modification Options: 2 increase speed by one (to a maximum of 5) Mods. 3 increase system strain threshold by silhouette Mods. Hard Points Required: 1 With a little reworking these might work.
  8. @EliasWindrider Thanks, thought I'd wrote my way into a hole with that, just couldn't see it. Yeah, walkers (really all ground vehicles) need a little love. They don't have a lot of them in the system but almost every campaign has them. I'm right now running a campaign that is centered on the Inquisition and Imperial R&D working on a new walker program (something a little closer to mechs with hands, but not directly human looking) and the base creation rules don't quite fit. Bringing up what @salamar_dree said about fusion cores last wednesday, I did post something on these a few months ago. They would work for Mod pods too, with a little reworking.
  9. @EliasWindrider Actually the PTB-625 Heavy Bomber, the one on the front of Stay on Target, is a sil 4. As for the LAAT/c, it's like a heavy lift helicopter, all engine and cockpit, no cargo other than a small amount of storage in the cockpit. The passenger space on the LAAT/c isn't enough for the crew of a AT-TE, so the AT-TE is fully crewed when dropped. And the additional rules on the stat block give it a special case just for the AT-TE, it's meant to drop the walker then scoot. I'd count it not as a modular pod but as a attachment or mod of the frame to allow it to carry a specific vehicle, or limited type of object, of 1 sil larger. Either that or just count it as a modded LAAT that's using the free mag clamps from the Edge Core sidebar, not a Mothership/modular pod. That's just my opinion. As a side note on walkers, I don't think the all terrain legs vehicle attachment works for the walker frame. The attachment lets a vehicle function as a walker and if modded allows abuse misuse of the mods options (the removal of setback) that are inherent to the attachment itself, something walkers in game don't normally have. I do think walkers need a cap on max speed, did the cap you used from the all terrain legs allow for the possibility to increase the race hull cap of 3 to 4 with a speed increasing attachment?
  10. @salamar_dree The AT-EST exploration and survey walker out of the Edge core has a consumables value of one month. Everything that is space worthy and crewed has one if I remember correctly. There should still be a base vale for it even if you don't take the life support attachment or mod the frame. Something in the line of maybe a base consumables = Sil in days of food for full crew and passengers and fuel. That would fix the one month of consumables on all sil 5 ships, and the lack of one on most speeders and walkers is that they are never far from a city or settlement where they can refuel.
  11. @salamar_dree I figured that most small speeders (air, land, bikes) wouldn't have any direct life support or food, but freighters and up have to have a minimum amount. Also, consumables represent how much fuel the vehicle has. So there has to be some minimum for consumables to represent this?
  12. This is something I might have been missing but, what is base consumables by sil or by frame? The life support attachment maxes out at 400 days, per installation, for sil 10 vessels, are we to assume that all vessels have no base or that they have 1 free integrated Life Support attachment?
  13. Thank you for these. There Great. Any chance on a update, maybe after rise of the separatists? Please!
  14. Looking for stats for the Haven-class Medical Station? The one from clone wars. Hoping someone on the forums has stated one out or that it will be in Rise of the Separatist. Any other space station stats, not in the books, will be appreciated, Thanks. (Posting this on the other star wars rpg forums too.)
  15. Looking for stats for the Haven-class Medical Station? The one from clone wars. Hoping someone on the forums has stated one out or that it will be in Rise of the Separatist. Any other space station stats, not in the books, will be appreciated, Thanks. (Posting this on the other star wars rpg forums too.)
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