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  1. Just to clarify Lore Aragorn's ability is an Action but does not require to exhaust him. So even if he was exhaust during the action window of the Refresh phase you could still use its ability. That said during the Refresh phase you first have to complete all the mandatory steps (readying cards, raising threat, passing along the first players token) and while you are doing those you cannot use Action abilities (but possibly some Responses). So Lore Aragorn's ability can always only be used after the mandatory Refresh phase threat raise, which means that if the end of the combat phase you are at 49 threat he cannot save you.
  2. Also note that he gets the +1 to the stats even if he is not readied by the effect.
  3. Basically sometimes they have enough space on the cards to put in full the rule connected to a keyword (like in Trailblazer) as a reminder, sometimes they have less space to work with so they print only the keyword itself (like in Word of Warning). In both cases you still have to follow the full rules for the keyword.
  4. I just finished playing (succesfully) my first attemp against this quest and I have to say I am really satisfied by it (and by the cycle in general, especially from a narrative point). I always enjoyed the big battle quests and I feel the mechanics were really on spot for this one. Kudos to the developers I am really getting the sense they are improving with each cycle lately.
  5. Here are the images https://imgur.com/98C2EEw https://imgur.com/mYYPe1Q https://imgur.com/hDxoXEp https://imgur.com/uChWSXg https://imgur.com/5PdO3Lv
  6. Well we already got the French version of them all so I was not sure it would still be something of interest, but ok I will publish them as soon as I can.
  7. I got my english copy of The Fate of Wilderland today, so if anyone is interested in pictures of the cards or other info let me know
  8. Also in Fire in the Night one of the side quests makes shadow cards dealt to Dagnir immune to player cards effects and their effects cannot be canceled.
  9. Yes it's correct, just remember to activate it before it's the other deck turn to play allies.
  10. A little off topic as a question I realize but you already have The Fate of Wilderland?
  11. Usually the card effects of the guarded attachments (besides the guarded keyword itself or any rules about how to claim it) are not active as long as it's guarded so I would say that in this case the Hobgoblin is not affected by trap, it's simply guardind it and you have to defeat it, claim it and then play it as a trap.
  12. Even though before the other player can use the sentinel character you have to decide to declare no defenders the sentinel character it's still declared later on as a defender against that enemy so the attack itself is not considered undefended.
  13. I don't think we need an official ruling since if that limit was to be applied to any kind of stat boosting it would be worded differently. As it stands it's clear that the limit should be applied only to the Guardian's own ability. If you want some sort of "official" confirmation I will let you know that during the Lure of Middle Earth of this March I played a Dale deck using that same combination I mentioned at a table with Caleb Grace againts Fire in the Night and he didn't raise any objections to it, so it seems legit... (but beware any treacheries/shadow effects blanking characters text boxes since they will rob the Guardian of many of its boosts possibily even killing it if it was already wounded)
  14. The limit is only on its own ability, not on other stats boosting abilities which might affect him. So a Guardian of Esgaroth with attached a Wild Stallion, a Squire Helm and Valiant Determination and considering that LeBrand is in play would be a 6 Willpower, 5 Attack, 5 Defense, 7 hit points monster ally which does not exhaust to quest.
  15. Going by the rules no (also some of those are the same like Mithril Shirt, Sting and Glamdring)
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