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  1. I guess you are referring to playing mono-Tactics solo right? Anyway I do not find so strange that Tactics readying options are mainly restricted to combat (in general, even outside the combat phase), it's kinda fitting. If you really have need to ready some characters and cannot rely on other decks keep in mind for general decks The White Council and possibly The Free People, for certain decks Boomed and Trumpeted and Ring of Thror can be good too.
  2. Well actually I was thinking that if another deck on the table is playing Silvan or Eagles the two Eomer might combo sometimes (also a Gandalf Sneak attacked in the planning phase could work too).
  3. So you don't know the good and the bad (Mordor deck aside) under each quest. Really brutal. If you ever manage to clear one of those side quest the card are put in the deck or in hand?
  4. Question, by the setup rules do you know which cards go under which quest?
  5. Quite brutal, basically you have to make do with 10 cards (including the 6 from the starting hand) and you never know what you will reveal from those pesky side quest (besides the Power of Mordor cards). Many deck will indeed struggle if they lose some key pieces to the fickle gods of chance.
  6. And they were apparentely all needed since you ended up at 33 threat still. Seems like a quest where you need to pack A LOT of threat management.
  7. Cool game. Just a question how many times did you play The Galadhrim's Greeting? I counted like five...
  8. I guess a good target for the Thoroughbred would be Na'asiyah. Or more in general in a Fellowship any hero without those Keywords relying heavily on Blood of Numenor/Gondorian Fire (let's say TaBoromir)
  9. I was just wondering cause this is a case of having twice the exact same game text
  10. Just wondering does a MotK Elladan/Elrohir with Thorongil on its hero version gets +4 to Attack/Defense when his twin is in play?
  11. Fun fact a LeFrodo - TaMerry - SpPippin - Folco lineup can still start at 22 threat (and with SpGlorfindel and Smeagol even at 21) 😄
  12. I don't exactly understand the Desperate Alliance part... Anyway yes the Messenger of King - Thorongil many combos seems quite intriguing. Everyone get your Ring of Thror 😄
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