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  1. I think they will end up essentially repackaging older content to draw in new blood, remaking the Core set and some expansions, streamlining some cards (see all the recent sneak errata of older cards) and quests (like the Shadows of Mirkwood and Khazad-Dum quests), all while keeping the "new products" compatible with the "old game". Perhaps the occasional new POD/adventure pack for conventions and events, but essentially no great influx of new material.
  2. Yeah, in the first round you use CW in the Resource Phase and then in the following Planning Phase you use the contract to ready the hero and get the resources.
  3. Another option would be using a Noble hero and Captain's Wisdom for an early turn resource boost.
  4. After the third attempt (in the first two I was unable to stem the constant flux of enemies) I was finally able to beat the River Runnin with 3 Valar Tokens. My deck is showing severe lack of combat abilities and I fear this League will end up in a disaster for me due to a badly constructed deck, especially against The City of Ulfast Here is the usual playthrough detailing the game I won
  5. Another way to phrase a Response conditional on something else would have been "do A to do B" where "to" is the crucial world and "A" is the cost for "B". If you want an example more close to your question let's look at Sam Gamgee (the Leadership hero), it was clarified by Caleb himself that even if Sam is already ready (sorry fo the bad pun) when you engage an enemy with an engagement cost higher than you threat Sam would still get the stat bonuses, since there was no Then or To. Ally Sam Gamgee (Spirit) instead is an example of a conditional response. Since there is a "to" in the middle of the sentence if you do not spend the Spirit resource you do not ready Sam and he does not get the stat bonuses since spending the resource was the cost of the response.
  6. Just to be clear, The Free People is not a Response, it's an action and has two effects, neither of which is a Response. Anyways the two effects are independent from one another (notice also how the first phrase applies to all characters in play, while the second one only to character you control), usually if the first part of an effect is mandatory to trigger the second one there is "Then," at the start of the second phrase.
  7. @General_Grievous now can choose a quest from Sands of Harad/Haradrim to pick, @Thanee can choose a quest to exclude from that cycle and @rlogan4 can choose a cycle for the supplemental cards.
  8. Welcome to the last LOTR Solo League hosted on this forum. I created a copy of this thread on BBG Forum too to help transitioning. This month we'll be playing three quests from A Shadow in the East and Vengeance of Mordor. The quests are: 1) The River Running 2) The City of Ulfast 3) Under the Ash Mountains Here are the rules: 1) Each player will construct a 50+ card deck, then use that exact deck against all three quests. You may use that deck freely against any quests (include the three quests in the league) prior to the run for testing purposes, but you may not use any trial runs for your official results. 2) At least one of the heroes must be from a box with those quests. This means that you must have at least one of Leadership Frodo, Smeagol, Lothiriel and Gildor Inglorion. 3) Your score against each quest will be how much help you need to defeat it, based on the Grace of the Valar variant invented by Seastan. It works like this: For each token you have, you can choose to draw a card or give a hero a resource. This happens one at a time, so if I use my first token to draw a card, I see the card before I decide whether to use my second token for a card or a resource. This can be done *anytime* during setup. The original variant starts at zero tokens and gains two tokens if you lose quickly (first five turns) and one if you do not -- however, for the purposes of this league I will allow you to start a quest at any number of tokens, and adjust by as many as you want. The only rules for adding/reducing tokens are these: Rule 1) If you lose a quest with X tokens, you cannot play that quest again with X or less tokens. Rule 2) If you defeat a quest with Y tokens, you cannot play that quest again with Y or more tokens. So for example, if I start with six tokens against Into the Pit and defeat it, I can play it again with 0-5 tokens. If I then try with three tokens and lose, I can play it again with 4 or 5 tokens. If I try with four and lose, I can play it again with 5 tokens. If I win, my final score for that quest is 5, and if I lose my final score for the quest is 6. (Alternatively, I could've decided that 6 was a good enough score the first time I played it, and just have my final score be 6 without playing again.) Remember that tokens do not carry over between quests. When playing The City of Ulfast it does not matter how many tokens I needed to defeat The River Running. 4) You are not required to publish your deck, but providing a ringsdb link is encouraged (otherwise I may need to ask you for your decklist at the end of the month if required for a tiebreaker). You are required to reveal which Heroes you used, and how many cards in your deck came from outside A Shadow in the East/Vengeance of Mordor, the LOTR Saga and a single core. Do not include outside heroes in this count, only cards in the deck itself. Note: Contracts (from the most recent cycle) are not part of the deck and should not be counted. A Loot Deck (from the Burglar's turn contract) is also not part of the deck and should not be counted. The One Ring or the Messenger of the King ally/hero should also not be counted *unless* your deck uses those cards to reach 50 -- the Master card fetched by the One Ring should be counted. You may follow contract/One Ring setup instructions at the same as hero setup, ignoring Caleb's ruling. 5) Tiebreakers have frequently mattered in this league. Here are the tiebreakers, in order: --- 1st) The number of outside cards (i.e. not from A Shadow in the East/Vengeance of Mordor, LOTR Saga or a single core) used in the deck. Do not count outside heroes in this count, only cards in the deck. Less cards is better. 2nd) The number of heroes specifically from The A Shadow in the East/Vengeance of Mordor and LOTR Saga. More is better. 3rd) The number of heroes used from this list: Leadership Frodo, Smeagol, Lothiriel and Gildor Inglorion. More is better. 4th) The number of cards in the deck outside The A Shadow in the East/Vengeance of Mordor and LOTR Saga. Less is better, and core cards are considered "outside" for this tiebreaker. 5th) The number of cards outside A Shadow in the East, The City of Ulfast and Under the Ash Mountains. Less is better, and core cards are considered "outside" for this tiebreaker. 6th) Performance in December's Solo League (if you didn't play or finish Novemberr's League, a median performance will be assumed). Whoever did worst wins this tiebreaker. --- 6) 1st place gets to choose the cycle for March's league, 2nd place gets to choose a quest from that cycle, and 3rd place gets to choose a quest *not* to be used from that cycle. In an effort to expand the diversity of decks used, the last place player will choose an additional cycle that may be used for deckbuilding in March's league. 7) Weekly deadlines will at 11:59pm Eastern on the 14th, 21st, and 28th. Only the final deadline really matters for scoring and cannot be extended -- the first two deadlines are only to be included in intermediate standings. The River Running: January 14th The City of Ulfast: January 21st Under the Ash Mountains: January 28th 8 ) I've created a google spreadsheet for results here: https: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1o984xo38OhU1ApTQxs5z... To join the league, merely add your name and information about your deck to the spreadsheet, then enter your results as you have them. Please give a link to your deck if you built or published it on ringsdb, but it is not required. If you wish you may run additional decks against the quests and record your results, but only the first entry will be considered for the competition itself.
  9. I will pick Sands of Harad Yeah I hope to do it today, it was a busy start of the year.
  10. From what I gather the host of LOTR LCG Quest Companion is going to scrap and save the rulings from these boards
  11. I was part of this forum for only I short time but it was a very nice place to hang out, talk about our beloved game, take part in the Solo League, exchange crazy deck ideas and so forth. I hope to still see some of you guys around in other corners of the Internet. I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil 😢😢
  12. The notice of the closure of the forums here on this website is quite the sad news, but I hope we will be able to carry on with these monthly leagues elsewhere...
  13. If I were you I would simply start buying anything I can get a hold of (and you have the money to buy confortably) since reprinting and restocking for this game is very....random. As a more general advice the latest cycles usually have better crafted quest and a more solid narrative. I could recommend starting from The Lost Realm and working from there. Otherwise Wilds of Rhovanion and the Ered Mitrhin cycle are another good place to start. Maybe wait going for Shadow in the East and Vengeance of Mordor until later Springing for the LOTR saga could be good too.
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