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  1. If I want to play this I would just play Firefly.
  2. Norm, I am sure your kids would like this game but I think it might overwhelm them at first with all of the rules and rules and rules. Having owned both Sword & Sorcery and everything made for Descent 2E and having played both with my kids, they by FAR choose Sword & Sorcery over Descent 2E. You might want to look into it, and it is ALOT cheaper then Descent too.
  3. That makes sense. I find it lame they even act like that article is a article about Descent, that is about Runewars, and if I want a miniatures game I would buy the new A Song of Ice & Fire from Cool Mini or Not (Which I have been, your loss FCG). I have no love anymore for Fantasy Card Game.
  4. The last part of the sentence says it all: Would not be interested in a (DJ03) because I am completely happy with Sword and Sorcery from Ares Games, but I would buy a conversion kit for all of my Descent 2 collection. If I had to bet, I would about guarantee the greedy people at Fantasy Card Games would put all the missing Heroes and monsters from (DJ02) as the base game of (DJ03) to try and get people who own the complete collection from (DJ02) to buy (DJ03).
  5. Great post Delphi. I started collecting games about 10 year ago and have a somewhat HUGE collection. ? FFG is probably the biggest part of my collection but I have stopped buying their products of late and switched to other brands because I believe FFG dropped the ball and let other developers come in and steal there thunder, The price point for their games have sky rocketed and the gameplay just does not equal the amount you pay. Lt. packs are just a slap in the face to supporters, they once where $8 (early last year) now they are $12, (present price) and then look at Lord of the Rings Adventure Packs,,,same scenario. Sword and Sorcery is a very good Dungeon Crawl game, and for the price it is hands down the better buy. D&D Adventure Series is another great buy for the price. I do think FFG did a good job on the Mansion of Madness series, and believe THAT is how Descent should have been and not all this dumb LT packs, Heroes/Monster Packs non sense (highly recommend not buying those overpriced money grabs). Look where they placed Star Wars Imperial Assualt in the Forums Menu (Minis section) and where they placed Descent (The Meehhh Section) that alone should tell you what they think of this game. All of the Adventure Packs are in the LOTR Boxes, and someone is borrowing 2 copies of my Mansions of Madness that is why they are not in pic.
  6. Delphi if you want to support this company by all means do, but I will not support this card game company any longer. Sword and Sorcery is where it is at.
  7. I have pics of the other games I list but it wont allow me to upload to prove what I say is true. The kicker is I own ALOT of Lord of the Rings LCG because it seemed like a neat little game to play with my daughter but had I known FFG was going to turn into a LCG garbage dump I would have NEVERRRR supported it. How bad is the LCG fad, just a couple of months ago they lost the license to one of their card games (name alludes me) and you would have thought the world had ended for these people. Long Post about in the news A post how the LCG community is not dead BLAAAHH BLAAAHH BLAAAHHH Look at the forums and check the post count for that game then compare it to Descent/Imperial Assualt. Did Descent get anything, or has anything been mentioned since the discovery of Electricity? I made this account because I am soooo DONE with you FFG...err FLCG, and want you to know how you turned your fans against you. ARES 1000% now Sword & Sorcery all the way and anyone who buys Descent stuff is silly, S&S is so much cheaper and the Developers actually support the game.
  8. Fantasy Flight is all about these idiotic card games, just look at the news that comes out it is usually Card game this, Card game that. They soo lost me as a fan of the company with this non stop wave of highly overpriced card games. Not to mention what seems the MONTHLY jack up in prices of there games. Imperial Assualt items have been raised in price 3 times now since January. I own everything made in Descent I own everything made in Runebound I own everything released in Armada (NOT BUYING ANYMORE) I own everything released in Mansions of Madness (NOT BUYING ANYMORE) I own everything released in Imperial Assualt (NOT BUYING ANYMORE) Ban me if you want, I could care less.
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