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  1. 🤣 Soresu Defender vs GM, love it! That is a logical reason, I will explain it to my players. We did have a battle drag out a bit for that reason last week, so I'm sure they'll see the wisdom in not allowing it to drag on again. Thank you so much!
  2. That seems to fit the wording well. Thank you so much for clarifying! My only worry is that if the one "activly making the roll" can use it but "it won't help the player being targeted", then that would create a power inbalance in favour of the attacker. If the attacker tries to wrestle the defender to the ground, and is allowed to uses his Ebb/Flow to boost his skill check, but the defender isn't allowed to use Ebb/Flow to contest it, then the attacker will usually win. (And yes I'm talking about PC vs PC, as my players constantly spar.) Any way to balance this out? (Or did I misunderstand what you said?)
  3. Sorry if this question has been asked before, but I couldn't find it. Can Ebb be used to oppose an adversary's check? E.g. Player 1 rolls his force die to attempt to use Bind on Player 2. Player 2 opposes the check, but doesn't have as much skill as Player 1 who has maxed out his Dicipline, so he says he wants to use Ebb to give Player 1 two auto failure and two auto threat to the roll. Is this allowed? The reason for my confusion is in the wording of Ebb/Flow which says "When the user makes a skill check, he may roll an Ebb power check as part of the roll." Now is there a difference between a "skill check" and an "opposed check"? Cause if they're two sides of the same coin so to speak, then he should be able to use it, but if they're different then he wouldn't. And half my players think an opposed check is a type of skill check, and the other half say normal skill checks are not the same as opposed checks... Opinions? (Or better yet a quote from a book that I overlooked!) 😅 Thanks in advance!
  4. Oh come on guys! Even the Fantasy/Sci-fi world of Star Wars has some baisic logic behind it, the force has specific skills and abilities, times when something can, or can't be used. And even more so in the FFG games, there are rules and math to stop players going "The Force is Magic, I can do whatever I want!" And this is very much reflected in both Cannon and Legends. If your not interested in a gaming experience that is defined by rules and boundaries, then what are you doing here? You can go off and make up a story that makes you happy without dice and spreadsheet!
  5. Yes... that's right, but as you might have noticed, only one of them allows you to; Which is what that sentence was talking about. ?
  6. So in the scenario you present, that would be 6 damage from Intelect, (1 force point spent to do that) and then presuming you have both the Strength upgrades then the remaining 3 points are spent (2 x 3 =6) for another 6 points of damage for a total of 12. And this is not area of effect, it's against a target you can touch, and if it's a strong opponent he can oppose it with agility (to make sure your hand of death doesn't touch) or with resilience if he's a tough guy that thinks he can take it, or maybe dicipline if he's a force user... GM's choice. (So not area of effect unless you spend your force to both extend the range [if you have the Range upgrade] and the amount of targets [if you have the Magnitude upgrade] in which case you don't have as many points in strength, so it wouldn't do 12 damage anymore.) But if you have the control upgrade you can add your ranks in medicine to the damage, so a potential +5 there...
  7. I would have thought it would have been obvious that while glowing balls of plasma (blaster shots) and glowing strands of plasma (lightning) can be stopped by a stick of plasma (lightsaber), while sonic ripples through the air would simply pass around it. However, as no one has mentioned it yet it should be pointed out that it was specifically mentioned in Far Horizions page 40, when speaking about a sonic weapon, that "sonic blast generated... cannot be parried or disrupted by a lightsaber". Now I know this is the description of one weapon, but it stands to reason that this is how sonic attacks work.
  8. My mistake! (I haven't gotten the warrior book yet, and the description I'd read neglected that detail.) And I didnt realize it had come out in "Martial Artist", as my group uses the Force Sensitive trees almost exclusively. Sorry for my ignorant statement! Thanks for the info!
  9. Yeah, these are great. I'm currently running an adventure on one of the maps from his Pack 6. They really raise the experience.
  10. ?? Interesting... I'd never realised Shroud was so powerful. Thanks for the clarification! That was my first gut reaction too... might house rule it... Thanks so much!
  11. Wether you can use Durable after Precision Strike or whether you have to use it before is discussed in this thread. Obviously you can read it yourself, but the final consensus seems to be that all talents that raise or lower the crit like Durable, Vicious, Supreme Armor Master, etc are applied to the roll and the resulting crit calculated. AFTER all that has been applied, if the attacker doesn't like the crit that has been calculated, he THEN applies Improved Precision Strike to chouse a crit of average or lower. So Durable won't save you.
  12. 9? Theoretically yes, and even more. As long as you keep criting you can keep chaining Overpowered, and if you want even more then do the "Saber Swarm" manouver first to gain extra linked rating equal to your force rating.
  13. I see some nice narrative possibilities with that system, and you have explained the pro's very well. However, one downside that to my players would be simply unacceptable, is that it unless you're a Mystic who can re-roll his force 4 times a session, it makes it practically impossible to have extremely powerful light side users. (Cause if you're powerful and trying to stick to the light, after 2 or 3 rolls you'd be knocked out by the strain.) It seems like you'd be penalizing players who spend months or years of their life getting enough EXP to get a high force rating, and who happen to be nice people who want to stick to the light side. The pull of the dark is already strong as so many of the force points rolled are dark, and to activate powerful abilities you need a lot of them, or if you're trying to use Ebb/Flow to give you 2 success and 2 advantage to each roll, then you'll rack up conflict without a problem. If your worry is about Paragons being "inevitable" I'd say they need to be using more Force. At my table only 1 player became a paragon. Why? She has a force rating of 1, and never uses any force powers, so she gets no conflict. The others with ratings of +3 are all hovering around the 40-50 morality area because they're force power intensive. If you want to come up with a system to combat the "inevitably" of Paragons, come up with something that gives more conflict to those who aren't using force powers. (This could be done narratively, for example the character rolls their force die, sees they got hardly any light side points, or none at all, and decide not to use dark side points, and therefore don't activate the force power. Then you could say " Since you know you had the power to act, and did not, you feel very guilty. Take 1 conflict.") But overall I think that the writers came up with a more balanced solution in the books. (Just my opinion, take with a pinch of salt.) ?
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