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    Skaflok reacted to Hepitude in RIP FFG   
    Also, I know it sells well, but Legion just feels like stale, un-creative Disney drivel to me.
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    Skaflok reacted to Hepitude in RIP FFG   
    I've spent a ton of time, money and energy on products by Fantasy Flight Games. I organized weekly x-wing nights for several years, got all my friends into x-wing, bought everything Runewars had to offer, painted, built terrain and invested in this community. I still love these games, but I'm not a fan of FFG anymore. I won't get into the details, but I don't think they treated the fans of this game well. I'm really glad I have this game, but I won't be buying any future FFG products.
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    Skaflok reacted to sarumanthewhite in It Is TIME!!! (or This is NOT It!)   
    Just thought I'd give folks an update on this project.
    I've recruited @Church14 and @Jukey to help out and they've designed the Uthuk and Latari parts of this.  We've exchanged our reviews and feedback on about half of the material and I'm working to get it all rolled up into a package which we can get out to the community here in the next few weeks.  To be candid, I ran into some time constraints with work/family around the holiday and I'm also trying to find time to practice for Gen Con!!
    Regardless, we are working on this and you're going to love it.  We have about 100 cards for you and I'll start sharing some previews of it here shortly.  Thanks for your patience!!!
    What is dead may never die!!!
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    Skaflok reacted to sarumanthewhite in Gen Con Grand Tournament Warm-Up   
    So in getting ready for Gen Con, we've been playing a few games and the two of use thought we would share our experience with two possible lists using the Deployment and Objective cards the TO's have selected.
    We randomly selected Mutual Reinforcements and Ancient Wards.  This was fortuitous since we both have little experience with Ancient Wards.  On the surface, it seems to put a real pinch in armies that favor ranged attacks.  Both of our forces have a 3x2 Archer block, so we figured it would do something to our plans...

    Here's our lists:
    Golemstar V2  (Daqan)
    Baron Zachareth [38] 1x1
    Fortunas Dice [6]-
    Nerekhall Training [4]-
    Remove Unit [48]
    Rune Golems [50] 2x2
    Tempered Steel [3]-
    Raven Tabards [2]-
    Remove Unit [55]
    Heavy Crossbowmen [48] 3x2
    Tempered Steel [3]-
    Marching Cornicen [2]-
    Close Quarters Targeting [3]-
    Remove Unit [56]
    Spearmen [18] 2x1
    Rallying Cornicen [4]-
    Remove Unit [22]
    Rune Golems [17] 1x1
    Remove Unit [17]  
    Worms of Vorunthul (Waiqar)
    Carrion Lancers [46] 2x2
    Master-Crafted Weapons [4]-
    Combat Ingenuity [6]-
    Remove Unit [56]
    Lord Vorunthul [40] 1x1
    Dimodian Blades [5]-
    Thirst of Bilehall [5]-
    Remove Unit [50]
    Reanimate Archers [45] 3x2
    Wind Rune [6]-
    Raven-Standard Bearer [3]-
    Combat Ingenuity [6]-
    Remove Unit [60]
    Death Knights [24] 2x1
    Obcasiums Gauntlet [5]-
    Rank Discipline [4]-
    Remove Unit [33]  
    I'll post the lists in separate topics to allow for discussion, but, on paper, they appear to match up pretty well.  Both sides can reach out at a distance and both have a couple of units that instill the WOW factor.  As the Daqan player, I was most concerned about the Reanimate Archers with the Raven Standard Bearer.  It goes on I4 before my Heavy Crossbowmen and could spit out 2-3 blights each turn leaving me with no dice to return fire- not a promising sight.  Also, Lord V is something you always have to respect.  When he has Thirst of Bilehall, you don't want to let him hit your Spearmen and Crossbows as he will just undo whatever damage you do to him...
    I had the bid by 1 pt. and chose to be 2nd player.  We drew two of his terrain cards leaving us with Blighted Ground and Graveyard.  He put Blighted Ground near one of my deployment zones and I put Graveyard on the same side near his edge to disrupt his movement.  Now for the tricky part- The Ancient Wards...  He put his on the open side of the board to give himself some cover on approach and so I chose something similar to leave him with a tough choice for deployment- either deal with the Wards or play the game on effectively one half of the table.  I placed my extra unit on the clear side which led him to primarily deploy in the zone opposite me.  From there, we filled in.  Interestingly enough, he put Lord V on my flank while I oriented the Golems to counter it.  As we will see, this choice ended up driving a lot of the game.

    Turn 1
    Pretty simple engagement with the Daqan filling up on Inspiration tokens to deal with the inevitable Blight.  I did move my Crossbowmen forward to allow the Golems to cut behind and counter Lord V.  He ran max speed with the Death Knights to try and deposit Obcasium's on the Crossbowmen.  I did move Baron Z forward with his Stun Dummy in tow to intercept a charge but to also get in range of the Archers so he wouldn't have just one target to shoot at.  I didn't expect the Knights to move so aggressively and, in the end, that put them in a terrible position as you can see.  The rest of the Waiqar army was in good position though with the Archers ready to shoot my Crossbowmen on I4.

    Turn 2:
    Baron Z charges on I2 even though he's designed to shoot with Nerekhall- oh well, the best plan never survives contact with the enemy...
    He charges the Knights and with the bonus dice from Betrayer and Flanking, some good rolls, and Fortuna's Dice, ends up doing 10 damage- enough to remove three Knights.  This is where it gets interesting.  Do I take the guys next to me, disengaging him and giving him a chance to charge my Crossbowmen or do I take the hit with Baron Z and let him put Obcasium's on him?  I couldn't take the chance he dialed a Melee + Mortal Strike, so I took the closest figures and wished my friends on the firing line all the best...  😀
    I guessed right and his attack whiffed.  The Archers did 6 damage plus a Blight token which I was able to remove with Rallying Cornicen.  I squared up the Stun Dummy to hit anything that got in front of the Crossbowmen and brought the Golems up to force Lord V out of the Blighted Ground. 

    Turn 3:
    It got really real this turn!  Lord V pops out on I3 but because of the Blight and the Transform, he rolls no dice!  I've never seen that happen with Lord V, but he was in a tough spot with the Golems staring at him.  As it was, the remaining Death Knight charged the Crossbowmen and rolled very well removing a couple of figures and, most importantly, depositing the Gauntlet on them.  The runes were incredibly fortuitous this turn with 4 Unstable runes allowing the Stun Dummy to charge the Knights in the flank removing them.  Also, the Golems in the back were able to clear the terrain ready to move around it.  The Reanimates shot Baron Z doing a wound and giving him a blight token which he rallied away on I4.  The Wormstar hits Baron Z and takes a chunk out of him, removing a Vitality token and delivering a Wound in the process.  Unfortunately, he could not return the favor as rallied on I4 because he figured the worms would charge on I5 to get the required distance.

    Turn 4:
    Again, I get 4 Unstable runes, a point which we both later agreed materially affected the outcome of the game.  With Lord V locked in combat and Daqan having the initiative, the Stun Dummy staggers forward and rolls 6 hits!!!  You can't make this up...  Lord V goes splat without inflicting a point of damage.  I've never seen that happen...
    Regardless, the Wormstar and the Baron are swinging at each other with his Betrayer giving him a key Vitality token.  The Reanimates decide to shoot at the Golems that are now in their face on I3.  They remove two Vitality tokens 

    Turn 5:
    No picture- We forgot to take one...  😢
    The Worms killed Baron Z with some epic die rolls and the Golemstar moves in to hit the Wormstar in the rear.  I chose to ignore the Archers since I would never catch them with their I2 Reform and a Wind Rune...
    The Reanimates shoot the Crossbowmen doing some real damage and taking them down to 2 stands.  With the Golemstar on the scene though, then wouldn't have a line of sight to them again.  Then again, there was that pesky Gauntlet to deal with...
    Turn 6:
    This was another big POW turn for the Golems.  The Golemstar just barely makes it's charge and get's 5 hits (including one from Tempered Steel).  With 2 Stable runes, that's 20 points  of damage or two Lancers.  The remaining Golem did his job and brought them down...  The Reanimates shot the Golemstar removing two Vitality tokens (no Blights as they used Wind Rune).


    Turn 7:
    It was now a question of what the Archers could remove in the last two turns as I had no real chance to get them.  I chose to armor up with the Golems.  He chose to shoot the Stun Dummy rather than the Golemstar as they still had one Vitality token.  He gets one hit on the Stun Dummy...

    Turn 8:
    He finishes off the Stun Dummy and we end the game.
    The final score was 102 to 47- Daqan wins!  (Note, we later realized that we missed a couple of casualties for the Gauntlet on the Crossbowmen.  This almost certainly would have removed one of the remaining two trays lowering their score by 18 points.  Call it 84 to 47- a virtual draw...
    After Action:
    Wow, where to start.  First, I think I was outmaneuvered by my opponent, although if I would have had initiative on Turn 3, I would have caught Lord V in the terrain with a charge.  Regardless, the fortuitous Unstable runes allowed me to get the Golems into the game at the end where they made the difference.  Waiqar's aggressive move by his Death Knights really clogged up that lane of approach, but to be fair, I don't think he felt the Baron was going to come running forward either.  
    Raven Standard Bearer is a great card, a little too cheap in my opinion.  It gave him the upper hand, but fortunately, I had the Rallying Cornicen.  Against an army without this, that unit would have been a nightmare to deal with.  I like Wind Rune on the Reanimates as well since it discouraged me from trying to attack them.  He used it twice in the game, but just the threat of it was enough.
    I also had some legendary die rolls with the Golems.  A lot of folks seem to make the Stun Dummy a throw-away, but with well-timed Rally's by the Spearmen, he was a fully functional unit who tipped the balance of the game.  I'll also add that while a Golemstar is fun to see on the table, you have to be spot on with their setup.  I definitely have more work to do before Gen Con!!!
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    Skaflok reacted to sarumanthewhite in My last Runewars Purchases... Reflections.   
    Your armies are very nice- I like seeing something that’s not painted according to the FFG scheme.  I’m not good at coming up with colors on my own.  I’m working on setting up another tournament with the Madison folks down here in the Chicago area in late September or early October.  I’ll be sure to include you.  We could easily hit 10 or more at the tournament.
    I love your points about the game, I too agree that 4 factions with the number of units we have is a complete game.  I also find that the sophistication and simplicity of the rules (in general) shows how much game design has advanced since Battletech and Warhammer in the 80’s.
    We’ll be in touch... 😀
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    Skaflok reacted to Church14 in Karithorne Inspired   
    I see the value of fire Rune, but without run manipulation you average 2 damage per shot  tempered steel will net you 4, guarantee. A single rally or Hawthorne skill nets you a second use and you pull ahead of FR.
    KariThorn banks on swinging big early so I like the idea of dispatch runner. As a player with no experience as Daqan, my instinct is:
    198/200 Oathsworn Cavalry [34] 2x2
    Rank Discipline [4]
    Total Unit Cost: 38

    Oathsworn Cavalry [34] 2x2
    Rank Discipline [4]
    Total Unit Cost: 38

    Lord Hawthorne [34] 1x1
    Shield of Margath [6]
    Might of Daqan [4]
    Total Unit Cost: 44

    Kari Wraithstalker [32] 1x1
    Fortunas Dice [6]
    Total Unit Cost: 38

    Deepwood Archers [30] 2x2
    Dispatch Runner [7]
    Tempered Steel [3]
    Total Unit Cost: 40
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    Skaflok reacted to Jukey in Karithorne Inspired   
    Personally, I would always say tempered steel.  In a Karithorn build, you are making the archers 4 threat.  This gives them a nice damage output of 8, with a surge making it 12.  You could bring a fire rune, to do two attacks, one with 8, one with 2-8, but it's not going to be reliable every turn.  Fire rune is more suited to the 2x1, which can strike far above its weight class.
    The training is really a toss up, and if short on points, could be skipped.  Rank discipline will give you better rolls.  Built in precise is nice, but still doesn't always get the desired 2 hits.  CQT is good for those turns you get a surprise charge, but it has rapidly diminishing value on KariThorn deepwoods, since you immeadiatly begin losing threat.
    The dispatch/tempered option Church mentioned is an interesting one. You are no longer guaranteed a surge, but also are less likely to have leftover redundant surges.  Since the unit wants to sit behind your other units and drop in support fire, dispatch goes really well with the deepwoods role in the build.
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    Skaflok reacted to Church14 in Deployment preferences question   
    My understanding of MSU was that it describes any list that uses the smallest (or at least small) units and is designed to take advantage of game mechanics favorable to having many units. 
    In Armada an MSU is to gain deployment and activation advantage usually in order to last-first an opponent. TR90 spam works to override the effectiveness of defense tokens.
    In runewars, the most damage efficient units are usually the smallest formations available. So an MSU in Runewars I s trading durability for increased maximum potential damage. Especially given that MSU more likely to pull off flank charges. 
    I’ve always heard of any list the has a main unit and then a horde supporting it as a “1+X” list where “X” is some sort of shorthand. But I don’t have decades of gaming behind me to know what it may have been called. 
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    Skaflok reacted to Jukey in Deployment preferences question   
    I like the 2nd way.  As someone who enjoys msu builds, I dont mind putting a few units down first.  Usually a build with a lot of moving parts has some pretty specific strategies, so I dont feel like I'm giving much away with some support deployments.
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    Skaflok reacted to Vergilius in Deployment preferences question   
    Tournaments.  I don't think there is a "strong advantage" from the beginning.  Every little bit of knowledge helps, but the most important units that I want to see are my opponent's bigger units. And if he's fielding MSU, chances are, some of those units really are and can be placed inconsequentially.  It is his responsibility to figure that out for his list.
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    Skaflok reacted to Vergilius in Tiny Elite Waiqar Spearhead   
    Case in point.  The average damage on the 2x1 is 5.75, only rising to 7.75 with a hit modifier.  Multiplied by 3 (two units and Dispatch) is 17.25.  The average damage of the 3x2 is 8.625, multiplied by 2 for DR is 17.25.  It only means finding a way to get 4 more points in the list somewhere.
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    Skaflok reacted to sarumanthewhite in It Is TIME!!! (or This is NOT It!)   
    Great point.  That’s exactly how I see it.  It’s not that they are necessarily OP, it’s that there’s no good alternatives...
    You are also spot on regarding the upgrades vs. units.  Creating dials at this point is a stretch for me.  With a ton of good upgrades, we will be able to play this game for a long, long time.
    The first batch of stuff is coming soon.  Give us another week or so...  😀
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    Skaflok reacted to Church14 in Playing Ground   
    Yes. RRG 81.8
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    Skaflok reacted to sarumanthewhite in Playing Ground   
    Your question is very interesting and I thought about it a bit.  I think we’re talking about two separate subject- tactical decision making and strategic decision making (by restricting the play area).  I appreciate the strategic part and am interested in making it more of a tactical feel
    So I think it’s a couple of things:
    1) The terrain is digital (you’e in or out) and has a finite capacity.  
    2) It slows down the movement of melee units (which it should, in general)
    So, my experience is that both players tend to place it out of the way or maybe one piece gets placed in between the two forces as a blocking element.  You noted this above.
    I think the bigger issue is the capacity of most terrain is small enough that keeps all but the smallest units from entering.  I’ve noticed that some of the later developed pieces affect units at a certain range of it or allow them to get some speed coming out and I like that element.
    My feeling is that with more terrain pieces, you would limit the charge range of various units.  Unfortunately, you could just take big units right out of the game by creating a gap that’s too narrow.  This goes back to the terrain capacity.
    My perspective is probably biased by 40+ years of gaming where terrain wasn’t digital, part of a unit could overlap it and which it would slow down, it would still keep moving.  I’m not sure how to do this without completely upending the game as the “digital” terrain rules are written throughout the game.
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    Skaflok reacted to Vergilius in Playing Ground   
    What does it mean for terrain to matter?
    I always bring terrain that I think will benefit my list in some way.  Rocks can sometimes block a flank and prevent someone from engaging with you.  Most factions have terrain that gives them a benefit for the way that they like to play, it is thematic.  So in that respect, the terrain does matter a great deal.
    When it comes to the actual game, sometimes the person who wins initiative and the particular deployment just doesn't let much happen with terrain.  Sometimes both players make a conscientious choice to play away from it.  It may not have "mattered" for the tactical dimension of how the game played out, but it certainly "mattered" for the strategic choices of the players.
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    Skaflok reacted to Darth Matthew in Reanimates Heavy lists   
    I've got a stupid number of reanimates, I think I could do 50 trays.
    We normally play 300 points as we like bigger games so 30 trays isn't that crazy.
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    Skaflok got a reaction from Jukey in It Is TIME!!! (or This is NOT It!)   
    OMG. Can I have it? ????
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    Skaflok reacted to Church14 in Tales from the Madlands: Pre-Tourney Kerfuffle   
    It probably because the bulk of my instincts and strategy for this game developed while Uthuk had just the core set and command upgrades for a year-ish. I didn’t have options for effective support.
    I dont always, but do typically build towards each unit capable of operating independently. It allows for deployment flexibility and means that unit A doesn’t get worse because unit B was defeated. It probably puts a cap on the upper limits of performance, but it provides too many other benefits for me to not like. 
    This particular match was a pile of worst case issues for me. My list can move a collective speed 4 but doesn’t want to. With the deep deployment instead of a normal shallow one, Jukey got to run a pretty effective elastic defense. 
    The deployment also sets up Aliana to be a major end of game hammer without much pressure. With more shallow deployments I can force her to blow Ambush Predator turn 2-3. 
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    Skaflok reacted to Jukey in Tales from the Madlands: Pre-Tourney Kerfuffle   
    This was a bad match for Church, and one where everything went right for me (positioning, dice, and runes).  His list is actually pretty cool, it let's him support 2 freight train units (lord V and the DKs) with some substantial ranged fire.  The wraiths are a nuisance unit that has to be dealt with, but wastes time.
    We're pretty sure the terrain and disengage nerf put EoA in a proper power level,  this game displays it post nerf nicely.  In practice games prior to the nerf I was able to push the CQT archers into a unit before it could charge, pull it back before they could melee, and push them back in again to kill another charge, or wait until after melee to go back in.  It was broken bad.  Worse yet, I was pushing the Ventala into terrain, then having them exit on activation with a shift, shift again with LotL and alpha strike hard on round 1.  
    The best part of the nerf is it also resolved the shenanigans that uthuk can pull with scuttle and insatiable, which were also problem cards.  It affects Waiqar and Daqan in no way, so it closed the gap on some power cards.
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    Skaflok reacted to sarumanthewhite in Reanimates Heavy lists   
    I have a lot of Reanimates, but I don’t think I have 38 trays!  That is a crazy number.  Just out of curiosity, were you proxying any of the trays or did you truly put 38 trays of Reanimate figures on the table?  Were they all painted?  
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    Skaflok reacted to Church14 in Playing Ground   
    All of it depends on what I’m bringing. 
    If i have brought a unit that can still springboard off of terrain with the proposed house rule Jukey mentioned,  then I focus on terrain with the minimum capacity to allow that unit to enter. So if I have Faolan or LordV, 2 capacity. If I have 4 tray flesh rippers, then 4 capacity terrain. If I’m using heroes that springboard I really like Hawthorne’s terrain.
    Second priority is to look for text that helps me. I love bone totem for a ranged army, especially my preferred style of multiple small archers. It’s a bit counterintuitive, but I try to avoid terrain with Cover if I bring archer heavy and I try to avoid Fortified if I’m melee focused. If I have a higher armor force I’ll bring the terrain that does 1 damage to units in or near. 
    Last is if I just don’t see any terrain that helps me and my army really doesn’t use terrain. Then, I’ll grab 2 rocks, probably Hawthorne’s, and something else low capacity.
    Also, your post seems off. You don’t bring a sum of 8 capacity in your terrain deck. You bring 4 terrain pieces. Any two pieces can’t exceed 8 capacity. So you can bring:
    -4 pieces with no capacity
    -4 pieces with 4 capacity
    -3 pieces with 2 capacity and 1 with 6. 
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    Skaflok got a reaction from Jukey in Supported Catwalk   
    with those scions I thought about Legionnaires with pilae who were tough and able to do short charges, then hold ground for cavalry to swing. 
    I tended to ignore single scions, but 2*1 are nothing to ignore, and their charges can hit hard. 
    had I not needed two (albeit quite small) anvils, I'd take darnati or archers, but archers and leonx can fight well in rather different configuration.
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    Skaflok reacted to Darth Matthew in Reanimates Heavy lists   
    I had best success without the 4 wide block.  Too easy to make useless with terrain.
    Instead, try:
    6 trays reanimates, with Ankaur Maro, cursed signets (no stunning to stop skill), metered march
    6 trays reanimates
    6 trays reanimates
    6 trays reanimates
    6 trays reanimates
    I found again mobile armies, I would shift sideways (init 7) into units that tried to dance around me; then reform the form the following turn (init 4) and have maro boost the unit up to replace losses.
    Two red and triple damage was more than enough to deal with most threats, and it's kind of a silly durable army.
    Most trays I got on the table at one time was 38.
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    Skaflok reacted to sarumanthewhite in Reanimates Heavy lists   
    So when I play these big undead blocks, I like to put Trumpets on them.  It allows them to wheel 2 which is almost like a 4 charge because of the unit frontage and how it swings around.  While this blocks something like Aggressive Drummer, you could combo it with things like Executioner, Vexillium Banner, Deathcaller, Mistlands Saboteur, etc.
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    Skaflok got a reaction from sarumanthewhite in List Breakdown - Daqan heavy ranged   
    kari is a perfect connector here between offense and defense. It's like a football match. 
    8,5 melee trays. 
    6,5 ranged trays. 
    Aggressive cornicerns are downfall of this list, but Kari is a good counter. 
    8 MSU, possibly several flank attacks.
    68 hp before +1 def on oathsworn and before protected 1 on three units. 
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