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  1. Great painting job. I love this game but can play quite a lot since I invested heavily and bought 3 armies. Need airbrush to finish them though.... I am sorry you will not see full potential of this beautifully and cleverly designed gem of a game.
  2. let's say ardus with dimodian. If he is flanked - does he reroll on attacks or not? I am not native speaker, maybe not a careful reader, but I am not sure about it. I know that flanked unit does not reroll for back ranks, bu is precise to be treated likewise?
  3. that is something to try. even single worm can be a badass in this list. Good bodyguard for ardus. If Ardus delivers succesfully at least two strikes he's good (paid for himself) with CI and MCW on nearby worms ( I saw him deal 10-12 damage per strike). If archers are close, even better - as every two surges turn into blight. Thanks to wind rune this army has necessary mobility. 5 units are to make sure neither flank is too much exposed, and no unit here can be ignored.
  4. 199/200 Death Knights [24] 2x1 [Artifact] [Training] Dispatch Runner [7]- Remove Unit [31] Ardus IxErebus [37] 1x1 Dimodian Blades [5]- Ardus Fury [1]- Remove Unit [43] Carrion Lancers [46] 2x2 Master-Crafted Weapons [4]- Combat Ingenuity [6]- Remove Unit [56] Reanimate Archers [45] 3x2 Wind Rune [6]- Raven-Standard Bearer [3]- [Training] Remove Unit [54] Carrion Lancers [15] 1x1 [Training] Remove Unit [15] Restart
  5. I agree. Thirst was put there actually for no reason, it can as well be switched to dimodian blades so vorunthul becomes a valid target for dispatch. in dire straits, even RArchers can take advantage of dispatch to have a chance to add unexpected 3-6 damage on enemy that engaged them. Still I prefer 2*1 DK's with dispatch (and ardus) OR bigger block (2*2) with dispatch still: they can fight and add attack on many initiative segments. Reanimates infantry 3*2 is just in case Ardus's not around.
  6. 200/200 Reanimates [35] 3x2 Dispatch Runner [7]- [Heraldry] [Music] Remove Unit [42] Lord Vorunthul [40] 1x1 [Artifact] Thirst of Bilehall [5]- Remove Unit [45] Carrion Lancers [46] 2x2 Master-Crafted Weapons [4]- Combat Ingenuity [6]- Remove Unit [56] Reanimate Archers [45] 3x2 Wind Rune [6]- Raven-Standard Bearer [3]- Close Quarters Targeting [3]- Remove Unit [57]
  7. wormstar attacks at 5. Therefore, it is not most terrific unit on the field unless you dispatch runner it. Without ardus it loses a lot of potential synergy - first, 2*1 dk with dispatch attack even at 8Init, second - ardus himself standing next to this monster can and will become killing machine. Without this, 3*2 with just a dispatch is not the worst choice. quite cheap, potentially powerful addition to wormstar efficiency doubler.
  8. fantastic battle report! I love single golems, they work well with zachareth.
  9. kari is offensive piece. she can turtle, but also move and begin round with fire. Also she can run to flank and then start throwing daggers. So she aint no bunker piece at all. Cavalry here I see as potentially good blocker with benefits. "speedbumpiness" of scion is in immobilize. Cavalry can countercharge, to buy round but also to gain space for incoming shooting elements. As you have four, at least one will be a threat to flanks. Kari WILL kill here, as there is no chance that she will have to face enemy stronger than she not on daqan terms (as long as there is no vorunthul)
  10. also double deathcaller will start eating through cavalry for free. But then will start losing figures to xbows. if at least one cavalry gets to flank charge, this army is good.
  11. So is there any group consensus which of 4*1 Latari archers versions to include? Tempered steel/rank discipline/dipatch runner/cqt/wind rune? Keep it as cheap as possible or make it central piece of strategy? ts seems like auto inclued as long as you do not want to wind rune, but what else?
  12. 7 units in RWM is defitely msu. 4 is rare but those are usually powerful hitter. 4 1worm units and two BIG blocks Will make "secondary swarm". Still these are not official names So you can call anything any name. As long as receivers understand
  13. thank you and thank you. ;)(btw my list was embedded maro2*2, two 2*1 R Archers (one CA, one TS and CQT) Ardus and 3*3 Deathcaller Marching Vexilium Worms SimOrd deathstar. OFC that was placed last and this machine destroyed everything. I think I had more figures at the end than at the beginning.
  14. Dear RWM community. This time I would like to ask which of deploying units ways do you prefer: 1. the one from rulebook, Starting Player Places First 2. the one from tournaments, MSU player places first excess units, then SPPF. I had 5 units, my oponent had 7 so I asked him to place 2 first, but feel really bad now about strong advantage I had from beginning, probably that is why there is not so much MSU on tournaments
  15. I actually played with a list similar to this one, but with reanimates/dispatch block, and the list massacred zachareth and his spearmen completely. I really like concept of rerolls, but 2 blue rarely give no damage with this build and dispatch usually helps out in maximizing damage. It is really hard to decide what to concentrate on, as 4 out of 5 pieces here are massive damage dealers who can take out heroes easily, and death knights are nothing to ignore mid game. Both worms can quickly cover distance tying up enemy charges wit i7-i3 movement, and after ardus catches up bloodbath begins.
  16. Still, with 3*2 there is place for much weaker ardus (no dimodian blades) vorunthul as was and 2*1 death knights. 3*2 list is more powerful and healthy, but a lot less maneuvrable, with terrain restrictions as they are. in my list one of worms can sometimes pull out flank attack, 3*2 will probably not manage it. Also, 2 or three well timed attacks and you've already won battle of attrition (it will be like 25-30 damage) (ofc unless fighting against 12 tray reanimates with ardus supported by maro)
  17. also, worms deal average of 8 damage with dispatch it is 16. 0 is totally unexpected, but 12 is not impossible on a single roll. With TS and rank you make distribution more flat, with smaller peaks and need refuelling. I need to consider whether to put one worm unit with simultaneous and wind rune though. Ardus supported by these two can be devastating, as he will be very likely to actually deliver damage, usually 10-12. Those babies can obliterate 3*3 blocks quite quickly.
  18. I only have six worms. Also, without ardus 2*1 dk's cannot have dispatch runner. And (hard to admit) I have only 2 trays of dk's
  19. I find this list full of heavy damage. given good rolls it can obliterate unwary opponent in no time, despite having only 8 trays. DK's are mostly for support role, so they spend first turn rallying, the rest is quite free with worms taking it easy, ardus between, and Lord destroying flanks operating as Panzer division
  20. 198/200 Ardus IxErebus [37] 1x1 Dimodian Blades [5]- Ardus Fury [1]- Remove Unit [43] Death Knights [24] 2x1 [Artifact] [Training] Dispatch Runner [7]- Remove Unit [31] Lord Vorunthul [40] 1x1 Obcasiums Gauntlet [5]- Thirst of Bilehall [5]- Remove Unit [50] Carrion Lancers [27] 2x1 Combat Ingenuity [6]- Master-Crafted Weapons [4]- Remove Unit [37] Carrion Lancers [27] 2x1 Combat Ingenuity [6]- Master-Crafted Weapons [4]- Remove Unit [37]
  21. I find this idea refreshing. Equipment/training slot would be nice to enable fire rune saboteurs, which is quite thematic and also makes it possible to use special action.
  22. offtopic question: one unit just left terrainand is touching it. If enemy unit enters the same terrain with charge modifier, does it actually charge?
  23. Game is very flexible. One could houserule it by : 1. Adding 2 terrains per scenario (from2-3 to 4-5), not affecting general rule of placing terrain 2. Removing biggest units from unit count (greatest would be 2*2 or 3*2 with the latest being chosen rarely because of difficulty with maneuver) 3. Adding one more round This way battlefield could be more interesting, and terrain would play bigger role. This could change balance, and would force more maneuver. Rank Discipline cavalry would be even more powerful. I definitely will experiment with this idea.
  24. Is it in Czech? Could you give here a link if you're not buying?
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