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  1. Then i'd recommend putting Banshee. Single tray fragile mobile that has ability to fly and kill any figure with white action. Cost like 30ish. Protected 3. 6wounds 1 Def. No fight. Cause fear on touch. Rock paper scissors Hero repellant
  2. Uthuk all the way. Poland, unfortunately.
  3. Actually he's all right with this wording. More points and rune dependancy would make him very thematic and creepy. Like a fragile but deadly assassin he should be from the beginning
  4. The way I read execute is "remove anything". If you touch Hero, he's dead. I think it'd feel right if it was rune dependant. Two blue or two Green runes. Both red would nerf it too much, making the guy too unreliable. Such a skeleton killer would pair well with wraiths to hunt for smaller prey.
  5. The way I read execute is "remove anything". If you touch Hero, he's dead.
  6. apart of that, I find it interesting and brilliant addition to what I thought of as a complete tabletop game. 10/10
  7. Fantastic. Though execute in Waiquar hero seems terribly strong. I'd nerf it to "when there are 2 blue mana" and it would still rock. Hero killer, siege remover, combo destroyer. Autokill.
  8. Then I'll pass. Transport and fee's would eat my Joy.
  9. I have a question about the above: does first player choose objective vs deployment?
  10. So we have hollow's eve and time to finish first season. What next? conditions, army composition restrictions?
  11. No pointers. It is a strong list. I am looking forward to try it. Actually I think I'd try also variant with spearmen carrying dispatch runner - on some occasions they might help either crossbows or golems to get rid of some opponents (x-bows can hit really strong in melee, and it might be scary with TS and initiative 3 or 😎
  12. I Just made my last purchase to help FLGS and in order to avoid proxying. 1 (second) box of DKs and Wraiths each and 2 (to make Total of three) ventala. many shops in Poland full of stuff
  13. That is some great news that things are actually happening. I will try to have one more battle by the end of the month.
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