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  1. Hello! Hope you do not mind me hijacking this thread. My family and I moved to Lakeland, FL in December! We're interested in starting a table top new game in the Lakeland, Tampa, or Orlando area. Husband is looking to run a Star Wars Legacy or Star Wars Dark Times game. Star Wars Legacy would be based off John Ostrander and Jan Duursema's comic published by Dark Horse Comics. The setting is 137 years after Battle of Yavin in which the known galaxy is ruled by the Sith Empire and the what is left of the Empire. The players would take the roll of Jedi is hiding or allies of the Republic attempting to make a life on the rims of space aka the Edge of the Empire/Edge of the Sith. The difference in this setting over EoTE is the Sith are present and powerful. The rule of 2 is no longer in affect. Star Wars Dark Times: Would be a Dark Side Campaign where the players would play as either Inquisitors, Imperial Agents, Dark Force Users who are working for Palpatine and Vader in hopes of hunting down those who are loyal to the Republic or Jedi who survived Order 66. The game would be monthly or bi-monthly depending on schedules. Preferred location would be somewhere in Lakeland, Orlando, or somewhere between Lakeland/Orlando. Interested PM me or reply to this thread. Thanks.
  2. http://swsheets.com/c/f9yrpalll-astraal-vida Good to see the team has melee muscle. So far we have a Sullustan Technician Modder, Commando Droid Bounty Hunter Gadgeteer, Weequay Hired Gun Enforcer/Hired Mercenary, Golan the Hutt Bounty Hunter Martian Artist, and Twi'lek Colonist Marshal? With a pilot and a gunslinger potentially on the way?
  3. Part of me is tempted to role play ‘bad cop’ & ‘worse cop’ but I can only act out good cop lol. Have a rough backstory thought up. However, shoot me a pm on what you are thinking! In life, I like to at least consider every idea.
  4. My husband and I are in the treasure coast (Stuart area). Reaaal close but not close enough otherwise we would join! Good luck on finding more players.
  5. Had some time to work on a rough draft this morning. Decided to go with Twi’lek, non clawdite version. ? I took the street smarts talent along with a knowledge underworld 2, knowledge lore 1, and intelligence 2. The character is also going down the ‘good cop’ side of the Marshal talent tree. She has presence 4, negotiation 2, charm 2, and leadership 1. Wanted to share this in case anyone wanted to play ‘bad cop’ in certain bounty hunter-esque social situations ?
  6. Sweet. I'm planning to create a Colonist: Marshal to cover social skills and be backup support in light ranged combat. Unsure about the race. Right now it is between Twi'lek and Clawdite. Lance Pursuit-Class Freighter is okay with me as a starting ship, and I am fine with playing either an altruistic bounty hunter group that sticks mostly to scum and villain contracts or being willing to tip our toes in the grey area. @Lotr_Nerd What is starting default obligation value? Any chance you would be willing to give us additional experience points to start with post character creation?
  7. When the group finds themselves in Mos Eisley and the GM allows us to carry our blaster rifles and carbines out in the open. Then the team sharpshooter states “This must be where the Republicans hang out.”
  8. When the team mechanics ends up rolling a despair on a medicine check and ends up killing a Jedi Master they had just rescued from Dathomir...
  9. Cad Bane would be an interesting addition. Adversary 3, ranged light 5, deadly blows. Always wanted to run a campaign set during the 10 year period between Episode 1 and 2, aka the "Separatist Crisis" era. The PCs would be a special task force developed by the Republic to serve alongside the Jedi in safekeeping the known galaxy.
  10. Had a similar question, currently playing a Mon Calamari Colonist: Doctor. Attributes = Intelligence 4, Presence 3, everything else 2. I'm nearing the extra attribute on the doctor talent tree and am thinking about boosting either intelligence to 5, Presence to 4, or Agility to three. Wanted to either invest in entrepruner or marshall. What type of specializations have people combined with doctor?
  11. It does. As Tramp mentioned, page 129 "Hammerhead-Class Corvette"
  12. Any speculation that this book will contain statistics for Jango Fett or Grievous?
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