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  1. I’d propose restricting squads to just one defense token. If they have two player choice as to which one to keep.
  2. I really think an easy fix would be to just allow one defense token per fighter squadron. I also think this would make generics more competitive.
  3. Uglies, customizable mash-ups.
  4. I think putting a YT-1300 right next to your two E-Wings would be interesting.
  5. I would put Salvation on one of the nebs over slaved turrets.
  6. I kinda like the Heavy Flak Cannon. Though, i have no idea if the price is right.
  7. Love the idea of doing a Crimson Command style VSD. I like the look, but the wash will make all the difference in the end. I would suggest trying each wash out on the underside, first in little spots to see how each looks. I could see all those washes working really well.
  8. Thanks, Last question-it appears from the rules that redemption's ability works on itself, is that correct?
  9. First, when I spend an engineering token, do I then get the extra engineering point? Second, if I spend both an engineering command dial and an engineering token, do I get two extra engineering points or just one? Thanks for the help, thinking of putting Redemption in my MSU gun-line.
  10. If I use the skilled first officer on a Command 2 ship, is there any reason I just wouldn't simply use it on the first turn? Once I use it, would I just have one command dial the rest of the game?
  11. Anyone know where I can find any videos of the GenCon 2018 games?
  12. I like that, very fluffy, and would be an interesting new mechanic.
  13. Thank you for the help. I actually went on to win the SC. Albeit there were only three players and we played a Round-robin with each of us playing 2 games against the other. I had the benefit of some extremely lucky rolling. I ended up going with this list. Glass Cannon Fleet-400 total Commander-Dodonna MC80 Star Cruiser() -Dodonna -Gunnery Team -Quad Battery Turrets Neb B-Salvation(66) -Turbolaser Reroute Neb-B (58) -Turbolaser Reroute CR90-Corvette B-Dodonna's Pride-(45) Squadron's-(104?) Hera Nym Luke 2xAwings Xwing 1st Game-My first game was against: Ackbar MC75 Arm. Cruiser MC 30 Frigate Foresight MC 30 Frigate Foresight 2 Lancers Corran Horn Rogue Squadron We played Most Wanted. He chose my non-Neb-B Salvation and I chose his MC75. I was able to get good positioning and with my Neb's and Star Cruiser forming a wall into his ships that came at me one by one. I had the Corvette running around causing trouble. He had the misfortune of making one error in positioning where his MC75 and a MC30 frigate collided with each other which was a huge boon for me. Luke was the MVP nearly killing one MC30 Frigate all on his own. Ultimately, i was able to kill all three of his ships and he killed just the one Neb-B Frigate. 9-2. My second game was against an Imperial Player who was playing his very first game. I must say, he will be quite a good player when he gets a few more games under his belt. He went with: Thrawn ISD-II-Gunnery Team Interdictor-Interdictor title with Target Scrambler Gladiator-with Demolisher 5 ties Howlrunner. 400 points. This was basically a classic joust with the ISD and Interdictor facing off against my Star Cruiser, and Neb Frigates. These ships basically deployed across from each other and slowed down in a head-on match. The Demolisher opted to go after my corvette which i deployed on the edge. Unfortunately, the Demolisher in going after Dodonna's Pride, basically flew himself out of the fight after two turns. Dodonna's Pride was able to get behind the ISD and Interdictor and throw a few shots out. Nym was the hero of this game as he got off a lucky blue crit and was able to have the ISD-2 discard its brace token. After that the sustained long-range firepower of my fleet was able to grind down his ships. I killed both of his ships while he took down one Nebulon-B. It ended up being a 9-2. I had a great time, with my limited investment in the game, i don't have that many options, but i am thinking that i will drop the Corvette B for a Corvette A with TRCs. To make it work i would have to also drop the salvation title, which would be rough bc i had several 6 damage rolls with the salvation. On the other hand, i would have more consistent damage with a TRCorA.
  14. I love this idea, however, I think the prospect of 22 Vulture Droid Squadrons on a table is unwieldy. What if we represented their number a little differently, through hull, rather than cost. And maybe a slightly larger squadron base. So I propose this: Vulture Droids: 17 points 10 hull 2 red dice-anti-squad 1 blue-anti-ship Battlenet: Cannot move without a squadron order from a ship. Sacrifice: May choose to sacrifice 6 hull to cause one damage to hull. (Simulates a Kamikaze type attack by the Vulture Droids)
  15. I have seen conflicting accounts on this. Can squadrons during the deployment face deploy within 1 or 2 of a ship? Thanks,
  16. I would love to see a truly anti-star fighter ship. the brahotok gunship could theoretically be a ship that rolled 3 anti-squadron dice
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