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  1. I really think an easy fix would be to just allow one defense token per fighter squadron. I also think this would make generics more competitive.
  2. Uglies, customizable mash-ups.
  3. I think putting a YT-1300 right next to your two E-Wings would be interesting.
  4. I would put Salvation on one of the nebs over slaved turrets.
  5. I kinda like the Heavy Flak Cannon. Though, i have no idea if the price is right.
  6. Love the idea of doing a Crimson Command style VSD. I like the look, but the wash will make all the difference in the end. I would suggest trying each wash out on the underside, first in little spots to see how each looks. I could see all those washes working really well.
  7. Thanks, Last question-it appears from the rules that redemption's ability works on itself, is that correct?
  8. First, when I spend an engineering token, do I then get the extra engineering point? Second, if I spend both an engineering command dial and an engineering token, do I get two extra engineering points or just one? Thanks for the help, thinking of putting Redemption in my MSU gun-line.
  9. If I use the skilled first officer on a Command 2 ship, is there any reason I just wouldn't simply use it on the first turn? Once I use it, would I just have one command dial the rest of the game?
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