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  1. Here is the link to the main TTS server. https://discord.gg/czqtGm
  2. This weekend August 8th and 9th there will be a 2 day online tournament on the TTS Discord. 4 rounds standard swiss. 2 games each day. There will be a final match between the top two players. To sign-up, show up 1 hour before the games start on day 1. The First game on August 8th will start at 6pm CET, 12 pm EDT, 9am PST. The second game of the day will start at 9pm CET, 3PM EDT, 12PM PST. Standard Tournament rules and current points costs. We hope the two day format will work for both sides of the Atlantic. RANDOM PRIZE DRAWING That is right, there will be a prize for one random person who completes all four games. It does not matter what place you come in, just that you complete all four games. Here is the prize: 4 of Admiral Tater's newest product, Squadron Washers of Bossk, Vader, Luke, and Lando. (If the shipping is super expensive, i may ask you to help with the cost of shipping, probably only applies to shipping to Europe.)
  3. Is there a central location where Armada streamed games can be found? Should there be to help grow the community? I am imagining a place where someone could go and see any streamed games from the 2020 primes season and be able to click on a link. Or if someone just has a friendly game they played and wanted it to be placed in the library. Thoughts on this?
  4. Admo died every game for me. I only had a corvette die once in all three games. I didn't fly admo well and didn't get good value of out her. So shes out.
  5. Yes, I have taken Station Assault out of there now. I learned my lesson. And Admo is out to of course.
  6. I got 11th in KY. Here was my list OBJ, SA-got flipped on me all 3 games, Fire lanes, Volatile Deposits. MC30-Torp, Admo, Cracken, OE, CR90A, Jaina, Draven, LTT CR90A, Toryn, LTT CR90A, LTT Squads-Hera, Wedge, Ten, Dash, Lando, Keyan.
  7. Its not bad on its face, but you have to have a plan to deal with fighters. Slicer tools won't cut it by itself, especially against Thrawn. If you ditch a CR90 and the slicer you can put a Shara, Tycho, Lando, Ketsu and or Corran build together. (That should be able to be a speed bump. Also, i think you need a different blue objective.
  8. If you are sticking religiously to speed 3 with Cracken you are doing it wrong.
  9. Thank you for covering Cracken. He is my main. I think you hit the nail on the head that one of the main problems when trying to evaluate Cracken is that you never really know how much damage you saved during a game.
  10. Does X-Wing have anything like this? Thanks again for doing this, super fun. It is a great motivator for me to get out to other tournaments.
  11. Actually, just need a 30 point bid. Plenty of Raddus fleets come close to that as it is.
  12. So it seems like you just need a 40 point bid against Moralo.
  13. Is it possible just to run away against this fleet and take a 5-6? It seems with the limited range of FCT you could put distance between yourself and the VIC.
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