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  1. We ran into a curious situation with Krennic's Deploy the Garrison card. Krennic assigned orders to Vader and IRG. Both received standby tokens. My opponents IRG charged a Stormtrooper squad that were blocking melee to my Vader. The timing issue came up when after the move action, do my free actions trigger before my opponents? The queue/stack to me looks like this: Opponent's IRG moves Standby triggers My IRG moves My IRG gets free melee from Charge My Vader moves My Vader gets free attack from Relentless Opponent's IRG gets free melee attack from charge Is that right? From the rules reference on Standby: "A standby token may be spent before any effects that trigger after an attack, attack action, move, or move action."
  2. Because I apparently want to play X-Wing while I play Legion and these are good against snipers. With the new speeder rules, I think they got a whole lot better. Leia and Two T-47's (Star Wars: Legion) [798 Points] Standard (Rebel Alliance) Commander •Leia Organa Selections: Esteemed Leader Corps Rebel Troopers Rebel Troopers Rebel Troopers Rebel Troopers Rebel Troopers Rebel Troopers Special Forces Rebel Commandos - Strike Team Selections: DH-447 Sniper Rebel Commandos - Strike Team Selections: DH-447 Sniper Heavy T-47 Airspeeder Selections: HQ Uplink T-47 Airspeeder Selections: HQ Uplink, •Wedge Antilles Command Hand Command Hand Selections: •Ambush, •Coordinated Bombardment, ••No Time for Sorrows, ••Push, •••Assault, •••Somebody Has to Save Our Skins, ••••Standing Orders Battle Cards Condition Cards Selections: Clear Conditions, Limited Visibility, Minefield, Rapid Reinforcements Deployment Cards Selections: Advanced Positions, Battle Lines, Disarray, The Long March Objective Cards Selections: Breakthrough, Intercept the Transmissions, Key Positions, Sabotage the Moisture Vaporators
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