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  1. Brother Vinni maybe? Pretty sure they were resin though. Someone else just came out with several Scarif types as well that I saw on Instagram, but can't remember if there was a maker name.
  2. I'll see if I can run some down. I've never had issue with the Touch N Tone on anything else except the FFG IA and Legion stuff. In both cases the paint was still somewhat tacky or squishy feeling over a week later. Guess it doesn't like pvc... The spray I got for car vinyl works great though.
  3. Have you not had any issues with the paint not curing on the plastic that FFG uses? The standard auto primers I've used for years stay tacky, even after a week. Had to strip and redo. Touch N Tone, Rustoleum, and Krylon have all had issues. Tamiya Superfine primer seems ok-ish...
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