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  1. I would like to give a different perspective here. This game and the idea of it being unique is really appealing to me. I am in no way a completionist. That approach doesn’t appeal to me at all. I have never gone “all in” for a kickstarter. I only pick the items that specifically appeal to me. I can understand why a completionist would not like these unique games. I play board games to experience a story. I am also mostly a solo board gamer. I own 7th Continent. One of the biggest criticisms I have seen of 7th Continent from people who are otherwise fans is that after the first “mission” (curse) you have already explored most of the continent. You can’t really recreate the feeling of exploring it for the first time again. I find it really appealing that I will be exploring a continent that no one else have explored. I will be playing a game no one else has played. I like that. I often dislike that if you get a bit late into a board game, then there are already strategy guides, playthroughs etc. online. You can’t really share your experience in forums, because people have already experienced that a long time ago. It takes a bit of the “wonder” out of the board game. I could see this game getting a dedicated group of fans who would share stories and pictures of their game. I could see myself reading playthroughs for this game, which I otherwise never do. Unless this game gets really bad reviews, then I feel sure I will buy it. If I like the gameplay enough, then I could see myself bying an extra copny once I have played the first enough. I don’t share the worry others have that “what if you get another desert-game”. Im sure its highly unlikely that the terrain - even if also a desert, will be very similar. Im also happy not to pay for 3 times as many components and then only use a third of the components in the game (as some people are suggesting so you can “randomize” on your own). I in general don’t like having components/games that are not used (again probably the opposite of a completionist).
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