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  1. Das wäre schön. Bin im Raum Zürich daheim. Exil Österreicher :-) Nehme regelmässig an Turnieren im deutschsprachigen Raum teil und beneide die Wiener um Ihre solide Gruppe. Macht halt schon einen Unterschied ob das Einzugsgebiet 2 Mio. oder 0,5 Mio Menschen umfasst. Auf fumbbl (Bloodbowl) gibts eine Landkarte auf der man sich registrieren kann. Wäre nicht schlecht, wenn es sowas für andere Spielsysteme auch gäbe. Thema *hust* CRM *hust*.... Man sieht sich hoffentlich mal :-)
  2. I`m not sure if I read the rules correctly, but I think Advanced Gunnery might be the best as it gives you the chance to shoot twice on the same target with your super weapon. Correct? Thanks for advice.
  3. @Stephen_harris70 vs. @medaloffairness Stephen went first and took my Superior positions. The result doesn``t reflect the very close game + thrilling squadron fight + the slow and fearsome approach of his Sloane Avenger ISD. It took me some tokens and favourable dices to win this game. Thank you for the game Stephen. Well played Stephen: 165 medaloffairness: 398 MOV 233 Winner : medaloffairness Result : 9 - 2
  4. thank you @Fraggle_Rock the 250 points cap was my missing element on the first part. Now it makes sense. Also thanks for the clarification on the commander abilities. Much appreciated.
  5. Round 3: @Cael vs. @medaloffairness I went first and took his superior positions Score Cael: 122 Medaloffairness: 400 (tabled his fleet in round 6) MoV: 278 Med 9 / Cael 2 It was a close game with some very nice moves on both sides. Ezra moved an Asteroid right in front of Caels MC80 and the GR 75 blocked him from getting off the gravel. I had to sacrifice all my squadrons to keep his swarm of Y-wings at bay. The only squadron survived on my side was Luke; escaping the Mayhem to tell the story of this very interesting match up. It was a pleasure to play with Cael. Highly recommended. Thank you again.
  6. We had our first battle today and some question have been raised where I hope your expertise. I screened a bit the other FAQs but couldn`t find an answer to the following questions. I still need to apologize if I double up a question. 1.) Fleet buliding. It seems there is no cap on adding squadrons to the initial 200 point fleet. So you could have squadrons worth 100 points right from the start. Is this correct? Even if this is possible you might not want to do it because of question 2 + the fact that you can not exchange or add ships (except retiring the whole fleet) Squadrons 2.) You can add an infinite number of squads on thecourse of the campaign equal to the Squadron points you get. Is this correct? This would mean a squad spam if somebody takes Smugglers Run as their home base and goes for the 24/12 points for squad points every round. My definition of a round (so far) is the end of 1 battle per 2 players. -> 2 battles in a 4 player campaign. 3.) The total of the tiers of a commanders abilityes connot exceed 4. Means, a commander can have 4 tier 1 abilities, or 1 tier 4 ability, or everthing in between those boundaries. Is this correct? During the game we realised that there is only 1 original fleet sheet and 1 overview each for the Rebels and Imperials. We forgot to copy it :-(, which is stated to be allowed. Is there a chance that FFG updates the supplements with those 3 sheets, like they did with the prior expansion? Or are they available elsewhere? Thank you
  7. well, you seem to be my kryptonite. So the fireball will be bright and shiny :).
  8. I would like to sign up. Thank you for organizing. Is there a split between European and US time pocket?
  9. Thank you. Thought I could hide from Vader by going into Melee of some stormtroopers next to him.. not... 🙂
  10. Does Force push enables the option to push an enemy miniature out of Melee contact? If yes, what happens if the Commander of a trooper unit gets pushed out of Melee contact with an enemy? Are the other minitures still in Melee combat?
  11. Nice thing would be a Tie Punisher which is able to place mines in the pathway of big ships. Yes, mines... a missed opportunity in Armada. Would be a nightmare for double ISD lists... To balance a bit we could let ships shoot on the mines... you need acc and a hit to shoot at 1 mine. The faster your ship is, the more ACC you need...
  12. jep, FFG and Armada. I stopped thinking, wondering or complaining about it. FFG can thankfully create 1st world problems only... therfore it is easy to avoid them. Money talks. I simply stopped buying games from FFG or recommending this company to any person entering the community. Just waiting to get my pre-orders I made couple of months ago and then I` m done. (game of thrones expansion + SSD) I still play their games, especially Armada, but I don`` t want to subsidise this poor handling of their customer base. They print FFG on their games, but they are not the same company as some years ago anymore. With Peterson leaving the comany the spirit left with him. Would be cool if he opens another comany again with the money he got. Sorry if this thread gets shut down, due to the statements above 🙂
  13. Well, this applies also to many other studios on this map and they are mentioned seperatly. Looking at their hiring mood at former FFG HQ makes me confident that the show (somehow) will go on.
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