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  1. Style Points, the most important of all points.
  2. You lose speed equal to the number of immobilize tokens you have.
  3. You mean all those reused keywords that we've seen before and you're acting like they'll spontaneously change because a new unit got released? RRG doesn't update every time a new unit gets released, so don't act like it does.
  4. Only thing missing at this point is the BX saboteur, Fives, and Echo. We know everything else, and with what we do know they're doing excellent.
  5. To be fair, that's a limit of the force chart and not because the lack of cheap commanders. The mantra that FFG seems to be going with is that everything outside of B1s is going to be strong with the CIS. A cheap, generic commander is going to be released at some point. At least the commanders we currently have are both really strong so the lack of a cheap one isn't as bad.
  6. I don't know what Maul costs, but I can guarantee you that it's gonna be closer to 600 for the three of them.
  7. iDunno about needing a cheap commander. Grievous, Maul, and Dooku would make a heck of a gimmicky sledgehammer
  8. When we first saw Iden's stats, I said she would do best in a two Commander army. From what I've seen so far, that seems to be the case.
  9. I can tell you right now that they are. The full Commando Droid squad is kinda nuts. I've heard ARC squads are good as well, but I don't have experience with them.
  10. No that's not at all the reason Heavies aren't used. Heavy units can't interact with most objectives and have had a hard time historically of being able to take out enough corp to validate their price tag. Vital Assets has definitely thrown a wrench into the mix, but it's too early to tell the long term effects.
  11. Absolutely this. Once Dooku and B2s hit the mat, I've never once felt like I was at a disadvantage for playing CIS. Even a cheap commander doesn't even feel needed since they actually got the balance for Grievous and Dooku right. Heck Commando droids look like one of the best SF units in the game, and I'm excited to field full squads of them rather than strike teams.
  12. I'm fine with scum, but I don't want to see a catch-all faction. The moment you want to include xenophobic indigenous groups with underworld denizens it stops being a Scum faction and becomes a glorified misc. It's fine to want a misc faction, but stop mislabeling it as scum.
  13. Agreed. The release order you gave is probably the right one, but I'd be hesitant to call which month they'll release on. Partly due to how delayed the releases since the CW Core have been as well as current world events.
  14. BX Droids hands down. Out of what we've seen so far from the groups listed, these are definitely the most flexible. Need a unit to hold an objective? Give them the shields and HQ Uplink. Need a fast attack group? Give them their swords and offensive push. The only thing they can't really do is act as activation padding and that's only because naked B1s can do that fantastically.
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