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  1. I'm familiar with the old double post, but double thread is a new one
  2. Pretty much. A lot of the stopping power of a corp unit comes from the heavy. If you don't want to run a corp with a heavy, it's best to keep that unit held back to capture objectives close to your deployment where they won't see much if any fighting.
  3. It's definitely comparable to clones. The clones have more abilities, but the shoretroopers definitely have the better heavy weapon and Target 1 is pretty great.
  4. Hey @R3dReVenge save yourself the headache just stop arguing with dingus. You're playing chess with a pigeon.
  5. Yes it does, which is partly why his "logic" comes across as dumb.
  6. The fact that it can move once and go from range 1 to potentially 3 as we don't know how big the base is. You'd have to get behind it first, which in itself will be a trial as it can sit at range 4 and pound targets. Depending on deployment (read battle lines, disarray, and advanced positions) it may be impossible to get behind it as the range is far enough that it can justify sitting on the edge of the table. T-47 doesn't do enough damage to validate going for the rear to begin with as you don't deal enough damage to actually take advantage of impact 5 and would then also require to stay in that arc, which also depending on where you approach from will also be impossible. Vader is scary for all vehicles and that isn't changing. He still will have to take the minimum of 2 rounds of bee-lining straight to the AAT before he could take advantage of impact 5. It's also a lot less scary in general since the opponent has to play it turn 1 and you'll know ahead of time so you can plan on going first anyway. Do you really wanna go down possibilities again? Because averaging your whole 3.75 damage with barrage after defense and trying to say its feasible to more than double that is dumb. Because it's possible for a Z-6 squad to kill an AAT in one turn, but no one is gonna say it will happen.
  7. While I do like how the AAT looks as is, I don't think it'll be an auto include. Everything but the B1s are looking to be expensive point wise which will make taking multiple big ticket items more difficult unless you run min corp. I also want to see how droidekas play out more as they are currently the AAT's main competition.
  8. I won't knock a game I haven't played, but I have a hard time believing that IA skirmish has the potential to top Armada.
  9. I use Elmers glue for all my modeling needs. It also has the benefit of being a tasty snack if I get hungry while painting.
  10. I've only done a few games with it, and while it does help it isn't enough. The big problem originally was, as you mentioned, random range 4 DLT shots and the pilot does fix that. When fighting an imperial army the okay damage output of the T-47 is still weak enough to be ignored for the most part. Units only shoot at it if the player doesn't want to advance or is in position already and doesn't have a better target to attack. I get that it is far more dangerous to enemy vehicles, but I haven't been able to test if cover 2 is enough to take on an AT-ST by itself. No one around here owns an occupier so I won't be seeing it's performance against that. I guess you could shoot dewbacks to gain the benefit of impact, but it's only armor 1. Nothing has changed when fighting a rebel army. Rebels already don't use a lot of impact for the most part and rely on critical hits to deal damage to armored targets; cover 2 hasn't changed that. In an instance of Landspeeder vs Airspeeder, the Landspeeder won. Overall, when actually being shot back at, the T-47's weakness now is critical hits. With the new critical keyword and how prevalent it looks like it'll be, the T-47 isn't going to have a better time.
  11. Two separate actions as far as I understand it.
  12. That's just Sabine. Dekas only have the passive regen
  13. It's fluff writing. All mini's in a unit have access to the standard weapon printed on the card. In this case, all Stormtroopers have access to the E-11 just like rebel troopers all have access to the A-280.
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