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  1. thepopemobile100

    Pathfinders spoiled early, it seems

    You would be at six models in the troop
  2. thepopemobile100

    ATST and Airspeeder still extremely overcosted

    Good luck in your game this Friday. Whether or not the 47s actually perform well isn't the most important part of the game. The most important part is to have fun and maybe make a friend or two along the way.
  3. thepopemobile100

    ATST and Airspeeder still extremely overcosted

    @Derrault Dlts would still average a hit a shot with that rule. I should've clarified that it would be against natural crits and not impact crits. It would also encourage the use of the anti tank weapons I'm really not going to be in a position where I could play on the sim unfortunately until fall. I'd like to play as the legion crowd here is three people counting me, and the competition isn't great. I reread my stuff and I started to get a little rude, and I apologize for doing so. Edit: just realized what your edit meant. I don't find playing again St myself to be good for results. Good idea about trying against someone.
  4. thepopemobile100

    ATST and Airspeeder still extremely overcosted

    I've been saying that vehicles should be able to cancel criticals with cover for half a year now.
  5. thepopemobile100

    ATST and Airspeeder still extremely overcosted

    I live out in the boonies where the internet connection is shoddy at best. I can't play games online without dropping every two minutes.
  6. thepopemobile100

    Simple fixes for the T47

    The main gun needs to be range 4 as well as either having surge to hit or pierce on the main gun. There is no reason it should be doing so little damage in comparison to everything else the rebels can take as it's the most expensive unit for them in the game. Armored vehicles all need the ability to cancel crits with cover. What bothers me the most is that it seems the landspeeder may end up being the final nail in the coffin for the 47. If it can put out more damage and at a somewhat safer range while not flying into the middle of everything. The landspeeder is more frail, but I look at it as having cover 3 rather than armor 2 and it feels better because of it. It's obviously too early to tell, but I hate the possibility of "kit killers"
  7. thepopemobile100

    ATST and Airspeeder still extremely overcosted

    Just because you can do that turn 1 doesn't make it a good idea. The snowspeeder has to still put itself in range to be shot on a turn where most units units aren't shooting at all. You're going to take a good bit of damage turn 1 and you can't escape out the next round without using all of your actions to move as your compulsory takes you even further into the opponents territory and taking much more fire during the second turn. You've still created a situation in which the speeder is dead by the end turn 2 and does an optimistic 5 wounds spread across two targets. Turn 2 by the way still doesn't see a large amount of fire traded between the two players. So effective So you can take the direct route. Whoop-de-doo. All you accomplished is putting yourself in a position to be shot turn one. I find it funny that you're claiming bad play when you're the one who wants to create a situation where that can happen, especially since it's reasonable that the opponent has an activation advantage and can just wait for you to plop the speeder down then drop his impacts. Crazy idea maybe there's multiple squads with impacts. Frags replaced the impacts in the LVO for snows, but they're still the popular choice around here for the possibility that someone will bring armor. It's still right. 5 damage spread across 2 units is still bad as you yourself claim that splitting fire and spreading your damage out between attacks. Getting as close as you need to attack turn one is a bad plan. It doesn't work for the same reason why you can't do that with bikes and they do even more damage than the 47.
  8. thepopemobile100

    ATST and Airspeeder still extremely overcosted

    It can't shoot with the rear gun on turn one under almost any circumstances and it's less than 2 wounds on average against red dice OUT OF COVER. What you're suggesting is rushing it down the opponent's throat turn one when almost every unit they have doesn't have anything else to shoot. That's a stupid move that does two damage and throws away the speeder. Move one then shoot. No aim necessary at that point as it's dead by the end of the round, especially if a corp unit is packing impact grenades. If you want to start throwing out maximum capacities for damage, then here's a few for you. 6 man Z6 can do a maximum of 66 damage. 6 man scatter gun is 72. Flamethrower RT is 72. The pathfinders with Bistan is 78, and with Pao it's back at 60. Since we're on this track, DLT storms max out a 7 damage vs the 47 and then kill in the next shot. HH-12 storms can kill it in one shot. I can keep going with this max damage junk even though it doesn't prove anything if you want me to. I don't even know why you brought it up.
  9. thepopemobile100

    ATST and Airspeeder still extremely overcosted

    It doesn't have the capacity to do so at all. Averaging less than 2 damage after dice roll on an open target is really bad on a unit that costs 175 points. The only units it could possibly "disable" on the empire's side are a sniper team who isn't running duck and cover for whatever reason. The 47 still has the worst damage/cost of any unit in the game. I want you to provide an actual example from a game you've played and your list where the 47 did a job better than any other unit could have for the 47's cost, because all you have seems to be numbers that anyone could come up with and then trying to force the numbers into a hypothetical.
  10. thepopemobile100

    ATST and Airspeeder still extremely overcosted

    Claiming this is worst case scenario is dumb and you know it. It's 1.25 without the aim and 1.47 with one aim, it drops in less than 5 attacks that have one aim. The imperial army really isn't in a bad spot to get aim tokens at all so it's not unreasonable to assume that they would have at least 1, which you seem to be ignoring because it breaks your argument in half. You're overvaluing cover on the snowspeeder and dodge for that matter in this scenario since vehicle dodges don't cancel crits normally. That 50% chance to kill on average that you're toting about like a victory still means you have a 50% chance of losing the unit. Which by your standards is a small chance to leave. It's not feasible to concentrate fire on a single unit? That is the worst statement you've made yet. Vader and the Emperor both require focused fire to bring down. The RT requires focused fire to bring down. IRG require focused fire to bring down. Boba Fett requires focused fire to bring down. The 47 can still be ignored, which is something you didn't bother trying to refute. All the units I just listed can't be ignored because they don't have bad damage. You're right the 47 is a pain to bring down, because why waste time shooting a unit that does slightly more damage than a sniper team on average when every single rebel unit besides the sniper team averages more damage and is cheaper. Rushing it in is dumb as it'll die right away, and keeping that much of your army back for a few turns is dumb when the unit in question has poor damage for how much it costs. The ST at least as the advantage of doing high damage when you add the extra weapons. The RT has the advantage of being fairly cheap and specialized for a specific role while not being that much weaker than the 47, which is a concept that has flown over your head in every discussion I've had with you.
  11. thepopemobile100

    ATST and Airspeeder still extremely overcosted

    You'll have to post pictures once you're finished painting. So long as you're having fun, it doesn't really matter how it performs.
  12. thepopemobile100

    Reconfigure question

    Yes, the reconfigure weapon is separate from the. The default one.
  13. thepopemobile100

    Leading The Way. Pathfinders article.

    It's still a good idea, and one I'm stealing.
  14. thepopemobile100

    ATST and Airspeeder still extremely overcosted

    You're assuming that all rebel troops are in range to fire as well despite their low speed in comparision to the 47 and same attack range. You're also assuming that all the stormtroopers are in range to fire at the 47. The most likely case is that you can't bring much of either to bear down on the speeder and the only way the rebel player is able to keep his corp up with the speeder is if the speeder has been flying around a couple of turns doing nothing. Even if you are taking two troops off of each stormtrooper squad in a volley, 3+dlt with no aim still does at least one damage after defense the 72% of the time or two damage 17% of the time. Great odds to do one damage and a more than insignificant chance to do 2 damage after defense. Your rebel troops who have been shooting haven't done much to keep the 47 alive. God forbid full units with an aim take shots against it as it won't last the end of the round. Your 47 has had hardly any effect. It doesn't do great against troopers by comparison to every rebel unit with the exception of the RT laser cannon. If you haven't rushed it in then a quarter of your army hasn't done squat for half the game, then what? It does on average over 3 turns 5.625 kills on stormtroopers who have no dodge or cover. Its a slightly reliable coin flip to kill a single squad of stormtroopers assuming that there isn't a medic around. The 47 is the reason that people started saying you can ignore heavies, because it does laughably low damage. Heck, you could throw on the buzzer and get a couple of extra minis, but you definitely aren't aiming anymore.
  15. thepopemobile100

    Leading The Way. Pathfinders article.

    It's 3 dice to reroll with targeting scopes