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  1. I actually wrote a complaint to FFG over the price tag on what was included in the armada campaign box.
  2. I paint all my elites and unique figures with a red base edge. For multiple groups, like the stormtroopers, I just add a small detail in different colors. The stormtroopers themselves each have 1 colored piece of shoulder armor. Each group is easy to recognize and they all still look like troopers.
  3. Acklay Counter can only be used once. Todd's response to #2 said "As long as there isn’t a limitation or another cost (like exhausting a card), you can use the same ability twice with this." Since abilities can only be used once during a timing instance, there is a limitation. Pasi, can KDF work with Fluidity? Playing KDF as providing an additional token in the same timing instance would, but does the whole exhaust KDF after spending a token make a difference? If so, it provides another option for Tress.
  4. Absolutely. I'm just making sure those 5 mps weren't given to all figures. The upgrade basically allows flexibility, but doesn't provide any extra movement for an action besides the +1 speed to CT.
  5. I think you might be playing something wrong. If CT attacks and barrages against a single black die defense with his starting gun, it should do around 2.5-3 damage depending on whether he was able to get a damage token on the first shot to use on the second. I wouldn't call that amazing. So with 5xp, you are obviously saying CT picked up Pin Them Down, which does the stunning/weakening. For the other upgrade, are you talking about Squad Tactics? If CT picked that up, his second action could be to do a move and give away those movement points. That only moves a single friendly figure though and not the team. It costs him and action and an upgrade to move someone instead of himself.
  6. I don't really see the point of a restriction list for playing a campaign. For skirmish, people abuse everything they can because making great combos is part of being competitive. For a campaign, you are playing multiple games with the same people. If one side power plays when the other doesn't, that campaign won't make it to the end. The key to success in a campaign of IA is to Talk about the campaign beforehand and find out what people want out of the campaign. Thus, each group will be different and a general list like this doesn't really help. Myself, I like tough competition. I'd prefer to play all out. Our group has house rules that we think just makes the game better, but not for the purpose of restricting choices (except Gideon...). If I play the Imperials with new people, I will absolutely tone down my combos and make subpar upgrade choices, but I'll still play to win after that. I doubt most people would prefer the exact same. That's why I recommend spending a few minutes to talk about the campaign before it starts.
  7. Considering you have to show the villain to use your basic class card, they won't remain hidden information for long.
  8. I finished a solo campaign yesterday. I'm only lukewarm on the app campaigns as I really prefer the back and forth of playing with opposing sides, but I think Hoth fit right in with the other two. There was a lot of revealing map tiles as you go, which works well in the app. I found there was a bit too much focus on combat rounds this time. It kind of felt like a tower defense since you'd often get a new map and fight a wave of enemies. As soon as you defeat them, it's time for the next wave. While some of the maps were big, most of the Imperials were spawned close to the Rebels so that you always had to deal with what was needed instead of having a choice to lose a round to rest the Rebels. I think FFG has done well in picking which types of units to spawn. I never had anyone show up that felt out of place in the Hoth campaign. What I'd still like to see are bigger maps with spawns further away. This would let players try to set up a real ambush instead of the app saying, "you ambush the Imperials so roll a die for damage" kind of thing. Additionally, I'm not sure how well it would work for everyone since I have all the content, but I also would like some attempt at a class deck or a repeating villain for the Imperials. This would make each campaign unique, though I realize only if you have enough options.
  9. Any chance someone has sent in a question or seen an update confirming this?
  10. Yeah, I'm not sure about that point myself, but it hasn't come up in our campaigns so I haven't worried too much...yet. If so, that's a boon for the Imperial in that Barrage can't be triggered by CT after Embrace Suffering.
  11. A figure is considered hostile to itself, so the repeater cannon would hit Drokkatta as well. As for Pin Them Down, that ability is triggered after you resolve an attack. This means that CT's player would be in control and choose the targets (and can't choose friendlies). I don't think Embrace Suffering would let you even choose to activate Pin Them Down since control is lost after the attack (end of step 7).
  12. I was responding to Bdgolish's post directly before mine. The heroes in that campaign are Gideon, Mak, CT, and Vinto and Tech. Sup. was one of three classes that there was interest in.
  13. Not much for strength on those heroes. You could have a lot of success with Arc Blasters from Tech. Sup. against that group.
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