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  1. Vice Admiral Holdo - Declare a retreat when you reveal a command dial and discard the dial. If you are still in the play area at the start of the Status Phase, remove your ship and destroy all ships in your forward arc.
  2. I may be disappointed with the live stream, but I'm still being fair. In the chat, they said all three would be covered.
  3. I think they could have opened with "we have news and things to showcase from Legion and X-wing today" instead of saying Armada would be addressed as well. It was a waste of my time and plenty of others I'm sure. While working from home or short staffed can easily lead to difficulties in a stream or things not being ready, there was no reason for a presentation to be handled so poorly in this way.
  4. Leg Hydraulics in an amazing skill that helps Tress get within striking range for melee attacks. It does have it's downsides though. It isn't reliable, eats focus, and can only be used at the very start of Tress's activation. When wounded, she doesn't lose it, but does get worse dice for the test. GY to GR is a definite drop off. Fyrnock Style isn't lost on wounding, but there are downsides for it as well. Tress must keep her starting weapon. It can't be sold for credits and she can only bring one other weapon. With both skills having downsides, it helps that she doesn't lose them. Tress is one of my favorite characters I've played so far. She is well balanced on the power curve and her style is fun.
  5. Just checking in, but are you done with the RitR campaign? It was definitely looking a bit lopsided.
  6. I think the app campaigns have gone over well. It created a surge in IA sales and a lot of interest. Even without physical product to sell, more campaigns would sell just as well as Mansions of Madness missions.
  7. So is that 2nd raid map considered released? It's not available on my Android app or on Steam.
  8. I'd love more app campaign content. I'm willing to pay for it, but I'd hope there is a way to unlock it on all platforms if I buy it once.
  9. I actually wrote a complaint to FFG over the price tag on what was included in the armada campaign box.
  10. I paint all my elites and unique figures with a red base edge. For multiple groups, like the stormtroopers, I just add a small detail in different colors. The stormtroopers themselves each have 1 colored piece of shoulder armor. Each group is easy to recognize and they all still look like troopers.
  11. Acklay Counter can only be used once. Todd's response to #2 said "As long as there isn’t a limitation or another cost (like exhausting a card), you can use the same ability twice with this." Since abilities can only be used once during a timing instance, there is a limitation. Pasi, can KDF work with Fluidity? Playing KDF as providing an additional token in the same timing instance would, but does the whole exhaust KDF after spending a token make a difference? If so, it provides another option for Tress.
  12. Absolutely. I'm just making sure those 5 mps weren't given to all figures. The upgrade basically allows flexibility, but doesn't provide any extra movement for an action besides the +1 speed to CT.
  13. I think you might be playing something wrong. If CT attacks and barrages against a single black die defense with his starting gun, it should do around 2.5-3 damage depending on whether he was able to get a damage token on the first shot to use on the second. I wouldn't call that amazing. So with 5xp, you are obviously saying CT picked up Pin Them Down, which does the stunning/weakening. For the other upgrade, are you talking about Squad Tactics? If CT picked that up, his second action could be to do a move and give away those movement points. That only moves a single friendly figure though and not the team. It costs him and action and an upgrade to move someone instead of himself.
  14. I don't really see the point of a restriction list for playing a campaign. For skirmish, people abuse everything they can because making great combos is part of being competitive. For a campaign, you are playing multiple games with the same people. If one side power plays when the other doesn't, that campaign won't make it to the end. The key to success in a campaign of IA is to Talk about the campaign beforehand and find out what people want out of the campaign. Thus, each group will be different and a general list like this doesn't really help. Myself, I like tough competition. I'd prefer to play all out. Our group has house rules that we think just makes the game better, but not for the purpose of restricting choices (except Gideon...). If I play the Imperials with new people, I will absolutely tone down my combos and make subpar upgrade choices, but I'll still play to win after that. I doubt most people would prefer the exact same. That's why I recommend spending a few minutes to talk about the campaign before it starts.
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