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  1. I'm not particularly interested in debating this series's artistic merits, since I'm not the kind of artist with the kind of expertise to judge such things. Like all Star Wars television series, I'll probably watch this to gather addition in-universe material and pillage what seems good conceptually for my table. TCW and Rebels both provided bits and pieces, so I doubt this will be any different. The fighters look quite nice in this trailer.
  2. The Defoliator already does exactly what you describe, and its designer was captured during the first year of the Clone Wars, but like a big gun it could just be upscaled to make it a super weapon.
  3. Isn't the Death Star already the Republic's superweapon? It's not online during the war, but it is theirs after a point. There's also that huge ion-proton bomb thing that only worked on droids from the animated series. Regardless, I think it'd be very difficult to come up with one that isn't just a secret pet project of Palpatine and his inner circle. The TCW series seemed to establish that most atrocities during the war seemingly made under the Republic's banner were set in motion by some plot of Sheev's being carried out by the CIS or his orders directly. After all, the CIS has to take the blame for this stuff so the future humanocentric policies of the Empire can be more easily justified, the Separatist loyalists purged, and their planets stripped of resources for the peacetime naval build-up. Making big scary superweapons for the Republic feels like it'd run in the face of the chancellor's goals unless kept secret, and its hard to keep something in use secret from the Jedi, I imagine. Oversized ion weapon variations feel like they'd be the extent the Republic would be willing to go, as far as keeping in character for their faction goes. Pammant is a cool site to use for shipbuilding! My current group of players have all managed to procure radiation suits, funding to secretly renovate a portion of the long derelict shipyards, and enough droid workers to begin constructing their own battlecruiser there over the course of what's going to be a lot of very financially tight sessions. Hopefully they don't get too mad at the shipwright PC when they inevitably have trouble paying them back for all this.
  4. English isn't my first language, but I am fairly positive that the phrase "kind of stats" (not "kinds of stats") vaguely refers to something in their totality, and the other phrase refers to types of an object within a category. Substituting one for the other as you have done rather changes the meaning of the sentence; unless I'm wrong, of course. That's more than enough attempts to clarify a broad and speculative question on my part though, since it was largely rhetorical.
  5. I suppose I should have worded that question a bit differently! "What kind of stats would those characters even have?" would have been better.
  6. I seriously doubt they'll bother stating out any members of the Separatist Council or Sidious's specific guise for this particular book. Sidious mostly seems to appear as a hologram to members of the Separatist's government officials, with Dooku being the only exception that I can remember off the top of my head, and while he's obviously manipulating all of them, he's not representative of the narrative for the Confederacy's supposed position in the war the same way Dooku, Ventress and Grievous are. The council members get so little time devoted to them in TCW or the films it'd feel hard to justify their inclusion. I'd personally like the Seps to get stats for Grievous, Admiral Trench and Ventress to go with Dooku, and I don't personally think we'll get more than four out of this book anyway. If we're being really indulgent and they actually do choose a couple council members, I think it'd have to be Gunray and Poggle. What would their careers even be though? More importantly, I hope we get Talzin and some other Nightsister stats soon, since they did play a pretty big role in how things went down in the galaxy during the Clone Wars, but that's probably something I'll have to wait for another supplement on.
  7. I feel like a follow up to this book would also be the perfect time to put such a spec, since Grievous's death (and only time spent on the big screen) immediately precedes the Emperor stuffing Vader into his new cybernetic suit. There's really no better point in the cinematic narrative to situate the introduction of a cyborg spec than the end of the republic! I'd also really like to get more stats for CIS ships, because I loved watching ships like the Lucrehulk and Providence classes duke it out with swarms of Nubian fighters or Republican Venators as a kid.
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