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  1. Well, according to that source it isn't correct entierely: "Following the advent of the Galactic Empire, credits from the time of the Galactic Republic eventually became mostly worthless.[12] " So I believe convertion rate is valid in this case. And I believe 1:10 sounds about fair. What are your thoughts about that?
  2. Hi guys, I would like to ask you for one thing. Players found old ship from Clone Wars with some of Republic Credits on board. Under Imperial rule there are Imperial Credits. But both of them were issued by same Galactic Bank. What do you think about their worth? Will they be accepted or they need to be exchanged? If so, at what rate? Please share your thoughts. Thank you Peter
  3. You misunderstod me. That BH character was part of the group. There is another BH in that party even. And he was their tactician and he was handling most combat related situations with other BH. He is part BH part mercenary (split specialization) and he was working with team rather well. But player wasn't present during that game sesion - I believe that is main reason for that mess he would propably stop other PC from doing something so stupid or he would come with some plan to make it in more subtle way without killing dozen stormtroopers, blowing up some stuff and stealing Imperial shuttle while their own ship was impounded So main problem isn't with that player beeing lone wolf but with rest of the group that put him in such difficoult situation And some moral problems - bounty vs loyalty to group that put him in harms way without thinking - are intereting aspect of next games I believe.
  4. Yest, there is some interesting role playing potential here. But it is up to the BH character. And that`s the reason why I have asked about bounty for heads of those PC that were involved in that criminal operation So it might tempt that BH character and force him to consider where his loyalities lie - in group that abandoned him or in beeing bounty hunter and sticking to his ideals and carrer path
  5. Player wasn`t present during game sesion - and by his declaration he went off to citty for some informations and to purchase some illegal equipment so he was under the grid during that time. And that rescue operation was more by accident than by planing and it went sidewais as those tend to happend when not prepared in advance
  6. In old West End Games book "Galaxy Guide 10 - Bounty Hunters" was list with more precise description of crimes. So they have commited some serious there: Aggression Against a Member of the Imperial Armed Forces Destruction of Imperial Property Impersonation of Imperial Officials Obstruction of Imperial Authority Theft of Imperial Property Those crimes fall under Galactic Bounties category there with typical range from 50k Cr to 100k Cr. But in FFG books I believe bounties are a bit lover.
  7. Per character of for entire group? There are 5 persons - 4 were participating in that attack, and 5th is Bount Hunter PC that wasn't
  8. Ad 1) We are playing 2-3 years after Episode III - so there is no Rebelion at this moment. So such incident isn't something considered normal. And this situation is good reason for some badass Nemesis Group Obligation isn't very high - at this moment around 50-60 pts Ad 2) They are tough - they have around 200 exp per PC so they are Knight Level - I don't know if this term is used in EoE seting. And yes, I was reading information in "No Disintegrations" but there is very few information what crime falls where in terms of severity. Ad 3) They have some history together - 200 exp already so yes. I believe it is very resonable to heat up situation for Bounty Hunter PC. He have IPKC so he should face some problem from that side - good idea, thanks. Ad 4) They have sold that ship - at least there some common sense
  9. Hi guys, I have a guestion. PC during last game they freed Imperial prissoner and while doing so killed at least dozen of Imperial troopers. To add to that they have stolen Lambda Shuttle to make their escape. There is one slight problem. Their own ship was impounded and their identity was discovered. So now I need to set a bount on their heads. So I have a question - how high such a bounty should be? There is a bounty hunter in team so if maybe he will be tempted to make some money by giving them up - he wasn't participating in that crazy rescue operation, so there will be no bounty on his head. Please advice. Ps. sorry for my English
  10. I have question - on page 14 you have two different price tags for docking fees - one in misc planetary fees (left side) and another in docking fees (on right side). Please explain why? And I have solution for your Medical Care problem. In my games Stimpack gives only temporary HP (like in DnD) that will last for up to 24h and after that time they are gone. If you are still injured then you are out. So Stimpack (as name sugests) gives you only temporart boost so you can survive combat, but after that you need to find help of doctor so he can path you up. Cheers ps. sorry for my english
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