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  1. Stoked to see people my wife and me met last year. Try "the blob" scenario. Hopefully the new Arkham Horror 3rd Edition expansion will be ready to demo.
  2. I am betting it stays the same. Was it even sold out last year?
  3. Any rumors on dates? I am hoping/trusting its not the weekend of Oct 18th-20th. Same weekend as Star Wars World Championships....
  4. So I got the broken token boxes and they do not fit into the Arkham box (at least with the lid down). I would not recommend these as I am particular about that type of thing.
  5. I went with a plano box for bits and Broken Token card cases. https://www.thebrokentoken.com/medieval-academy-bits-box-_3 https://www.thebrokentoken.com/mini-american-card-case Have not yet put them all in the box yet though...
  6. Thanks everyone. Got my tickets. See you soon. Excited.
  7. Anyone know the dates for Arkham Nights 2018 and when tickets will be on sale?
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