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  1. Mapped out all the possible permutation of choosing 4 of the 7 Witch-Haunted Woods, and (unless I’ve done something wrong) it seems there is a 13 out of 35 chance of drawing locations with less than 6 clues. Permutations of 4 x Witch-Haunted Woods Note that this is without taking the Arkham locations into account, as the number of Arkham locations changes with the number of players. For a solo player, a 1/6 change of drawing the zero-clue location changes the above odds to 13 out of 210. (13/35 x 1/6), or roughly 6%. Granted, these are very low odds, and I was incredibly unlucky to draw this on my first play, but the game *shouldn’t* allow you to draw an impossible set of locations. I think the simplest solution is to split the Witch-Haunted Woods into two piles - the 2 clue ones and the 1 clue ones - then when you randomly select your 4 locations, you take two from each. That way you are guaranteed 6 clues per investigator, which removes this whole issue.
  2. I think that was me :) I’ve submitted a question on the rules page so hopefully we’ll get some official feedback. In summary:- Act 1 = 2 clues* Act 2 = 1 clue* Act 3 = 3 clues* Witch Haunted Woods - 4 locations will be in play (out of a pool of 7, 3 x 2 clue*, 4 x 1 clue*) across however many people are playing Then 1 x Arkham Woods location added per investigator (of a pool of 5 x 1 clue*, and 1 x 0 clue) * = per investigator In my example, playing solo, I had 5 x 1 clue locations, so it was impossible to get through Act 3, as 3 of the 5 had already been spent by that stage.
  3. The first thing the disparate art styles reminded me of when it was first announced was this... But having played a few games of it and seen more cards, I love it :)
  4. On that early events page, the link for the London event has the following text that appears to be lifted/badly translated from the Essen page (without even changing the location):- So if remotely true, the game is out 2 weeks after 20th October, so that sounds like 3rd November. Ish. That page also says tickets go on sale 28th September, so it’s *possible* it means two weeks from then - unlikely though as that would mean the game would be out before any of these events.
  5. Do we have any confirmation if the dividers are a full set, or just the two pictured (would be an odd choice to just be the Mystic & Survivor, but then why not show them all if you get them all?) Article says “a stylish set of card dividers” so *sounds* like a full set...
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