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  1. I'm playing my first game with a small group of people and my character, A Gank Bounty Hunter is... pretty much purely combat as far as his skills go. While I really shine in any kind of combat scenario, either on the ground or in space, I feel fairly useless when the game focuses on anything else since I know my skills just don't support me doing much without failing hard enough to make things worse. I can Coerce people fairly well, and I can Pilot incredibly well for someone who has no Piloting Class Skills, but I was hoping to get my hands on a small droid that has a very high Computers skill, so I can do a bit of hacking when I'm not in combat. My ideal mental image would be the little Id9 droid Iden from Battlefront 2 has, but resources for this game are... frustratingly hard to get my hands on, much less understand. Does anyone know if something like that exists? All I can seem to find are Remotes, which SEEM like what I'm looking for, but their skill levels are way too low to be useful.
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