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  1. Great! Thank you. It helps!
  2. And about this question please: 1.Magic and Knowledge : Do i need as a player to spend XP separately for Magic skill (ex: Arcana) and the knowledge related to ? The additional magic effect is linked to the rank in Knowledge. It is not clear for me but when i pick Arcana (as example), do i also need to invest XP in Arcana's knowledge or it is already included ? because i have 3 ranks in Arcana means i have 3 in Knowledge?
  3. Oups ! i miss this. You are right. ? ? However, if he concentrates (1 maneuver) and move (2nd maneuver) it is still strain free.
  4. My player wants to play a catfolk which has one free maneuver. So concentrate is not a big deal for him (zero cost).
  5. As many arrows are needed ? not too much powerful ? Was more thinking about each uncancelled success add 1 arrow and 2 Adv trigger the blast effect.
  6. Thank you Richardbuxton for those detailed options. My fear was to unbalanced of the course the game. Option 2 and 3 are good ones.
  7. I have a doubt about: 1.Magic and Knowledge : Do i need as a player to spend XP separately for Magic skill (ex: Arcana) and the knowledge related to ? 2.Conjure weapon with item quality effect: my mago player want to conjure 1 arrow for his friend (a ranger with a bow) with a blasting effect or fire effect. Do you agree: 1 basic difficulty check for 1 arrow + 1 engaged to short range +1 to add blast effect ? Thank you
  8. I have almost the same kind of question as Ralzar. I'm gonna start my first session in RoT and my players want to create a double-class character as a soundrel-Druid. Instead of the core rules, i was thinking about allowing the player to create his character by spending the 8 careers skills as follow: Choose 1 skill of the 8 as Primal. The knowledge for Primal is a non-career skill. Only Primal skill. I didn't find talent to give Magic skills (Aracana,Primal,..) as a career. What do you think and recommand ? Thank you
  9. I agree. I should build first as you say, few basic spirit profiles (like Shadowrun setting; Earth, Air, Fire, Beast,...) : Minion sil 0, 1 ; Rival 0,1,2 ... and depending on ADV/Threat Triumph/Despair or Strain cost in advance... it will add extra effect (disorient, extra time, extra loyalty toward the summoner..... If i do that during the game as GM with the player, it's gonna be boring for the other players as you mentioned Cantriped. ?? tks
  10. Yes !!! I copy that !! Thank you Richardbuxton
  11. KelYco


    Thank you for all these ideas. Good point to remind players how the critical rating works, that minions die from critical injury, that having few may trigger Disoriented effects, or assume that players always try to kill in one shot! I keep in mind the idea when a player want to do a head shot, he aims by adding 2 setbacks. If he succeeds and trigger a critical injury, he gains a vicious 2 quality due to the head shot. (it 's just an idea).
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