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  1. I understand @dipicacyx. Thank you again for your work.
  2. Amazing !!! I just discover it !!!! Thank you for sharing 🙏 I would just add one remark: i know it is a lot of work but if we could have image associated with adversaries it will be so great too ! Thanks again
  3. Thank you... English is not my mother language so i may miss sometimes details. Tks again for clarification.
  4. Hello to all, when the talent activation is: Active (Action) as for Hamstring shot. does it mean I need one action to activate it and it will be effective the next round when I will do my ranged check ? Or it is active only with my ranged check in the same time? thank you
  5. yes. you are right. I don t get it very well the Genesys initiative system and it takes a long time to spend in case of many PC and NPC ... that is why i adopted an other initiative system. How to you deal with Genesys Initiative system for prepared action ? You just take the slot before the NPC ?
  6. No, the player who delay his action suffers an Upgrade difficulty for his check. The sniper who waits must upgrade his difficulty by one and if he needs to move after, it costs 2 strain too.
  7. With my players, we are not using Genesys initiative mechanics but more DD5E initiative. so, often, they think and act with a prepared action.
  8. What i do for Prepared/Delay action is: 1. Use a "Preparation maneuver" for a detailed next action or mouvement. 2. Trigger the action and upgrade the difficulty by one. 3. if the character wants to use an other maneuver to move before or after his action it costs 2 strain. In the first exemple where the player wants to drop the zippo at the right time and run. If he has a better initiative than the monster, he prepared his action (preparation maneuver), next he drops his zippo (doesn't require a check as an incidental) and run away (2strain or uses his action to avoid the 2 strain cost). On the other side the monster will do a vigilance check with an average difficulty + 2 setback due to the night or other bad circonstances to see if he has a chance to run away from and how far from the fire before it inflames.
  9. ok i will consider your advices. Thank you.
  10. Yes and it is interesting too. I ve just bought the Skills guide too and the “Keep your cool” check is an other option. however I was thinking about some stressful situations where the PC can decide (without a cool or fear check) to push his roll and take more risk by adding voluntary boost dice or upgrading ability dice. Due to the bigger risk taken, the chance to have a despair increases too and it costs also 2 strains to push his roll. from a balance point of view, I was wondering if this pushing your roll mechanics was ok.
  11. Hi, I would need your opinion on a houserule based on a stress level as Alien Rpg. To make it short with Alien Rpg, each time you take a stress level up, you add a D6 for your pool dices. So in a way, you increase your chance of success (having a 6 is a success) but also, due to stress you increase your chances to panic by making a 1 on this stress D6. if you have a level 2 of stress you add 2D6 etc... i would like to adapt this mechanic to Genesys by this proposition: Stress level 1: option houserule 1: adding a boost die and upgrading the difficulty die by one and spend also 2 strains. (The despair probability represents a kind of panic) option 2 houserule: instead of adding a boost die, I upgrade my ability die by one and still upgrade the difficulty die+2 strains stress level 2: add 2 boost dice, upgrade difficulty dice by 2, 2 more strain. Tks for your feedback and suggestions
  12. KelYco


    Anybody has worked on Coriolis conversion please ?
  13. KelYco


    I have an other question TheBoulder pls: How do you manage the pushing roll mecanic and the Dark point since it is a the core mecanic in this game ? Thank you
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