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  1. I have the same question. My attention is paid to "equal" and "value" words. E.g. an opponent takes 3 damage to me. I have fisto die with only 2 melee, so I can't use this ability cause my die is less than 3. If I want to play this way there must be "up to" phrase, not "equal"
  2. "Players can set aside any number of dice that match cards in their deck, or are referenced by cards in their deck. " "in their deck " is a key phrase, because when you are to "shuffle your deck", you don't shuffle your characters. Characters aren't a part of a deck.
  3. Yes, I brought WotF for other character. PeoplesChampion, but the second part of this card's text words "place a second copy of it's die on it". After Prized possession usage, there is only one copy of it's die. So, from my point of view, I can place a second copy.
  4. Hello, I think next question correspondes to this topic. Recently I faced with situation when my opponent played Prized possession and took one of my eLuke2 dices (now he starts non-elite). After that I used Way of the Force card and placed 3rd die of Luke. Could I act this way and bring 3 Luke dices on tournament?
  5. Hmm, already 2 "Yes". Thank you. Vandalize is a good example. I'll take it into attention. But it's a pity, that "Force speed" can be discarded by "force rend"))
  6. Hello! Could you help me with the following question: Can I apply special ability of the "Force rend" (and similar cards) to discard a support or upgrade that costs "0" resources? From my point of view "To spend" means to expend a certain amount of smth, so I can't spend 0 resources. I have nothing to spend. I'll be glad to see your opinions.
  7. Thank you, Dpuck and Rafug! Now, I've got the idea of MotC application!
  8. Dpuck, if I understood you right, you suppose that I can use second time not only Windu and ancient lightsaber dices, but also MotC die, excluding its special ability?
  9. Hello, guys! Could you provide more precise information, because opinions of WonderWAAAGH and Kieransi don't 100% correspond to each other. According to page 27 I can reroll character dices and character upgrade dices and resolve it second time in the following example : 1. I have Windu with ancient lightsaber and master of the council. I activate it for the first time, then use, for example, melee damage from ancient lightsaber and Windu die, after that I return these two dices to a character card. 2. Next action. I use special ability of MotC. Spend 2 resources. Exhaust this upgrade, ready Windu and return MotC die to card. 3. Next action. I roll all three dices. MotC die is out of play because its card is exhausted, but I can use again ancient lightsaber die and Windu die. Am I right?
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