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  1. Lacustre, siezon & Treno, If your campaign was started prior to installing the newest patch (1.4.0), in other words, if you started your campaigns during 1.3.0, your save data is still corrupted by the bug that occurred during 1.3.0 unfortunately. New campaigns that you start shouldn't have this bug. If the bug persists, please send an email to software@fantasyflightgames.com, with your device specs, a description of the bug and ideally steps to reproduce the bug.
  2. The bug was found and fixed, thanks to everyone's precious cooperation. We plan to release a patch soon!
  3. bdgolish, ookus, MAZZA, Majushi, Vazzucious and anyone who have a similar issue, please send an email to software@fantasyflightgames.com The content of the email should contain: The specifications of your device The steps to reproduce the bug/crash Any other useful information that we could use to nail down this issue (For example, if you found a workaround or noticed something odd revolving around the issue)
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