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  1. I would prefer if they created a supervised learning algorithm for the chains based on numerous decks' performance with the application after a million games or so. It is likely the algorithm will end up being super complicated to perform by hand but could be the most accurate way to balance things.
  2. I am not sure logos is the best, but as you've said it does seem to be a supportive house. Logos seems to rely on another house in the deck to be a strong performer and assist in giving them a better turn with archive. Why I like Logos is that is the house seems to move through the deck much quicker and archiving cards you plan to use in a big turn with a certain house could lead to huge plays imo. The other house I really like thus far is Mars, they have some sick cards and among the houses they do seem to be more varied in what they can do. It is hard for me to pick between whether I like Logos or Mars better. There aren't any houses that I do not like, the closest to that would be Brobnar and that is only because they are a little less flashy and not as fun (to me) than the others, but combined with two other houses that is not a big deal and I won't mind having them in my decks.
  3. There is a whole thread on this, but my answer was this is a gambling game if you are the type that needs something particular and will buy decks until you get it. If you are fine with buying enough decks and playing the game as intended this is far from gambling. So it depends on you, I dont believe it is intended to be a gamble but to some it will be nevertheless.
  4. Same, actually I think the first year will be the biggest hurdle. I would imagine this year especially is a bad time to launch a tcg with the warhammer, keyforge and transformers all coming out at nearly the same time. TCGs are such a risk, if you invest in one that's not mtg you have a 98% chance your cards are worthless in 2 years, so hopefully you still like the game by then. Probably the saving grace is that the game is by the titans in that genre. CCGs and maybe this new UDG genre are a better model for the consumer imo, I just dislike tcgs. I've been burned by far too many.
  5. I cannot afford to play tcg anymore so the choice was easy for me. Doesn't transformers have some extremely rare cards in their model?
  6. I not a fan of Cthulhu, so I can do without it. What I would like is a house with more humor. Maybe something unexpected for a card game faction, like a faction that is fairly weak themselves but have abilities to make more money and do more things through the other factions working harder and more often. Maybe have a card called overtime is authorized or something similar.
  7. I think bringing in some old cards along with the new will be great. Just as long as they get rid of the the least favorite of the previous cards. Weaker cards or cards that are less interesting can go. With this game being online, FFG can use all the data they are collecting and adapt the algorithm according to the data we are providing them through gameplay, but only with the current cards. With the data they have access to they should be able to find our favorite decks, cards, houses, play preferences and combos without us having to tell them by applying data science to the information gained.
  8. blindside14


    I dont think splitting the community of a brand new game is the best interest of anyone.
  9. there is a card that makes the opponent's creature capture their own ember, pretty funny if you ask me. I am not sure which player the ember goes to after those creatures die though. I haven't seen anyway to move captured ember without killing the creature and I am not sure we will. It sounds like you are wanting to steal the ember, if that is what you want you might be more interested in shadows.
  10. blindside14


    Richard Garfield said they were looking into it, and have done some testing with multiplayer in the bgg forum. He made no promises this would be a thing, but said he had enjoyed the multiplayer games played during testing.
  11. This card may not always be useful for its ability, however there will be times you maybe playing against shadow and you'd love to spend those ember so your opponent cannot touch them. Also keep in mind this allows one to get a second key in a single turn, that is 2 of 3 keys, this card could win you the game and your opponent will likely be unprepared for it. I have only seen around a third of the mars faction and even within those cards there is a decent combo with mothergun (that damages a creature based on mars cards in hand). If one is playing entamed and have a hunting witch or two they could get an ember for each creature they just played. There is also feeding pit that lets you discard a creature from hand and gain an ember. I am sure there are many more combos with this card, but I can say that this card is far from worthless. At worst the card will give you an ember, so I wouldn't be too sad to get this card even when the ability is not that helpful atm.
  12. This is a deck collecting game if anything, collecting cards is worthless. We collect whole unique decks with this game
  13. I don't see anything preventing people from using old cards, if anything I imagine the old decks might be playable throughout the whole life of the game. Assuming FFG did not purposely make their new cards stronger. From what I have seen from other card games old cards are typically playable either. The cards were either determined overpowered and banned or were average and the power creep made the cards worthless. I remember when I first started playing mtg and I thought Shivan dragons and serra angels were some of the best creature cards, I imagine there is no one who still thinks this today.
  14. There is the possibility for more houses, I saw a video interview with one of the FFG crew and mentioned it being a possibility if the game took off. With the way the decks are built I can see it being possible for these first gen decks to be viable against fourth gen decks because the power creep can be put in check a little more easily with the generation.
  15. The game designer writes the rules, but the players can always choose to have their own variants if they choose to. Keep in mind that this game was not intended to be played in this way and your deck-building may not improve the game as you would think because it is going against the ideas of the designer when he created it. A lot of the cards and game mechanics behind this game were probably put into place because the decks are all unique and are balanced by the system that procedurally generates these decks. It is up to the players to decide how they will use the decks they purchase, but i would at least recommend trying the game several times with all the rules before making any changes, that way you'll know whether you liked the game before you messed with it. Some of the cards in these decks can be very strong at opportune moments and having several of these top tier cards in a single deck might not be fun to play against, even if the other person has the same thing in their deck. Everyone is welcome to do as they choose, I will choose to keep my unique decks as they were made and will gladly play others with their unique decks. If I want a game to deck build there are dozens of other games to choose from, one the reasons I like this game (at least in theory) is that I won't have to optimize a deck versus a meta that changes every week, I won't have to experience playing against someone who blew their entire paycheck on their new control deck and now I get to spend 30 minutes watching them play a game while I can do nothing the most of the match and I enjoy enjoy this game for $10 for a deck that is tournament ready.
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