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  1. 4th running at 5 ships. Using the B-wing Wilt (PS4), the X-wings Gruff and Jinn, and the Y-wings Doc and Shunt (all at PS5). Shunt will still take both of his bombs, however Doc shifts to using both of his torpedoes. Wilt is the only one at PS4, the rest are PS5. So again the Lambda's shifted up. Beta starts on own in patrol box, Alpha with the Lambda. Both Jinn and Gruff start in the middle, while Wilt, Doc and Shunt start over by Beta squad. Squad leader is on Jinn Round 1. Both X-wings plan 4 straight, while both Wilt and the Y's plan a 3 straight. Alpha squad 3 straights, with A1 and 3 evading and 2 protecting the Lambda, while Beta-1 and then 2 individually roll 3 right turns together, both evade. The Lambda then 3 straights and focuses. The rebels move. Shunt, Doc and Wilt all lock Beta-1 with Doc using his droid to boost right. Doc and Shunt both whiff, Wilt hits for 1 damage and 1 ion token. Imperials now attack AI. Beta-1 just out of arc to return fire on Doc. Round 2. Charlie shows up on tab 6. Doc plans a 2 turn left, same for Shunt, 2 right bank Wilt, and both X-wings. All in Alpha 3 bank to the right and 1-2 both focus while 3 evades (too far to shoot). All in Charlie bank 2 to the left (to avoid an asteroid) and focus. Beta-1 straights 1 bleeding off his ion token then boosts to the left. Beta-2 rolls a 3 left bank, bumping into Beta-1. The Lambda still too far to locks, so just banks 2 right and focuses. The rebels move. Jinn and Grudd lock the lambda, Doc focuses, same with Shunt, while Wilt locks Alpha-3. Shunt's shot causes a weapons malfunction in Beta-1, then Doc finishes him off. Gruff causes a Console fire critical to Alpha-1, and Jinn outright kills Alpha-3. Wilt then hits causing a 2nd hull and gives 1 ion to Alpha-1. Beta-2 no shot, Lambda takes both shields off Gruff. Alpha-1 misses, Alpha-2 gives a thrust control fire critical to Gruff, C=1 misses wilt, C2 no shot, and C3 misses Gruff. Round 3. Gruff plans a 3 turn left, will keep stress. Jinn plans a 4k, will take stress. 2 left bank for Shunt and Wilt, 2 right turn for Doc. Alpha-1 straights 1 and bumps Gruff, fails to bleed off his ion token. Alpha-2 banks left 2, bumping Alpha-1. All in Charlie roll a 2 right turn. Even a bank will see Charlie-1 land on asteroid, so he keeps with his initial move, and takes a Console fire critical to himself. Charlie-2 goes ok and focuses, while Charlie-3 bumps into C2. The lambda locks Gruff, then tries a straight 2, bumping Charlie-3. Beta-2 does a 3k, no action or shot right now. The rebels move. Wilt bumps Jinn (no action). Jinn stresses. Gruff moves and keeps stress, Shunt locks the Lambda and Doc focuses. Has no shot (too far for his turret). Shunt takes 1 shield off the lambda, while Jinn finishes off Alpha-1. Gruff and Doc no shots. Beta-2 takes 2 shields off of Doc and neuters his stealth device. Wilt then loses 1 shield and his stealth device to the Lambda. Wilt then counters and blinds the pilot of Alpha-2 and gives him a 2nd hull as well. Alpha-2 auto misses, now at 2 hull. Charlie-1 no shot, Charlie-3 misses, and Charlie-2 takes a 2nd shield from Wilt. Round 4, Falcon squad shows up over on Tab-1. Gruff plans a 1 left bank to clear his stress, 1 str for Jinn to do same. 3 straight for Shunt, 2 straight for Wilt and 3 right bank for Doc. Alpha-2 tries a 4k, bumps into Charlie-1. Charlie-1 then tries a 1 left turn, and can't clear off asteroid, taking a 2nd hull in the process and won't be able to clear his critical. Charlie-2 does a 4k, while Charlie-3 banks right 2 and bumps into Alpha-2. All gain no action. Beta-2 straights 4 and focuses. The Lambda locks Jinn then tries a bank right of 1, bumping into Alpha-2. No action. Falcon-1 and 2 straight 3, as both are too far to lock right now, then focus. The rebels move. Wilt locks the Lambda, Shunt bumps Charlie-2, Doc locks Charlie-2, then boosts right. Jinn clears stress then locks Charlie-3 (barely missed bumping by 3 milimeters!) and Gruff focuses. Charlie-1 then kills self taking a 3rd hull from his console fire critical. (NO xp to anyone as he caused his own crit). Doc then shoots giving 1 hull to Charlie-2, Wilt's advance torp takes 4 shields off the lambda, Shunt takes a 5th, and Jinn kills Charlie-3.. WOW 4 of 6 tie fighters down, and 1 of 2 interceptors gone.. Things look good for our rebels.. The Lambda then whiffs its shot vs Wilt, Beta-2 just out of arc to hit Gruff, Falcon-2 and Alpha-2 no range/arc. Falcon-1 misses Shunt, and Jinn finally takes damage from Charlie-2's return shot, losing 2 shields and his stealth device.. Round 5. Gruff plans another left bank, 1 straight for Doc, 3 bank right for Shunt, Wilt 2k, and 1 right bank for Jinn. Alpha-2 does a 4k. Charlie-2 turns 3 to the right and evades.. Beta-2 turns 2 to the right and focuses. Falcon-1 locks Shunt then both falcon's straight 5 and focus. The Lambda locks Wilt then bumps him banking right. The rebels move. Wilt takes a stress, Jinn bumps Shunt, Gruff locks Beta-2, Doc focuses again, and Shunt moves, dropping his 1st proton bomb, then bumps into Wilt. The Bomb gives a Damaged cockpit to Falcon-2, blinds Falcon-1, and gives a minor hull breach to Charlie-2. Shunt then shoots the Lambda, taking its last 2 shields. Jinn takes 1 shield off Falcon-2, and Gruff gives 2 hull to Beta-2 neutering his stealth device. The imps return fore. Beta-2 gives more hull damage to Gruff making him at 3. Falcon-1 auto misses, and Jinn loses his last shield to the Lambda. Then Wilt's shot gives 2 hull to the shuttle, shifting it to Flee AI. Round 6. Helios shows up way over on Tab-1. At this rate, no rebel will get to them to do much than watch them flee.. Doc plans a 4k, will stress. Shunt plans a 2 turn right, Jinn also plans a 4k, and Gruff will try to hyper out. Wilt plans a 2 turn right, will keep stress. Falcon-2 locks Jinn then straights 2 and focuses. Alpha-2 straight 4 back into the fight and focuses, while Charlie-2 straights 5, away from things, and evades. Falcon-1 then locks Jinn and bumps into Falcon-2 doing a 2 straight. All in Helios 3 straight and focus. Beta-2 does a 5k, and the Lambda hard stay's after re-locking Jinn. The rebels move. Gruff moves and focuses. Jinn streses, Doc bumps shunt, and Shunt drops his seismic charge, which does 1 shield damage to both Falcons, kills off Alpha-2 and gives a 3rd hull to the Lambda. Unfortunately it also catches Doc in the blast range, taking 1 of his shields. Then Shunt re-locks the Lambda. Gruff safely enters hyperspace with 2 criticals. Doc kills the Elite interceptor (beta-2), Jinn kills Falcon-1 (the non elite), and Shunt kills the Lambda. Falcon-2 and all in Helios now shift to a Flee AI. Charlie-2 has no shot due to being out of range. Round 7, The rebels move. Charlie-2 kills self from its critical, Shunt gets the Kill XP. Helios all come close to escaping, will do so next round. The rebels shoot, with Wilt's torpedo stripping all shields off of Helios 2, but no one else gets in range.. Round 8, all in Helios escape safely, Falcon-2 dies to Jinn.. Solid rebel win. 3 wins, 1 loss at 5 rebels and again they failed to complete the secondary objectives.. Xp earned, 6 for Gruff, 15 for Jinn, 10 for Wilt, 11 for Doc and 13 for Shunt (all those elites again!!). 9Xp Is the average...
  2. 3rd running at 5 rebels.. Using the B-wing Spot, the X-wings Shatter and Shrek, and Y-wings Snoopy and Unca. Shrek is PS3, Shatter and Spot are PS4, while Snoopy and Unca are PS5. Snoopy will go with his Ion bomb and Proton torpedo. Shatter with his proton torpedo. All others have just one or two ordinances do don't need to select which they will use. As the average PS is a 4, the Lambda's NOT shifted up for this one. Unca has squad leader. The Tie interceptors of Beta squad start in the patrol box, while Alpha is over by the Lambda. Shrek, Snoopy and Shatter line up facing Beta, while Unca and Spot are in the middle. Round 1, Shatter and Shrek plan 4 straights, 3 straights all others. All in Alpha 3 straight and evade except Alpha-3 who protects the Lambda. Beta 1 (the non-elite) 3 banks right and evades. The Lambda moves 3 straight and focuses. Shrek boosts right. Beta-2 (the elite one) straights 3 then evades. The rest of the rebels move, and all lock Beta-1. Unca's Twin laser misses the interceptor, while Snoopy's proton torpedo deals it 2 of its 4 hull. Spot hits making it a 3rd hull, while Shatter misses. Beta-2 is just out of range to shoot. Shrek then kills Beta-1. No other shots fired. Round 2, Charlie squad shows up on Tab-8. Spot plans a 2 right bank, 3 Right bank for Shatter and Unca, 3 straight for Snoopy and Shrek. All in Alpha 3 right tur. All evade. Charlie squad all banks 3 right. 1 and 3 protects the Lambda, while Charlie-2 bumps into it. The lambda's too far to lock, so 2 right banks and focuses. Shrek moves and locks Beta-2. Beta 2 then turns 2 right and focuses. Shatter bumps into Shrek (man that's poor planning), Snoopy bumps into Shatter, Unca locks the Lambda and Spot barrel rolls to bypass an asteroid. Unca's torpedo takes 2 shields off the Lambda, Snoopy gives 1 hull and 1 ion to Beta-2, and neuters its stealth device. Shatter smacks it hard for 2 crits and a hit, causing the elite interceptor to go BOOM! However it returns a shot which whiffs against Shrek (man my dice were hot in this round for the rebels). Spot misses the Lambda, then Shrek whiffs vs Alpha-1. The Lambda's return shot strikes Unca, taking 2 of his shields and neutering his Stealth device. Alpha-1 takes 1 shield off of Shrek, while Alpha-2 misses, Alpha-3 just out of range. Same for Charlie 2 and 3, while Charlie-1 misses. Round 3, Unca plans a 3 left bank, 4 straight for Shrek, 3 right bank for Shatter,2 right bank for Snoopy and 3 straight for Spot. All in Alpha 2 turn left then all focus. All in Charlie 5 straight. Charlie 1 and 2 has to barrel roll left to avoid an Asteroid, while Charlie-3 bumps him. The Lambda locks Unca, then rolls a Hard Stay. The rebels move. Spot locks the Lambda, Shrek boosts right, Shatter locks Alpha-1, Snoopy locks Alpha-3. Unfortunately Unca bumps Alpha-3. Unca's TLT takes 2 more shields off the Lambda, Spot's plasma torp takes 3 more (down 7 of 8), Snoopy gives 1 hull and 1 ion to Alpha-3, Shatter misses, and Shrek takes the last shield off the Shuttle. Then the imps return fire, with the Lambda royally hitting Unca, taking his last shields and giving him 2 direct hit criticals (4 hull total out of 5!!, EEK). Alpha-1 has no shot, Alpha-2 takes 1 shield and Shatter's stealth device, while Alpha 3 hits Spot taking 1 shield. Charlie 1 and 2 have no shot, Charlie-3 takes two more shields off Spot. Round 4, Falcon squad shows up on Tab-8. Unca plans a 2 straight, so can hyper out. 3 left bank Shatter, 3 right bank Shrek, same for Snoopy and 3 straight for Spot. Alpha-1 and 2 both roll a 1 right turn, but can't complete as would run over asteroid, so shift it to a bank. However Alpha-2 bumps into Shatter doing so. Alpha-3 can't clear Unca with his Ion damage, No action. Charlie-1 and 2 roll a 3 right turn. Charlie 1 focuses. Charlie-2 however, even with a 3 bank or 2 turn, will pass through an asteroid, so sticks with normal action and does not suffer damage. Charlie-3 then straights 3, and barrel rolls left to avoid the same asteroid. The Lambda locks Spot, then hard stay's again. Falcon 1 too far to lock, so straights 5 and focus. Shrek moves then boosts forward to get out of Falcon-1's arc, but bumps into the Lambda. Then Falcon-2 locks onto Shrek and straights 3 and focuses. The rest of the rebels move. Shatter locks Falcon-2, Snoopy shifts his lock to Alpha-2, Spot also bumps the Lambda, and Unca drops his seismic charge, then hypers out safely before anyone can shoot at him. His bomb deals 1 hull to Charlie-1 and 2, Alpha-1 and 2, and gives a 2nd hull to Alpha-3. Snoopy and Spot then miss, and Shatter's torpedo barely hits Falcon-2 taking only 1 shield. Its return shot misses. Shrek then misses. The Lambda has no shot, Same for Alpha-1 through 3. Falcon-1 then takes the last shield off of Shatter, while Charlie-1 and 3 miss snoopy. Charlie-2 can't shoot. Round 5. Shrek and Shatter both plan 4ks. Spot a 2k, and Snoopy a 3 straight. Alpha-1 banks 2 right, has no target so evades. Alpha-2 turns 1 right, then also evades. Alpha-3 finally moves forward, and also evades after bleeding its ion off. Charlie-1 turns 1 right, bumps into Charlie-2. Charlie 2 then does the same turn, gets off the asteroid and focuses. Charlie-3 does the same move also, but he can't avoid the asteroid.. THEN crits himself with a minor hull breach. The Lambda locks Shrek then hards 3 left. Even with a 2 bank lands on the asteroid, bumps into Charlie-3. Loses 1 hull to it. Falcon-1 then locks Shatter and banks 1 left, then focuses. Shrek moves taking a stress. Falcon-2 then locks shatter and 4 straights, focusing. The rest of the rebels move. Shatter and Spot take a stress, while Snoopy shifts his lock to Falcon-1. However he decides to shoot the Lambda, giving it a 2nd hull and a 1st ion token. Spot makes it 3 hull and 2 ions, while Shatter kills it. Helios now no show up, and Falcon shifts to Flee AI. Falcon-2 has no shot. Shrek misses Alpha-1 through 3 no shot. Charlie 1 misses, Charlie 2 takes a 3rd shield off Snoopy and Charlie-3 no shot due to being on asteroid. Round 6, Shrek plans a 1 left bank to clear stress, 1 straight for both Shatter and Spot to do same. Snoopy plans a 2 left turn. Alpha-1 and 2 both 3k, while Alpha-3 turns left 2, then focuses. Charlie-1 straights 5 and focuses, while Charlie-2 straights 2, (this will cause Spot to bump). Charlie-3 turns off the asteroid, and focuses. Falcon-1 banks 3 right and evades. Shrek moves, bumping into Charlie-1, does not clear his stress. Falcon-2 then goes 5 straight and evades. Shatter clears stress and locks Falcon-1, so does Snoopy, who drops his ion bomb, before moving (causing 2 ion to Falcon-1 and Charlie 3), while Spot focuses. Spot misses, so does Shatter. Snoopy no 1 hull and 1 ion Charlie-3. Falcon-2 no shot. Shrek missses. Charlie-3 hits Shatter giving him an Injured pilot critical, Alpha-1, 2 and Charlie-1 and 2 no shots. Alpha-3 takes Shreks shields. Round 7, Snoopy plans another 2 left turn, 3 straight for Shrek, 3 right bank for Shatter, and 2 straight for Spot. Alpha-1 straights 5 and is still not in range, so evades. Alpha-2 banks left 2 and focuses, while Alpha-3 does a 4k. Charlie-1 turns right 3 and evades, Charlie-3 hards 2 to the right, taking a 2nd hull, while Charlie-3 can;t clear spot, so can't clear his ion. Falcon-1 bleeds off one of his ions, and evades while Falcon 2 escapes. Primary mission goals successful, Secondary of stopping Falcon escaping failed. Shrek moves, doesn't clear stress. Others focus. Snoopy and Shatter both miss, Spot takes last shield off Falcon-1 while Shrek causes 1 hull to the advance. Alpha-2 takes a 4th shield off Spot, while Alpha-1 and 3 both miss. None in Charlie have shot. Round 8, Falcon-1 dies, so does one of the Fighters. Round 9, another fighter bites the dust Round 10, Snoopy dies to some nasty crits (two direct hits and a minor explosion!!!) Round 11, shatter and shrek take out 2 more tie fighters Round 12, the rebels finish off one of the last 2 tie fighters, while that misses Shrek. Barely a rebel win. Though as mentioned above, secondary mission goal not achieved. Spot and Unca both earned 4xp, 12 for Shrek and Shatter. Snoopy would have earned 8, but rolls 2 focuses, so his EVA penalty would have been 0xp earned.... 8xp overall average. 2 wins, 1 loss at 5 ships. This makes 3 wins at 3 players, 2 of which they failed to complete the secondary objectives, and 1 of 2 wins at 5.. Interesting... Most interesting.
  3. While true, all pads should lead to the same spot, THe location of the pads would make a difference in travel time from them to the central spire, thus More chance for resistance. That's no different than most games.. I've had some of my missions where Better ships (b and X-wings) got blown up, cause of poor a** die rolls, while their Y-wing comrades running the same tactics, Succeeded, all cause of having better luck with the dice... As i mention above, have some wording saying something like "Landing at Pad X, may be easier due to less imps On the pad, but its further distance to the main tower, requires more rounds of needing success to reach the goal. Where as landing on pad Y or Z, makes it closer, thus quicker, however its more guarded..." Then have it where once they land on a pad, they roll 2 attack (or 3) dice. needing 2 hits to advance to the next 'link'.. And put 1-2 pads out that are real close (so say only have 2 or 3 links), but have more troops (each troop gives 1 evade die on that roll), where as pad 3 is further out, needing more links (say 4-5), but is less guarded, so the first 2 or even 3 links have no resistance...
  4. Now that cruel suggestion is kinda cool IMO..
  5. 2nd running at 5 ships Using all Y-wings - Shunt, Doc, Dozer, Unca and Crack. All are at PS5, so like above this shifts the Lambda up. Shunt will take his two bombs, Doc will take his proton bomb and plasma torpedo, Dozer will have his proxi mine and plasma torpedo, and Crack will take his seismic bomb and torpedo. Crack and Unca will line up towards the 'patrol box' the others towards the Lambda. Squad leader is Crack. Beta lines up with the Lambda, Alpha is in the patrol box. Round 1, Crack plans 4 straight, 3 straight for everyone else. Alpha squad all 2 banks right and evades. Beta-1 (the non-elite)3 straights then evades. The Lambda 2 straights and focuses. Beta-2 (the elite one) then 3 straights, and protects the Lambda. The rebels all move. Unca Locks onto Alpha-1, while Crack stresses. Shoots his seismic torpedo at the near by asteroid, and causes 1 hull to both Alpha-1 and 2. Then Unca causes a 2nd hull to Alpha-1. All in Alpha return fire on Crack, stripping 3 of his shields (one each) and taking his stealth device. All imperials now shifted to Attack AI. No other shots. Round 2, Charlie shows up on tab 8, right behind the Lambda. Crack plans 2 straight to clear his stress, 2 right bank for Unca, 3 straight for the others. Alpha-1 straights 3 then barrel rolls to the right to get an arc on Crack, and to block Unca. Alpha-2 then right turns 3, and also barrel rolls left. Alpha-3 straights 4, bumping into Alpha-1. All in charlie 4 straight. Charlie-1 focuses, all others protect the lambda. Beta-1 straights 5 and focuses. The Lambda 3 straights (too far to lock anyone), then focuses. Beta-2 then straights 4 and protects the lambda. The rebels move. Crack bumps into Alpha-2, while Unca bumps him. The other 3 lock the Lambda. Shunt's shot passes through the sensor jammer (and one evade token spent) to take 1 shield, while Doc and Dozer miss due to the other tokens being used. Crack kills Alpha-2, while Unca gives a damaged Sensor array to Alpha-3. Shunt uses his Wingman EPT to remove Crack's stress. The imp return shots HURT.. The Lambda takes 2 shields off of Dozer. Beta-2 hits Shunt taking one of his shields and his stealth device, while Beta-1 takes the other shields and gives Shunt a hull damage. Then Charlie-1 takes a third off of Dozer. Charlie-2 and 3 miss. Round 3, Shunt, Doc and Dozer all plan 3 left banks. 4 Straight for Unca, and 2 right turn Crack. Alpha-2 does a 3k, getting behind Unca, but can't clear crit because of it. Alpha 3 does a 4k, getting behind Crack. All in Charlie 2 straight, with Charlie-1 bumping Dozer, and Charlie-2 bumping into him, so both get no action. Beta-1 then 5ks behind Shunt. The Lambda locks Dozer then banks right 1, bumping into Doc, no action. Beta-2 banks right 2 then boosts right. The rebels move. Shunt drops his seismic charge then focuses. Doc drops his proton bomb then also focuses. Dozer re-locks the Lambda after spending it last round. Doc's proton bomb goes off, dealing A minor hull breach to Charlie-1, a Thrust control fire to the Lambda (= 1 stress for it and 1 shield gone), a Minor explosion to Beta-1, dealing 2 hull to it. Shunt's seismic charge then goes off killing Beta-1 and is just out of range to damage the Lambda. Crack and Unca also drop their Seismic charges. Unca then locks onto Beta-2. Crack's bomb goes off killing Alpha-2, and giving a hull to Alpha-3, while Unca's makes it 2 hull. Unca's shot then kills Alpha-3, while Crack scores a pair of Direct hit crits, killing the elite interceptor in one bloody shot.. (even with it having a stealth device!).. Shunt takes another shield off the Lambda, so does Dozer, while Doc misses. Only Beta-1 has any return fire (all others out of arc), and he gives a 2nd and 3rd hull to Shunt. Round 4, Falcon shows up on Tab-8, just like Charlie did. Crack plans a 3 let bank, same for Shunt. Unca a 2 right bank, and both Doc and Dozer a 2 left turn. Charlie-1 turns 2 to the right and evades. While both Charlie-2 and 3 both turn 2 to the right also, And both focus (just out of range to protect the Lambda). Beta-1 straights 5 and focuses. The Lambda Locks shunt, then rolls a hard 3 right turn. As this would take across an asteroid, has to shift it to a 3 straight, failing to clear its stress. Both in Falcon lock onto Dozer, then 2 straight and focus. The rebels move. Dozer and Doc lock onto Falcon—1, Crack gives his action to Dozer via SQL, which he then uses to drop his proximity mine right in Falcon-1's face! (TAKE THAT). Unca locks Charlie-1 and Shunt focuses. Unca's shot kills Charlie-1, via a direct hit crit. Dozer misses, Crack also misses, and do does Doc. Shunt has no shot.. So bad round overall for our rebels. The imperials return fire. Falcon-1 takes Dozer's last shield, while Falcon gives him 2 direct hit criticals, almost killing him. The Lambda has no shot. Dozer then gets hit by Beta-1 sending him EVA. Charlie-2 and 3 each gives Crack 1 hull. Round 5, Unca plans a 3 straight, 2 left turn Doc, 3 left turn Shunt (will stress) and 2 left bank Crack. Charlie-2 and 3 both 5 straight. C2 has to barrel roll right to avoid asteroid, while C3 focuses. Beta-1 rolls a 2 straight, and has to shift it to also avoid the proximity mine, to a bank, then boosts left. The Lambda locks Crack, then banks 1 right, clearing stress and focusing. Falcon 1 and 2 both lock Doc. Both roll a 3 straight. But falcon-1 can't miss running into the Proximity mine of Dozers. Loses both of his shields. Falcon-2 focuses. The rebels move. Unca locks the Lambda, Crack bumps into Unca. All get no action. Shunt drops his proton mine then moves and takes a stress. Unfortunately for him Doc then bumps Charlie-2, so is now in the blast range. Beta-1 takes a damaged cockpit crit killing it, Doc takes an injured pilot crit losing his EPTs, while Charlie-2 takes a direct hit = 2 hull. Falcon-1 takes a thrust control fire, while Falcon 2 takes a minor explosion losing 1 shield and 1 hull.. Crack and Shunt both have no shot. Doc misses, and Unca takes 2 more shields from the Lambda. The imps return fire, with Falcon-1 missing Doc, the Lambda has no shot, Falcon-2 takes 1 shield off of Doc (who's stealth device got neutered by the proton bomb), while Shunt dies to Charlie 2 and 3's fire.. OUCH.. 2 rebels down for the count.. Things are definitely not looking good.. Round 6, Helios squad shows up on Tab-5. All rebels plan a 2 straight so they can make preps to hyperspace out. The imperials do all their moves. Unca and Crack both fail to enter hyperspace, but Shunt Succeeds. Then Unca dies to the combined fire of all of Helios Falcon 2 and Charlie-3. Round 7, Crack manages to move and enter hyperspace before any imperials can shoot him.. Major imp butt whuppin of the rebels.. 3 EVA and 2 escaped to hyperspace. Crack would have earned 7xp. Unca 8, though he would have halved it, and lost his TLT. Doc only earned 2 and rolled blanks. Dozer would have earned 3, and halved it and lost his turret too. While Shunt would have earned 6, lost his EPT and half his XP.. ALL in all a sucky showing.. 5xp overall average...
  6. 1st running at 5 rebel ships Went with all 5 X-wings, Drogo is only one at PS4, all others are at PS5. This impacts the Lambda as it would shift up to an Elite (PS4). Gruff and Jinn each go with their Proton torpedos, while Drogo goes with his plasma torpedo. Chaka and Squeaky each only have the one ordinance to take. Chaka has squad leader. Imp forces at 3 fighters in both Alpha and Charlie squads, 2 advance in Falcon squad (one elite, 1 regular), 2 Interceptors in Beta squad (one elite and 1 regular), 1 lambda at +3 shields, and 3 tie defender elites in Helios squad. Alpha squad starts over with the Lambda, Beta squad starts in the patrol box. All x-wings bar Gruff starts facing the Lambda. Gruff faces off against Beta squad. Round 1, All rebel ships plan a 4 straight. Alpha squad all performs a 3 straight, A1 and 2 evade, A3 protects the Lambda. Beta 1 (the non elite) turns right 3, then boost left. The Lambda 2 straights, and focuses. Beta 2 (the elite), also 3 right turns and boosts left. The rebels move. Gruff is the only one in range to shoot, so focuses. Shoots at Beta 1, and gives it 2 hull and a Stunned Pilot critical (still 1 hull left). Then the return shots take all of his shields and give 2 total hull. OUCH, Gruff got whipped! No other shots. All imperials now in Attack AI. Round 2, Charlie squad shows up on Tab 5, right behind the rest of the rebels. Gruff plans a 4k, all others 4 straight. Alpha all 4 straights, and all focus. All in Charlie 2 straight. Charlie 1 bumps into Drogo, Charlie 3 bumps into him, while Charlie 2 bumps into Jinn. Beta-1 performs a 5k. The Lambda 3 straights after being too far to lock onto anyone, then focuses. Beta-3 then 3 straights, and barrel rolls left to get arc on Gruff. The rebels move. Chaka and Squeaky bump into the Lambda, while Drogo is too far 'back' on the lambda to get a shot, so boosts to the left, to get a little more range on the other ties. Jinn bumps Alpha-3. Still has shot on Alpha-2. Gruff moves and gains stress. Gruff then kills off Beta-1, with a pair more of hits. Jinn gives 1 hull to Alpha 2, Squeaky misses Alpha-3. Drogo and Chaka have no shots. Neither does the Lambda, Beta-2 or Alpha-1. Charlie 1 and 2 miss Chaka, while Charlie 3 hits Chaka, smacking off one of his shields and taking his stealth device. Squeaky then loses a shield to Alpha-3. Round 3, Jinn, squeaky and Chaka all plan 4ks, 3 left bank for Drogo and 1 left bank for Gruff to clear stress. Alpha 1 and 3 and try a 2 left turn. Alpha-1 protects the lambda, but Alpha-3 can't do the move as too many ships in his path. Alpha-2 then banks 2 left, and bumps into Alpha-1. All in Charlie 4 straight. Charlie 1 protects the Lambda, Charlie 2 bumps into his back, and Charlie 3 again bumps Chaka. The Lambda locks onto Drogo then 3 hard right turns. Beta-2 turns 1 left then evades. The rebels move. Drogo again boosts left, has no shot. Squeaky, Jinn and Chaka all get stressed, and Gruff clears stress and he locks onto Beta-2. But even with spending his lock, still misses (**** those evade dice).. Jinn kills off Alpha 1, Chaka kills A2, while Squeaky misses the shuttle. Beta-2 has no shot. So Drogo shoots, but also misses. Charlie-1 takes 1 more shield from Chaka, while Charlie 2 and 3 miss. Round 4, Falcon squad shows up also on Tab-5. Drogo plans a 3 left bank, 2 left turn for Drogo, 2 straight for Jinn, 2 right bank for Chaka and 1 straight fo Squeaky. Alpha-1 turns 1 left and bumps Charlie 3. All in charlie try an 2 straight. C1 and 3 focus, C2 bumps into C1 again. The Lambda then re-locks Drogo and does a hard 2 right turn. No action. None in Falcon have range to lock anyone, so both 4 straight. Falcon-1 bumps Alpha 1, while Falcon-2 focuses. Beta-2 tries a 5k, but bumps into the Lambda. So also gets no action. The rebels move. Drogo boosts left to get out of the arc of the Lambda, but has a sweet side on **** for Alpha-1. Squeaky regenerates a shield, clears stress and locks Falcon-2. Chaka and jinn clear stress and lock Falcon-1. Gruff locks the Lambda. Gruff's torpedo takes 2 shields. Squeaky's torp then takes both shields of Falcon-2. Jinn's torp does same to Falcon-1, then it dies to Chaka's torpedo. Nice one! As it was elite, everyone gains +1xp. Beta-2 then tries a shot on Drogo, but thanks to the obstacle in his path his shot mises. Falcon-2 misses Chaka. The Lambda has no shot. A1 misses Chaka, C1 and 2 no shot, C3 takes the regenerated shield off Squeaky. Round 5, Drogo plans a 3 right turn, 3 right bank for Chaka, 4 straight for Squeaky, 2 right turn for Jinn and 1 left bank for Gruff. Alpha 1 4ks, gets behind Chaka. All in Charlie try a 1 left turn, C1 focuses, C1 bumps Alpha-1 and c3 can't move. The Lambda locks Drogo again, then 2 banks right and focuses. Falcon-2 locks Chaka, then 2 straights, bumping into him. Beta-2 turns 3 right away from the battle (rolled a 3 left turn, but that would have landed him on the asteroid, so he flipped it right instead). Evades. The rebels move. Drogo locks onto Beta-2, Gruff focuses, Jinn also focuses, Chaka locks the Lambda, and Squeaky focuses. Jinn takes 2 more shields off the Shuttle, Chaka takes 3 more, and Gruff takes its last, and gives 1 hull and a Damaged Sensor array critical.. This forces it into a Flee AI. Beta-2 has no shot. Drogo finishes off the interceptor. Charlie 1 takes 2 shields off Jinn and neuters his stealth device...Charlie 2 and 3 no shot. Same for Falcon-2 and the Lambda. Alpha-1 misses.. Round 6. Helios squad shows up on Tab-1. Chaka and Jinn plan a 3 left bank, 3 right bank for Drogo, 3 right turn for Squeaky and 2 straight for Gruff. Alpha 1 turns right 3 and focuses. Both Charlie 2 and 2 both turn 1 left. Charlie 3 bumps into C2. Charlie 1 however banks 3 left and focuses. The Lambda, hard 3 banks left (couldn't bank right as asteroid was in way), thus can't clear critical. All in Helios move 3 straight. Helios 1 was the only one in range to lock, and he locked Gruff. All focus. Falcon-2 locks Jinn and banks 3 left, bumping Charlie-1. The rebels move.. Drogo moves, and Locks Helios 1. So does Squeaky. Jinn and Chaka lock Helios-3, while Gruff locks Falcon-2. Gruff's torpedo causes 2 hull to the advance. Squeaky takes 1 shield from his defender, while Jinn and Chaka take all 4 off theirs. Drogo misses. Helios 1 and 2 both shoot Drogo, but miss. Helios-3 misses Chaka. Falcon-2 no shot, same for Alpha-1 and charlie 3. Charlie 1 misses Gruff, but Charlie-3 hits him for a 3rd hull. Good thing he has a hull upgrade!. Round 7, Jinn plans a 1 straight, 4k for Chaka and Drogo. 4 straight for Squeaky and 3 straight for Gruff. Alpha-1 does a 4k. Charlie-1 straights 2 and focuses. Charlie-2 straights 5 and bumps Charlie-1. Charlie 3 banks left 2 and protects the Lambda. The Lambda then hard 2 left turns. No action so still can't clear critical. Helios 1 locks Drogo then straights 2. Helios 2 does same. Helios 3 locks Chaka then also 2 straights. All focus. Falcon-2 locks Gruff then turns 3 to the left bumping into Charlie-1. The rebels all move. Chaka and Drogo both take a stress. Squeaky locks Helios 3, Gruff focuses, while Jinn bumps into Squeaky. Gruff misses his shot, Jinn gives an injured pilot crit to Helios-3. Squeaky then kills it off (yay one down, +1xp all as its elite). Chaka takes 1 more shield off Helios-1, while Drogo takes a 3rd.. Down to 1 left on it! Helios-1 has no return shot, same for Helios 2. Falcon-2 however hits and steals the last shield off of Jinn. Charlie-1 then gives him 2 hull. Charlie-2 misses, so does Alpha-1. Charlie 3 has no shot. Round 8, Gruff plans a 3 left turn, 1 straight for Chaka (to clear stress), 1 left bank for Drogo (to clear stress), 2 left turn Jinn and 3 right turn Squeaky. Alpha-1 bumps Falcon-2 doing a bank right. Charlie-1 tries a 4k, but bumps Jinn before completes. Charlie 2 rolls a 5 straight, but even a 4 straight would land it on one of the 2 asteroids, so it keeps its 5 str, and takes a hull. No action and no shot. Charlie-3 turns left 2 and focuses. The Lambda banks 1 left and finally clears its critical. Falcon-2 locks Gruff, then turns 2 left and evades as has no arc. Helios-1 locks Squeaky, then 4ks behind him and focuses. Helios-2 locks Chaka, then turns 3 left and focuses. The rebels move. Gruff locks back onto the Lambda, Squeaky moves and barrel rolls, so he won't run over the asteroid next round. Drogo and Chaka focus and Jinn bumps into Chaka.. Has no shot. Chaka takes the last shield off of Helios 1 and gives him a Console fire critical. Squeak misses. Drogo kills off Helios-1, and Gruff kills the Elite lambda (+2xp all as 2 more elites killed). Wow the rebels are ranking up the XP!!!.. The Remaining defender and advance now shift to flee AI. Alpha-1, Charlie 2 and 3, along with Falcon-2 has no shot. Charlie 1 and Helios 3 miss. Round 9, Gruff winds up dying. 1 more fighter killed off. The rebels eventually kill off the last defender in round 10, while it takes to round 11 for the last advance to die.. The rebels eventually survive the last round and win.. Gruff would have earned a whapping 16xp, but rolls a focus and hit, so would have halved that to 8 and lost his most expensive upgrade. Squeaky and Drogo would have earned 13xp ea, 18 for Chaka and 16 for Jinn.. WOW that's a lot. Most of that was cause of the elites giving all those bonus XP... So thinking about it more, I am dropping down all 3 defenders to being NON ELITE... For now, i will be Keeping Beta and Falcon's elite as is..
  7. Maybe as a balance. Have 1 less At-AT..
  8. Do i own epic ships - Yes. The Gozanti and Rebel Freighter. Did you play epic in 1.0 - not really. Needed them for various missions in HOTAC, and was thinking of adding the Gozanti, via the battle-star Paleus expansion. Do you plan 2.0 - no
  9. OK. For my five ship runnings my rebel forces will consist of; 1st running will consist of nothing but X-wings - Drogo, Chaka, Gruff, Squeaky and Jinn. Drogo is PS4, all the others are PS5. This impacts the Lambda as it would shift up to an Elite (PS4). Gruff and Jinn each go with their Proton torpedos, while Drogo goes with his plasma torpedo. Chaka and Squeaky each only have the one ordinance to take.. 2nd running will be all Y-wings - Shunt, Doc, Dozer, Unca and Crack. All are at PS5, so like above this shifts the Lambda up. Shunt will take his two bombs, Doc will take his proton bomb and plasma torpedo, Dozer will have his proxi mine and plasma torpedo, and Crack will take his seismic bomb and torpedo. 3rd running, will be with the B-wing Spot, the X-wings Shatter and Shrek, and Y-wings Snoopy and Unca. Shrek is PS3, Shatter and Spot are PS4, while Snoopy and Unca are PS5. Snoopy will go with his Ion bomb and Proton torpedo. All others have just one or two ordinances do don't need to select which they will use. As the average PS is a 4, the Lambda's NOT shifted up for this one. The 4th running will be with the B-wing Wilt, the X-wings Gruff and Jinn, and the Y-wings Doc and Shunt. Shunt will still take both of his bombs, however Doc shifts to using both of his torpedoes. Wilt is the only one at PS4, the rest are PS5. So again the Lambda's shifted up. The 5th running, will use the B-wing Grood, the X-wings Chaka and Squeaky, and the Y-wings Cmoz and Crack. Crack will take his seismic bomb and flechette torpedo. No other ordinance choices needed. All but Cmoz are PS5, Cmoz is PS4, so the lambda is shifted up. ANd lastly, for the 6th and hopefully last running, i will use ALL 4 of my B-wings - Twitch, Wilt, Grood and Spot, and the X-wing Tin-bok. Grood is the only PS5 ship, all others are PS4, so again, the lambda is NOT shifted up (like in the 3rd running). And for this one, there's NO choices needed for Ordinance as no one has multiple ones to worry about..
  10. I'd love to see stats for a hammer head.. I'd say of the core 5 we got. Empire - first order gains the raider Separatists/empire gains the gozanti Republic/rebellion gains the GR-75 Rebellion/resistance gains the Corellian corvette Separatists/scum gains the C-ROC..
  11. That makes me wonder, are they going to add in any more huge ships?
  12. Well, after some hickups over the past few weeks in managing to get together, tonight me and Don got back to it.. We pulled the "no body's home" card and "defector" card. Since we've done the first part of both story's, Don asked to read through the mission write ups for both.. Eventually we settled on the No body's home, part 2 of the Capture imperial officer storyline. So our mission, was we had a Lambda shuttle (the one captured in the prior mission), placed 'derilict' near our side of the board, and on the opposite side we had Alpha squad -1 tie interceptor (Purple base) Beta squad - 1 tie interceptor (Blue base) Charlie squad - 2 tie fighters, and 1 elite interceptor (red bases) the imperial lambda (elite) And Epislon squad - 3 tie fighters. Now Alpha and beta squads had attack AI, while Charlie, Epislon and the Lambda, were at a "Flee AI", but approached OUR lambda, till one got in range to scan it, then they tried to flee.. Our goal was to stop AS many of them fleeing as possible (at 4 players, if we let 3 or more flee, we lost).. So in round 1, we all stayed hidden, letting the imps come in. In Round 2, Twitch came out of hiding, and one shotted one of the fighters in Charlie. Got missed by the return fire. In round 3, everone else came out of hiding and started hitting the imps from all sides.. Snoopy was first to get hit back ,losing out all 4 of his shields and taking one damage after getting raked by both the imperial Lambda, and the elite interceptor. But a 2nd tie from Episolon had died.. Now the imps were in range and started scanning.. It took 2 more rounds before any imp got close to fleeing, and by then a 3rd had died. At this point, both Shatter and Shrek were down both shields.. Then in round 6, Shrek was sent Eva.. In round 7, Snoopy got in the killing blow, on the imperial Lambda. This meant that as only 3 imps remained, as long as we took ONE out, we'd win.. Then in round 8, Shatter killed himself a 4th tie fighter. None of the interceptors got touched.. AND it took till that 7th round, for twitch to even LOSE a shield!! Man was donovan hot on his die rolls for defense with him.. So, Due to the 2xp we lost for letting 2 of the imperials flee, Shrek earned only 1xp. BOO. AND worse, from going eva he lost his Proton torpedo.. Shatter banked all 6xp he earned, bringing him to 9 in the bank.. One more and he can upgrade to PS5. Twitch used 3 of the 4xp he earned, to fill his Cannon slot.. An Ion cannon! And Snoopy earned 4xp. He used it and 1 he had in bank, to purchase an advance proton torpedo...
  13. Either that or the art writers, just said "too helllllllzzzzz with plausibility, lets go for coolness.
  14. Wow. A pack of orange bases for 3.34.. nice.. Add in a B-wing, and an HWK and its barely 27 bucks total..
  15. Plus at the speeds the x-wings flying by, the scaring would be barely visible. Remember Quigon trying to slice through that door in EP1.. THAT TOOK what, a good 10 seconds with CONTINUED contact.. A 'fly-by slicing' would IMO barely even leave a mark.. Add to that, HOW THE **** is she breathing out in space like that, let alone not being pulled OUT of the x-wing while its flying at that speed??
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