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  1. Theorically you cannot modify the same dice twice. However, if you score a hit and a crit on a roll, I think you can put your crit to a hit for deadeye, and the hit to a crit with the title. IMO.
  2. I hope they will talk about it more than weekly, since they have 3 games to take count in their Star Wars plans
  3. Meanwhile, AMG are posting new articles about the new stuff of Crisis Protocol... https://www.atomicmassgames.com/transmissions/team-tactics-talk-black-bolt-medusa Still nothing about Star Wars from AMG.......
  4. Trump has been building this since the primaries. He said out loud that the postal vote was rigged and that these votes cannot count in the election. He is building up anger for more than a year. It's not a surprise that this happens when you think that more than 74 million people have voted for him..... I don't think I would be wrong if I say that some law policemen (pro-Trump in their opinion) that were guarding the Capitol have deliberately let pass the riot. The proof have not been made yet, but I wouldn't be surprised...
  5. For once, I got a news that Imperial Advisor haven'T posted yet ! Well, it's not news, but it could be interesting if the writers thinks about him: https://www.comingsoon.net/tv/news/1160395-liam-neeson-says-hed-be-up-to-bring-back-qui-gon-for-obi-wan-series
  6. I got the perfect organisers, that I love to carry: https://www.renodepot.com/en/set-of-2-customizable-organizers-red-00276522 One organiser for each faction. One bigger for all the tokens and the big ships. Easy handling, easy storage.
  7. Maybe on the first ? That would be nice that this storyline would be the main for the serie.
  8. I entirely agree with you on all those points. But what did Asmodee thought by switching Star Wars products to AMG at the moment that X-wing needs a good restart (as other miniatures games) because of the pandemic ? That is simply a BAD idea. Or maybe there was divergence of opinion, and Asmodee wanted a new philosophy. whatsoever, the timing was FAR from ideal. And if it's not enough, their announcement was simply.... an announcement. Pratically nothing changed on AMG's website since then, nothing also changed on FFG's website. The announcement seems to have been decided on november 15, and they said « Let's release the news, and we will make our updates later ». That doesn't help either. Maybe all those thing haven't been done to kill X-Wing, Armada and Legion on purpose. But one certain thing: they don't help to encourage people to buy new ships. And even if it's not intentional, it creates a feeling of wanting the games to die. On a more positive side, I have read on one of my facebok groups that there is supposed to have some news this week. Let's hope so, it's been 8 weeks since the transfer to AMG has been announced.....
  9. Instead, he pratically created a civil war in his own country (some people that talked to the media said that they were ready to take the arms for Trump)..... I agree with you on all what you have said. What is discouraging me the most is that the people are repeating Trump's words, that are without proofs. It's like a parade of parrots (or sheeps, whatever you prefer).....
  10. Are you happy now ? Your beloved president/dictator Trump had made an insurrection in Washington Government MAY be corrupt for some things, but it doesn't give reason to attack the pillars of democracy the way it was done yesterday. This is NOT the way. The proper way is to propose an alternative to the population, and that this alternative will be elected this way. And you are talking about corruption, but no one is more corrupt than Trump himself, who is giving presidental forviging to his friends that have clearly helped him get the white house 4 years ago..... I have seen a lot of talk in this thread since the start, and I asked politely that, for the sake of X-Wing, this thread should be stopped. I haven't write since, but with what happened yesterday, I cannot simply say nothing.
  11. That is real, but nothing has been announced for a while now. Let's hope this is real to see some fresh air. I also hope that AMG will update their website, it is only about Crisis Protocol actually. When you see the number of posts that X-Wing generated through the years, the Star Wars banner has to be part of the main page of AMG.
  12. Indeed But now, the future is not clouded, it's completely fogged. It has not been as cloudy/fogged/... since the initial release that X-Wing didn't have anything announced and waiting to be released. The only moment that was this cloudy was at the start of the pandemic, but we knew some products were coming (as the HMP Gunship)
  13. I bring back this topic for the last 4 weeks of this forum: anyone knows what FFG / AMG is up to for the next expansions, a.k.a. Phenix Cell, Skystrike Academy and Fugitive and Collaborators ? Someone heard rumors/discussions about that ?
  14. this post is adressed to Imperial Advisor: Is there somewhere on the web that you will put your findings on the spoilers or news or advancements of the Star Wars Projects, since this forum will be officially closed in 5 weeks ?
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