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  1. I just created a mod to play as racers, that I based on Starv Wars Resistance. Their ship does not ahve unique abilities, but you can customize your own ship. See the Star Wars Resistance Race post.
  2. To complement the opinion of the racers, all of the players found the race totally awesome. It took about 45 min for the rules briefing and for the pilots to get them a customized ship. They wanted to custom their own, and I don't blame them 😁. The race took about 90 minutes for 6 racers with Starvipers. The major good points : - heavy handling, SO NEAT AND FUNNY - The fact that the players can choose the order of the checkpoints they go through made a big face-off at mid race. Perfect for a bomb drop - spare parts were thrown off. Nice obstacle, and the seismic missile was also really useful. - The 2 init 6 pilots finished first and second, the init 5 third, the 2 init 4s 4th and 5th and the init 1 last. Maybe it was a coincidence, but I got the best inits to cost a little more points. - simply love the fact to drop 2 bomb charges for a range 2 effect. - the start was a TOTAL MESS !! Funny, but a total mess 😁 I wil try to repeat the experience soon, and give comments following the adjustements made in 0.1.4
  3. Tired of playing with the attachments of thie forum, I did a google drive place to download it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1E8_tjXaO1HTX2_wabdwkBsbrpqB-zTU_/view?usp=sharing
  4. This has been an issue since I began to post documents on this post. People interested, please PM me, I, will be glad to send it to you. I already did for Odana for an older version, and it worked.
  5. VERSION 0.1.4 - Adjustements on the points - Abilities that did not had charges now have some - NO ACTIONS ON FIRST TURN ruled
  6. The design is really nice. But in my rulings, it is specified that all the pilots are starting with the same dial. To be fair for everyone.
  7. Yesterday was a HS trial at one of the LGS near my home. After the rounds, I organised a race with 5 others payers that haven't made the cut. In 2 hours, they read the rules (and I explained some also), customized their own pilot, and we did a complete race. Last racers wanted that all the racers finish to the finish line to see if they were able to catch up some others. It was really fun, competitive (to try to win), and mainly very funny. I will adjust some rules, and post it back as version 0.1.4 soon
  8. Question: Dont' you prefer hotshot gunner at veteran turret gunner ? you can then remove tokens from ships that whisper can will shoot at, helping getting juke more efficient. Opponents will be stuck with the difficult choice of removing of taking a focus action to ignore juke, or simply take alock and eat damage. The question is where will you take the point to get hotshot... But I really love your list. Once my LGS HS trial will be done, I'll try it out.
  9. Updated rules for the race (0.1.3). What is added: - The rule of no bombs on first round - A better way to calculate vistory points, in case people want to do multiple courses, and find a winner in all those. - The possibility to do a qualify race before the real rce, and how to determine the starting order - 2 mods added: - remote lock: a distant « BoShek 1.0 » - seismic missile: to remove a particularly bad placed rock that you want to get rid of I have some difficulties of putting it online because of my maximum attachment capacity, I'll try later today.
  10. I just tried to download it, and ti worked. Maybe try in a few hours ?
  11. Hello people; After tunning a few tests, here is a more complete rule. Basically, I added what happened if someone bumps the checkpoints posts, and the order at the end of game. also, I added the fact that you can cross the checkpoints in the order you want, it brings more strategy to the lasts players, and to the use of the upgrades.
  12. Do You Own Huge Ships Already? Yes. Did You Play Epic in 1.0, or Were They Dustables? Dutables, due to the game length Do You Plan to Play Huge Ships in 2.0 (in Standard/Huge/Epic battles)? Yes. Do You Plan To Play Epic Missions? Yes. What is Your Biggest Draw to Epic 2.0? Multi-player games, missions and seeing Epic ships in casual regular games.
  13. Because those are there to slow down the others. They are tricks. No roll for attack or defense. Just dirty tricks to get opponents angry. Imo I call combat when there is possibility of damage, an attack and a defense. Here, it's simply « circumstancial » annoyance.
  14. I just finished the first draft, untested, but finished, of my custom racing format. I hope you will ike it, there are the main concepts: - No combat, whatsoever - Stress and ion will be a major factor - When using bombs, there is a choice: drop 1 or 2 bombs. Whend ropping 2 bombs, the range of efficiency ig hightened - Missiles are sent by an action, they have to be in bullseye, and they automatically give tokens if requirements are fulfilled. When I will play it, I hope to make a second version, that will be tested. Until then !
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