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  1. Nice find! I really appreciate it. I will be sure to let you know if I am successful as you are!
  2. Thanks for the kind words Toby. I usually check eBay and international ebays everyday. Just saw one sold on April 22nd. Can’t believe I missed it. I’ve been posting on Reddit, discord’s, bgg, with no luck. It’s a pretty grim outlook at this point. I won’t give up but I’ve accepted I won’t ever find one. I will be at gencon this year so I can maybe ask around. There’s no limit on price for me. Fantasy flight could make some extra cash if they reprint those I think.
  3. I appreciate the response. Yeah it’s the only one I want of the Alt art and I can’t find it. Honestly at a “name your price I’ll pay” point. Which Facebook community page are you referring to?
  4. Hello, I know this is a snowball’s chance in mount doom but.....I’m looking for the gencon Alt art of tactics boromir. Favorite hero and I’ve been scouring eBay and other sites for almost a year now to no luck. Is anyone here have a copy that they would want to sell to me? Honestly name your price, or trades whatever it is, I’m willing to make a deal and open to any kind of payment/trade. I just have not seen one pop up on resale sites anywhere. Thanks!
  5. Does that include the Aragorn one? There are a couple right now claiming to be official alt art Aragorn cards on ebay but they have the strange eons plugin white lettering you posted.
  6. Hello everyone, I recently acquired an Faramir alt art card in a collection. I noticed that the traditional scroll with the willpower, strength and defense text was replaced with white lettering. Upon further inspection it is the same white lettering design that I've seen on Aragorn alt art cards. However, I notice that many of the other alternate art cards have the traditional scroll text. Is the Faramir card and consequently the Aragorn alt art card with the white lettering fakes? I can't seem to find a definitive answer upon searching the internet. Any info would be appreciated!
  7. Hello, I’ve called every game store within a 3 hour drive from me. No one hosted or is going to be hosting a fellowship event. I’m looking to see if anyone here acquired an extra kit and would be interested in selling? Name your price as it’s apparently going to be very hard for me to get the mat, and card otherwise.
  8. I’ve seen an Aragorn with white lettering in the top left for his threat, willpower, etc. is that a fake?
  9. Hello, I fell in love with this game a couple of months ago. I just recently discovered that there were alt arts for heroes given out at past gencons. I’ve been trying every outlet online looking for the boromir and gimli alt art. I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in selling either boromir or gimli? I don’t have anything to trade, but would be willing to pay for them. Thanks!
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