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  1. Two questions on token gifting for the new expansion: 1. When gifting tokens to another player, can a player refuse those tokens? 2. For Illyiro's ruling, can Targaryen gift tokens to another player in between the effect (right after combat but before finishing the card) so as to be lower than 5 and keep Illyrio in the game? Assuming yes a player can refuse tokens, but the rules don't specify.
  2. Stewbr01

    Mother of Dragons

    Great to see they're offering a unified board! Already pre-ordered! Anyone have a guess when this will be released in Q4? I would think early November to bring in those holiday sales.
  3. Stewbr01

    Mother of Dragons

    Any news if that Demo map will be available for purchase? Even separately? It's much more interesting than the sideboard previewed in article announcement. I would definitely pay extra for a nice board.