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  1. Honoured to have my one-shots awarded with 50 pieces of awesome on this episode! (Or as you guys put it, "12.5 pieces of awesome per one-shot"... ya buncha cheapskates.)
  2. For magical focus, you might adapt rune magic from Terrinoth: not only are runes needed to cast spells, but individual runes give special bonuses. As for Dark Magic, I'd make it a Talent: When a character with the talent causes wounds to a magical creature, they gain access to Primal magic for Wounds/3 turns (minimum 1). Something like that?
  3. Posting to request inclusion of another one-shot adventure. This one's for Shadow of the Beanstalk; it's called 'The Clone Flu'. Thanks,
  4. Hi all, I wrote up a one-sheet adventure for Shadow of the Beanstalk. It's called 'The Clone Flu'. Plot hook: Jinteki’s clones are dying to a never-before-seen strain of influenza. They believe they know who’s behind the outbreak, but they need some freelancers to prove it. Could be a fun intro adventure. Enjoy,
  5. Thanks for the kind words! Last year, my wonderful players asked me to run a "making a one-shot workshop" to give pointers on developing their own first games. For that, I put together some ideas about different adventure structures: what makes them tick, the pros and cons of each, and which is best for new RPG writers to attempt. A lot of the material was inspired by Justin Alexander's amazing blog , which is still the best system-agnostic writing on the subject I've come across. Maybe I'll clean up my workshop notes and post them sometime.
  6. Posting to request inclusion of another one-shot adventure, 'DEATH at Gardner House!'
  7. Hi all, I recently finished making another mystery one-shot. Plot hook: May 14th, 1910: During the passage of Halley’s Comet, an informal society of “gifted” individuals investigates the murder of a reclusive millionaire. I believe I levelled up my InDesign skills making the PDF to look like a period-appropriate newspaper. For best results, print in 'tabloid' size and fold horizontally. Each 'node' of the adventure takes up one half of a page, so the folding works well. Enjoy,
  8. They're not Terrinoth or Android, but I've posted three one-shots for Genesys here. I'm hoping to cook up an Android one-sheet adventure when I have time, too.
  9. I might suggest that Rune Magic from Terrinoth would be a better reskin than Arcana, because Rune Magic already relies on a "device" with a strong theme. E.g., the 'Ice Storm Rune' on pp 118 of Terrinoth could be reskinned as a Freeze Gun. Implement: Characters with ranks in the Weird Science skill can use the Freeze Gun to attack, create ice walls, slow their enemies, etc. Activation: Characters with no ranks in the Weird Science skill can still pick up the freeze gun and shoot a basic ice blast, using a combat skill. But they lack the finesse to do anything else with it. Non-Weird Science players must spend a maneuver to active the device before firing it, which seems like a good added expense. Device malfunctions and meltdowns could be handled by Threat/Despair, as usual. I don't want to reprint it here, but the Magic Actions allowed by Rune branch of magic feel right to me in terms of Weird Science -- although that's a personal preference.
  10. You're very welcome! I discovered Genesys through my interest in Savage Worlds (both are great for different reasons), and I think the one-sheet one-shot is one of the great wonders of the RPG world.
  11. ...no? (Secretly: yes.)
  12. I'm playing around with your font set in InDesign right now, and so far it's much easier to work with than the icons library I had set up. I type in e.g., 'kkl' as placeholder, then return later to highlight the text, change font to genesys-tweak, set correct colour, and put a thin black font outline. Easy as pie compared to the meticulous cut'n'pasting I was doing before (not to mention better looking). Never going back!
  13. Posting to request inclusion of my mystery/horror one-shot for a modern setting: Mummy's Boy
  14. Hey all, I cooked up this one-shot adventure a while back. It's inspired by Stephen King, Stranger Things, and other 'peculiar small town' stories. The adventure follows a secret society of ordinary townsfolk, the Neighbourhood Watch, as they investigate some troubling personality changes that seem to be spreading across town. I ran it for some friends last year and they had a great time. They especially embraced the "mundane small town" angle—a major subplot was whether or not they could acquire an NPC's prize-winning lemon cake recipe. Direct PDF link.
  15. Zombie High - PDF As requested, I've created a new thread to link the 2nd and final version of my "highschoolers versus zombies" one-shot adventure for Genesys. Based on feedback, this 2nd version includes... Re-balanced NPCs Re-balanced infection rules Clarifications of some text Fixed typos Hope you enjoy.
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