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  1. This is sad news. The Dice Pool kept my interest in Genesys alive long enough to convince my friends to try the game, and even to write a few adventures to share online. As far as I'm concerned, its loss is a major blow to the Genesys community and the system in general. Thank you Dice Pool for the many hours of entertainment and insight.
  2. Honoured to have my one-shots awarded with 50 pieces of awesome on this episode! (Or as you guys put it, "12.5 pieces of awesome per one-shot"... ya buncha cheapskates.)
  3. For magical focus, you might adapt rune magic from Terrinoth: not only are runes needed to cast spells, but individual runes give special bonuses. As for Dark Magic, I'd make it a Talent: When a character with the talent causes wounds to a magical creature, they gain access to Primal magic for Wounds/3 turns (minimum 1). Something like that?
  4. Posting to request inclusion of another one-shot adventure. This one's for Shadow of the Beanstalk; it's called 'The Clone Flu'. Thanks,
  5. One-Shot Adventure for Shadow of the Beanstalk The Clone Flu Plot hook: Jinteki’s clones are dying to a never-before-seen strain of influenza. They believe they know who’s behind the outbreak, but they need some freelancers to prove it. Could be a fun intro adventure. Enjoy,
  6. Thanks for the kind words! Last year, my wonderful players asked me to run a "making a one-shot workshop" to give pointers on developing their own first games. For that, I put together some ideas about different adventure structures: what makes them tick, the pros and cons of each, and which is best for new RPG writers to attempt. A lot of the material was inspired by Justin Alexander's amazing blog , which is still the best system-agnostic writing on the subject I've come across. Maybe I'll clean up my workshop notes and post them sometime.
  7. Posting to request inclusion of another one-shot adventure, 'DEATH at Gardner House!'
  8. One-Shot Adventure for Genesys DEATH at Gardner House! May 14th, 1910: During the passage of Halley’s Comet, an informal society of “gifted” individuals investigates the murder of a reclusive millionaire. I believe I levelled up my InDesign skills making the PDF to look like a period-appropriate newspaper. For best results, print in 'tabloid' size and fold horizontally. Each major scene of the adventure (that is, each node) takes up one half of a page, so the folding works really well. Enjoy,
  9. They're not Terrinoth or Android, but I've posted three one-shots for Genesys here. I'm hoping to cook up an Android one-sheet adventure when I have time, too.
  10. I might suggest that Rune Magic from Terrinoth would be a better reskin than Arcana, because Rune Magic already relies on a "device" with a strong theme. E.g., the 'Ice Storm Rune' on pp 118 of Terrinoth could be reskinned as a Freeze Gun. Implement: Characters with ranks in the Weird Science skill can use the Freeze Gun to attack, create ice walls, slow their enemies, etc. Activation: Characters with no ranks in the Weird Science skill can still pick up the freeze gun and shoot a basic ice blast, using a combat skill. But they lack the finesse to do anything else with it. Non-Weird Science players must spend a maneuver to active the device before firing it, which seems like a good added expense. Device malfunctions and meltdowns could be handled by Threat/Despair, as usual. I don't want to reprint it here, but the Magic Actions allowed by Rune branch of magic feel right to me in terms of Weird Science -- although that's a personal preference.
  11. You're very welcome! I discovered Genesys through my interest in Savage Worlds (both are great for different reasons), and I think the one-sheet one-shot is one of the great wonders of the RPG world.
  12. I'm playing around with your font set in InDesign right now, and so far it's much easier to work with than the icons library I had set up. I type in e.g., 'kkl' as placeholder, then return later to highlight the text, change font to genesys-tweak, set correct colour, and put a thin black font outline. Easy as pie compared to the meticulous cut'n'pasting I was doing before (not to mention better looking). Never going back!
  13. Posting to request inclusion of my mystery/horror one-shot for a modern setting: Mummy's Boy
  14. One-Shot Adventure for Genesys Mummy's Boy Something is ‘off’ about Mrs MacKenzie’s teenage son: He’s locked himself in the basement, and foul smells and murmurs waft up through the door. And he’s not the only one. Will the Neighbourhood Watch solve the mystery in time, before—whatever this is—infects all of Green Falls?
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