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  1. Does Enchanted Blade take up a hand AND arcane slot? Or is it one or the other? Phaed
  2. Ok so after doing some thinking and reading suggestions here, I think I’ll go with multiple storage devices. One for campaigns and one for player cards. This makes sense to me. I already have a travel case big enough to fit a cycle for travel, so I thank you all for the suggestions and answers Phaed
  3. Alright, question 2: is there a quality lockable (clasps ok) case that will hold 5-6k cards? Best I can find is 3k
  4. We’re gonna need a bigger boat. this will probably require 2 cases for future proofing. thanks so much!
  5. Does anyone know how many total cards are in this game, including all expansions, one-offs, novellas, upcoming investigator starter decks, and Innsmouth? I am looking to buy a large storage case and need to know how much room i will need. Phaed
  6. ok, this is what i suspected. thanks!
  7. If Jim uses Shrivelling to attack, and draws a skull token, his ability changes that token to a value of 0, however, does he still take 1 horror for drawing it do perform the test?
  8. I have not got my BW cards yet but I did play on tabletop simulator against Rhino. Just her default deck. My thoughts are that her HP wasn’t too much of an issue being at 9, I liked her hand size mechanics, and loved how her kit interacted with preparation cards. I felt she was a little weak to play solo with the default deck as her damage is low, but she excelled at minion demolition, which then procs her preparation cards to do some serious work. I’d probably run her as aggression or leadership to make up some damage in solo play.
  9. I’ve been listening to this, actually listening to episode 6 as I write this. Quality podcast gents! I’d like to hear some talk about odd combinations of hero and aspect that don’t get a lot of face time, like.. Ms Marvel and Leadership for example.
  10. I'm a fairly new player, and I am building a solo 2-handed game to play through Dunwich using Jim Culver and Zoey Samaras. I've read a lot about Blood Pact decks for Culver, and my question is: Is there any way to manage doom on the board other than killing enemies and advancing the Agenda?
  11. I posted the same topic in AHLCG forum. Does anyone have any house rules they play with to make the game easier, more challenging, or more fun?
  12. Just curious if anyone has any fun house rules to make the game more challenging, easier, or even more fun. Let em rip!
  13. Ok, I figured that is what should be done.
  14. Playing Devourer Below and one Agenda 2b it says to Test mind (6), and for each investigator who fails they must search the collection for a random basic madness weakness and add it to their hand. my question is, where do we go from here? Must I play it immediately when my turn begins? Does it just stay in my hand?
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