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  1. Anyone else got the UPS e-mail about it shipping but it hasn’t been updated yet? Or is that just me?
  2. @Captain_Nemo Essentially yes. The creatures having less power after you sacrifice them doesn’t matter because their power is only checked when you play Might makes Right.
  3. @Hordeoverseer Im fine with them being sold at/near retail price. Anything to avoid ridiculous over inflation on the secondary market. Stuff sold in regular releases shouldn’t every be sold for to much more than retail. Only different versions like full/alt art stuff should have higher prices since they’re meant to be special.
  4. Well this should give Mantis and Spider clan fans some hope. Since rotation is now official they can introduce them as great clans at a later point when stuff rotates out. That way the won’t be severely behind on cards compared to the other great clans.
  5. Exactly. That ecourages people to attack the player in the lead to keep them from winning....which is how all games are suppose to work. Knocking out a weaker player never should be able to win you the game. Thats like achieving global domination by destroying a third world country. No other country on earth would bow to another who dispatches an easily beaten nation.
  6. The conflict element should automatically be the type on the declared attacked province if it has a ring on it, since ya know thats kinda the point. Attacking for the wind ring for example should come from the unclaimed wind ring or the province its on. This it to reinforce attacking the players with rings since attacking players without them is a waste of resources. Not a free win.
  7. The only solution is there to be only one set of rings, not multiples. If they only way to get rings it either out of the still unclaimed ones or from another player, then no one is incentivized to attack a weakened players for a ring victory. It’s really that simple. If Player-A has four of the rings and Player-B has the last ring for Player-A to win, Player-A shouldn’t be able to win by attacking Player-C.
  8. I had though they did but found nothing on it. At least from now on they will make championship versions. So far they’ve been putting up the deck list for the championship decks. So at least you can put it together and try it out later if you want.
  9. You didn’t get anyone. Also you need to answer how to play a face-down card since according to you the chosen card has to remain underneath Masterplan where ever it goes. But you can’t because you can’t play face-down card unless an ability lets you. The only rule linked to face-down cards is purge where it states they can’t be interacted with unless a card states otherwise. And we have Sprangler Box which purges creatures and tells you to return them all to play if Sprangler Box leaves play. Masterplan only allows you to play the chosen card if its (A Your turn. (B If Masterplan is from your chosen house to be able to activate it. & (C If Masterplan is in play. And really trying to alter game rules to be correct?! ‘Oh the card has to stay with Masterplan where ever it goes.’ Thats cute and cheecky....when my 7 year old neice trys it. Your an adult, stop being childish.
  10. I’ll gule the card you have chosen for Masterplan each time it is destroyed before you use it second ability so we know its following it wherever Masterplan goes. Checkmate. 😈 @KandyKidZero Purge is the closest game precedent within the game rules to what Masterplan does. It puts a card outside of the game underneath something face-down, just like you put purged cards face-down underneath your Archons identity card.
  11. Who cares if it like MtG? The card doesn’t tell you what to do with it if Master Plan is gone before you can play it. Therefore you can’t do any thing with the card because the only card it was linked to for retrieval is gone. It’s purged in all but name. You can’t claim it goes to discard because thd card doesn’t tell you that. You can’t claim it returns to your hand because the card doesn’t tell you that. You can’t interact with it anymore because the only card that knew what to do with it is no longer connected to it.
  12. The upgrades still remain attached to the creature. How is it BS? Your opponent sees your deck list just like you get to see theirs before the game starts. You shouldn’t be committing so much to a single creature knowing your opponent has it in the deck. That like leaving your house unlocked when you go out, then complaining when some walks in and takes your stuff/recks your rooms.
  13. @saluk64007 You seem to not understand how Mimicry works in the rules of the game. They way you rationalize how it work would mean Mimicry could never become a copy of a nonUntamed card because it would become an invalid card to use since its no longer is a card of your chosen house. Which would make Mimicry a useless card. Mimicry bypasses being outside of your chosen house because its Mimicry FIRST then shift over to being something else. It why Mimicry can end up as a Dis,Sanctum,Brobnar,Shadows,Logos or Mars card. Mimicry copying a card with alpha would be no different. Mimicry bypasses alpha because Mimicry only becomes treated as a copy AFTER you already played it, not before you play it. Mimicry isn’t a copy of anything while in your hand, thus it only gets alpha after the retriction can be applied. And your Kelifi Dragon comparison doesn't work because Kelifi Dragon say it can’t be played unless you have 7 aember. Can't beats can which is why Wild Wormhole can’t play it. If we ever get a creature that becomes a copy of a creature, it will be able to copy Kelifi Dragon without having 7 aember because that creature wasn’t a copy of Kelifi Dragon before you played it and thus the restriction couldn’t appy after its in play.
  14. @saluk64007 Mimicry was played as Mimicry first and foremost. Mimicry bypasses being a card outside of the choosen house because it’s an Untamed card first. It’s never a copy of another card before you play it or in the discard pile. Mimicry itself doesn’t have the alpha keyword and would only gain it after it’s already been played, well after the restriction would bar it from being played.
  15. @Simplegarak I’m going to assume to mirror omega cards once you play a single alpha card you can’t play another one because its no longer the first card played. The reminder text states ‘ You can only play this card before doing anything else this step.’ Meaning you either have to play a single alpha card first thing in step 3 or you can’t play any alpha cards at all if you do anything else in step 3. Mimicry might bypass this, not %100 sure on that though.
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