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  1. Supposedly CotE shipments got set back till February. So we should have gotten CotE around now, but we’ll have to wait a-little longer.
  2. Well the Phoenix clan pack and novella where announced a month apart (though oddly the novella was available before the clan pack.)....but the Scorpion and Unicorn packs & novellas where announced at the same time....but those two where prepared before the clan packs got accelerated forward.... so maybe give the Crane novella announcement a month. FFG said the rest of the clan packs would be out in 2019, so where probably getting clan packs every two or three months until their done. Some of the novellas might coincide with the clan pack release, but most probably won’t.
  3. The clan pack acceleration caused it. The novels are more than likely being worked on, but the playtest and production of cards is much faster as the novels need more time to story build and proof reading. The Unicorn was fine because it was done before they pushed the clan packs to be sooner than they had intended. Though they should have know slow rolling clan packs wasn’t a good idea since certain clans would have more card options and still keep getting more with each later release.
  4. But Ignoble Enforcers was the 5 cost of the Scorpion clan pack but Bayushi Aramoro, a 4 cost, was the cover art for the pack. We’ve only had two clan packs, their isn’t a pettern to go by because one was never set. There just going to attempt to pick the art they feel is the coolest for the clan packs. And thats always going to chance a hit or miss. The Unicorn one has the least pizazz compared to other 3 we’ve seen.
  5. Hyperjayman

    Am I weird here? Self deck testing

    Self deck testing in Keyforge is easier than other games since the opponent can’t do any thing on your turn. Hence you can play as you normally would. It’s alot easier to ignore knowledge of the other hand because 99% of the time you’d play the turn out exactly the same even with the knowledge. In M:tG or Yu-Gi-Oh and most other games you can’t properly self playtest because you have exact knowledge of what you wouldn’t normally have, the other hand of cards. Since those games have interaction on opponents turns you run afoul of trying to out play yourself because of the exact knowledge of whats in the other hand, when normally you could just attempt to out play them by guessing what they could play.
  6. Warriors of the Wind might be possible, but the timing is iffy. Although they may have given us options based on stuff they are playtesting for it.
  7. So a dynasty card then. An influence cost of 2 would be detrimental enough for off clan inclusion. You’d only have enough to run two(or three depending on build) copies of this and two(or three depending on build) gaijin unicorn cards. Even with a Support of the Unicorn role it doesn’t make it that much more consistent outside of Unicorn. Which is fine because if another clan wanted to negotiate with gaijin they more than likely would ask a Unicorn clan member to mediate.
  8. So art is now up. Voted for #3. The tiara/veil thing, Egyptian hair beads and fur lining on the dress(?) seemed the most gaijin ascetically. The rest still seemed to Rokugani for the theme.
  9. Well it the internet so i guess i need to clarify. I meant ‘Please don’t accidentally tempt FFG with the idea.’
  10. Hyperjayman

    Where do you protect your best creatures: flank or non-flank?

    There really isn’t much of a safe spots to put your creatures. Aside from taunt your opponent is free to attack your creatures as they see fit. And playing less creatures to try and get a ‘perfect’ battleline arrangement will just end up with your opponent using said removal anyway and playing more creatures to have more reaping opportunities thus putting then ahead anyway. Alot of the useful utility cards in this game are at the lower rarities, so their seen often enough in their houses that opponents tend to have reliable answers when needed.
  11. Are you even following the card creation votes? The ability is to get honored through Gaijin negotiations. They sure as **** aren’t going to change it to honor multiple characters and all the other abilities only involved non-Unicorn and Gaijin. Why would this one suddenly be different? Honor in L5R is something that has to be earned individually. The only character who could really justify mass honoring is Hantei and that explicitly is because he's the emperor.
  12. Don’t even joke about that. Card would be garbage like that.
  13. I know right. Were gonna get a 2-Mil 2-Pol 4-Glory for 6-Fate with that ability.
  14. Hyperjayman

    Most Annoying Cards

    Because Resringuntus is easy as **** to kill and also requires Control the Weak, which is only a one shot deal, to also be in your deck. And the only way to get a permanent lock out is to hope your opponents deck has Pitlord, but each player sees each others deck list before the match. So they know to hold Pitlord until they really need it.
  15. Which is why i chose Search for Inspiration. Re-readying a character for the next conflict is strong, not broken enough to get a nerf during play-testing. Honor seems great at first, but your still only boosting one character. And said character is just going to end up costing more fate the higher it’s stats and high glory are with such an easy trigger to honor it. As much as Gifts would be awesome, i’m 110% sure that its going to get knocked down to 3 cards once they start play-testing it enough. Even the discard isn’t enough of a drawback since you just drop your least needed card. 5 cards is just going to be to consistent for you filtering for what you need/getting a decent card to set up you next plays. 3 is still good, but whiffing goes up alot. Assistance also seem good at first, but your already going to have the attachment on the character you need most it on. Leadership is meh since they aren’t going to increase the stat boost beyond +2 and your still only boosting half your team...at best.