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  1. The ******* defeats the entire purpose of having to play them first or last. It makes more sense to just not use Alpha or Omega as often anymore unless a design calls for it.
  2. I think there just wanting to start with a heavy Avengers tilt because of them being more well know to the general public due to the MCU.
  3. If everything lines up you can get 15 damage with Crushing Blow in solo play with his 4 hand size. One Combat Training and two Boundless Rage(if it’s a 2 of) in play bringing his ATK up to 5. Then if you get his triple Physical producer(if it’s a 2 of), use one for Hulk Smash giving him +10 ATK, plus overkill for paying all Physical, and the other to pay for Crushing Blow. So if that all lines up Hulk can take out a full health unique minion/Nemesis and full health Villain in one turn. That crazy good even without another player.
  4. I feel a Ron Burgandy quote encapsulates this perfectly.......‘That’s just dumb!’
  5. I got the two switched up which is weird since I’ve never played it that way. My bad.
  6. Mulligan already has punishments so doing so isn’t already without consequences. You can only do it once and the cards dropped from it stay in the discard pile meaning your closer to going through your deck and getting an acceleration token.
  7. @FearLord Exactly. They didn’t have to over haul anything to make the Rookie and Heroic modes work. The fact that tweaking a couple knobs didn’t invalidate the game as is shows how well the design is. In contrast Nu-L5R is having the problem of starting too complex. Skirmish is nice but having to gut strongholds, a big proponent of clan identity, to make it work shows how much a problem the design is. A good game should start off simpler for accessibility, then progress to to more advanced mechanics.
  8. Short answer- Your going to need more. Long answer- Rhino and Klaw are 21 each so thats thats 42. Ultron is 25 which bring the total to 67. Standard is 7+ Expert is 3=77. Then all the modular encounters are 5+5+6+6+7+7=113. Thats just for the Core set. Wrecking Crew is 18 each= Total of 72. So 185 for Core and Wrecking Crew. Your going to need more.
  9. @Buhallin @CaffeineAddict But guys Altruism is apparently better than sensibility in this thread. Tempting people to spend unnecessary postage on a hobby is totally better than just being realistic and waiting. Can’t have a non ‘rainbows and butterflies’ opinion on these boards.
  10. Altruism on a hobby game is pointless. It’s not something people need during this time. People already have things to keep them distracted while waiting. Also expecting people to waste money sending it to the next person on the list is flat out idiotic at a time when people should be holding on to the money they have for necessities/bills.
  11. @TechnoGolem A second edition of nL5R would be kinda risky. The game hasn’t been around as long as GoT and doesn’t have a strong following. Granted i agree it needs somewhat of a rehaul. The game already has enough restriction in main clan and support clan. Having further restriction by seeker or keeper is just ridiculous. Roles should be additive, never restrictive. The ‘Support of (Clan)’ roles are perfect examples of this by adding to deck building without purposely locking you out of options. Seeker/Keeper roles shouldn’t lock you out of cards. The cards should be designed to be better under those roles (various examples could be, cost less, enter with more fate, have boosted stats, abilities useable only in that role...etc.) but generally viable without them.
  12. Unless FFG decides to double up releases later all these releases are getting pushed back by two months.
  13. @Mon no Oni Touché good sir! Touché!
  14. Realistically Leadership is only 7 card because 3 Make the Call are already staples in Leadership decks.
  15. @KimJoshIl HEY!!!!!......he could be watching a good Netflix show. You don’t know. Don’t judge him. 😜
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