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  1. https://webaim.org/resources/contrastchecker/?fcolor=5A5145&bcolor=D2CBB9 shows the current colors https://webaim.org/resources/contrastchecker/?fcolor=383838&bcolor=D2CBB9 makes the ratio 7.25:1, just slightly over 7:1 If you put them both in tabs and flip back and forth you can see the difference. The darker text is significantly more readable for me, it keeps the 'faux parchment' look, and you probably wouldn't notice at all unless someone pointed it out and you were specifically looking.
  2. My first reaction to the Keyforge app this morning was that it was hard to read because of low contrast between the text and the background. This is something I run into often these days, see https://www.wired.com/2016/10/how-the-web-became-unreadable/ for more background information. You can use the WebAIM tool at https://webaim.org/resources/contrastchecker/ to check contrast ratios and see if they meet Google and Apple's recommended 7:1 contrast ratio, which the W3C also recommends for "normal" text. Assuming that the app is using the same colors as the web page, deck name colors on their background are: text: #5A5145 background: #D2CBB9 If you plug that in to the tool, you get 4.81:1, which is below the 7:1 recommended contrast ratio. It would be great if this could be fixed, it's just two color values and makes the app usable by more people.
  3. It's been updated to a 23-page rulebook that has the details on the houses.
  4. In the PDF of the rules, on page 8, it says: "An introduction to the KeyForge setting, with two short stories and an introduction to each of the houses in the game, can be found on page 13." This doesn't actually appear in the rules at all, instead there are Credits and "The Origin of Keyforge" on page 13.
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