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  1. Very nice. I especially like the black-garbed royal guard.
  2. Superb, as always. Please share more!
  3. This question has been come up many times on this forum. The most interesting answer I recall was to use them as cheap partisans. Take duck and cover and no other upgrades. Deploy them in a forward position in heavy cover and essentially force your opponent to squander valuable activations dealing with them. Meanwhile the rest of your army maneuvers into position. The pathfinders will not survive, but then again you weren't expecting them to.
  4. Nice army! Can't wait to see more.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!
  6. Thanks to your help, I was able to paint my Tauntauns. I don't think they look as good as yours, but they look good to me. Tauntauns to the Rescue https://imgur.com/gallery/pTWXvKC Final results. Thanks again!
  7. Title pretty much says it all. Looking for recommendations for brush cleaner and other products to help extend the life of paintbrushes. For use with acrylic paint, obviously.
  8. This is tremendously helpful. Thank you very much! Just one follow-up question: when you say selectively apply grey shade, what are you referring to? Some kind of wash? Again, thank you so much for explaining your technique. I know I'm not the only one who will benefit.
  9. Good article. And good thread. Nice analysis in here.
  10. Looking for some tips or guides to painting the tauntauns. Traditional Hoth style. I could experiment but I prefer to get some ideas from what has worked for others first and then make adjustments from there.
  11. Pretty much agree with this. Invest in the game knowing it will be a commitment of several years, and choose whatever army you like. Over time, whatever army you pick should go through ups and downs in competitiveness, but if it is the army you think is the coolest you will always have fun.
  12. If you are going with a Hoth theme then you'all want to get the 1.4 FD cannon.
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