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  1. Predatorian3

    Companion Character Sheet

    This page is pretty sweet! I like it man! Gives me plenty of inspiration too. I hope to see more soon.
  2. Predatorian3

    Character Sheet Designing Software?

    Reading through this and comparing it to your PDF has helped me a lot in understanding how the code and layouts work. Have you updated this since to use the Talent blocks in the GenesysRPG package, or are you sticking with column/row items? Awesome work by the way!
  3. Predatorian3

    Creating setting from existing game, how to not get in trouble?

    That's what I thought, but I wasn't sure, and didn't want to just start putting statements in my material even though I would never claim to have made, or own the material provided by Valve Corporation.
  4. Hopefully the title of the post isn't misleading. I was wondering what the rules, or stipulations are for creating Genesys Settings using existing games, or stories? I want to create a Half-Life(2) Setting book, and have been replaying, and reading a lot of the Half-life Wikia. I'm not looking to make any kind of profit based off of the setting book, but to share for other people to enjoy as well. Would there be any legal ramifications from doing that?
  5. Predatorian3

    Genesys Master Resources List

    I didn't see this in the scroll through of this thread, and I know the main Podcast URL is posted but some people wouldn't know to look here. https://www.thedicepoolpodcast.com/resources-1/