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  1. This will be the rule I adopt in the future. But before I invest in paint supplies, I want to have a playable army to actually be able to enjoy the game and not just look at it! So yeah, I will assemble them before painting (which I know isn’t ideal) but this will allow me to at least play and learn the game. Then I’ll get into painting, then I’ll get into expanding into Rebels or something else!
  2. Thank you all for the advice! I managed to find a second core set for really cheap! I’ll look into Death Troopers and Krennic next, and probably shoretroopers after. On a different line of thought, since I have two core sets, I assume I’m close to a decent Rebel list as well? What would be your recommendation for rebels? I would go for those after my empire army but if I know in advance, I can keep my eyes open for a good deal again, I’m looking for fun, varied and efficient options. Thanks!
  3. Here’s a question I have. I was planning on getting a second core set (which I still might), but I’m looking at the shoretroopers and they seem very interesting. Am I better off getting another core set (I know there’s a lot of value there) or mix my regular stormtroopers with some shoretroopers? Or shoretroopers are better if I go exclusively for them (so buying 3 packs?) Are they that much better than stormtroopers? thank you!
  4. Okay thank you. I plan to play Empire. Will the new empire stuff come out on harder plastic as well?
  5. Hi, I just got Star Wars Legion original core set. My LGS sold me “Humbrol - Precision Poly Cement” based on my criteria that I wanted a glue that would: 1. Work for Legion minis 2. Would be a little forgiving before drying (it’s my first time assembling minis) 3. Would be efficient. Did I buy the right thing? Thank you!
  6. Hi, I just got Star Wars Legion original core set. My LGS sold me “Humbrol - Precision Poly Cement” based on my criteria that I wanted a glue that would: 1. Work for Legion minis 2. Would be a little forgiving before drying (it’s my first time assembling minis) 3. Would be efficient. Did I buy the right thing? Thank you!
  7. Reading all this makes me beyond excited to dive into the game! @TauntaunScout, you really made me see how it is actually quite viable, not just $ value wise but fun and efficiency wise to go for that second core set. I originally thought it would be a bit "meh" to go for two core sets (I never did for Imperial Assault) but I really do see now the reason why it would make sense on so many levels, on top of having good units! Thank you!
  8. I will look at that website for sure. Thanks a lot!
  9. Thank you for the tips! You've given me a good idea as to what my composition should look like in general. I did see some shoretroopers here and there and they do look both good and fun. That mortar guy looks really neat! I guess, from your answers already, I have another question: should I avoid vehicles (unless I really want one because it looks fun?). It just doesn't seem like they are quite worth it. Also, what about packs like the E-web, or F1.4 Canon (rebel)? They seem quite average too. Thank you for the suggestions already, seems like my next bet might be the Death Troopers with Krennic, followed by a second core set when I will see one on sale!
  10. Thanks for the reply! I wonder, with the list you've provided, would I have all these upgrades and command cards from the few packs you've mentioned? Or are they found in various expansions. I could always proxy them I assume. Thanks for the tips and mentioning the synergy. That's my idea of "effective but fun." I'll look into the snipers as well!
  11. Well, I ended up finding someone that sold his copy of the original core set plus Boba Fett for a really decent price. Thanks to all your advice! Some of the units are assembled, some are not. Some stormtroopers have been primed with white. Who knows, maybe I will try to finish the black details 🤷‍♂️ and maybe that will lead me in painting the rest. We’ll see... but you definitely helped me realize it may not be as daunting as it looks. On a different note now, I made a post on the army builder topic to get some suggestions. I will most likely go Imperial first. If you also have some recommendations for me, feel free to post them here or in the new post! As mentioned in the new post, I’m looking for fun, efficient and yet not necessarily fully optimal/most competitive. I don’t really want to buy 4 of the same boxes because that would make the best list. To me, it reduces the fun a bit since it is a bit more redundant. I also just love Death Troopers so if you list suggestion includes them, it will certainly get my attention! But if not, thank you for helping me choose between the two core sets. I guess I am in Legion now!
  12. Hi! I recently just bought a used copy of Legion core box and Boba Fett pack. I know that when it comes to this game, going for units that I personally enjoy is a solid way to go, but I was wondering if you guys could drop a couple lists so that I can know where to begin. I will probably start by making an imperial team but eventually would like to also have a rebel’s team. I’m not looking for the optimal efficiency, I am a casual player, but I would like the list to be efficient nonetheless. That being said, for the fun aspect, I’d rather not have a list of the three same units because it’s the best (I saw some lists running 3x AT-RTs with flamethrowers. It looks good, but I would want maybe a bit more variety.) Anyway, I’m really just looking to not spend money on units that are kinda “meh” on both the power level and fun factor, yet I don’t want to run the optimal list either. BTW, extra points if you suggest a list with death troopers since they are probably my favourite units! Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the replies. Any idea why a store owner would have recommended me to wait for Clone Wars as it would be “much better?” Was that only subjective? With what I’ve read, it sounds like the two original core sets might be my ideal go at the moment.
  14. Hey, I’m seriously considering jumping in legion. I love Star Wars. I love X-Wing. I love Imperial Assault the most. I have never played a war game. I never painted minis (never will). I never assembled minis (I will have to.) I do not intend on playing in tournaments. But I do intend to play standard (800 points) at a local store or at home. Beside the obvious fact that they are different factions, should I opt for two core sets or two clone wars core sets? Is there one that is “easier” in terms of entering the war game genre. I’m not afraid by the rules, but maybe by the assembly part, the terrain building, and the part where I invest in a faction that becomes irrelevant in 2 years... Am I missing some information that should lead me towards one of the two core sets more than the other? Is one of them going to help me step into Legion more than the other? I was told to wait for Clone Wars to begin but I honestly can’t really see why besides the new factions available. thank you Edit: Should I go Vader or Obi-wan?
  15. Hi, sorry for reopening this discussion. Thank you for clarifying all these rules, but I was wondering: when you deplete a card, is it gone for the remainder of the campaign or only for the rest of the mission and therefore can be used in the next one again? Thank you for the clarification.
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