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  1. They should have made it even more flexible. Use and/or destroy 1 artifact of any player. Now it's just weird. In the current form 'that artifact' refers to the artifact that is used. FFG needa to learn how to English better.
  2. Funny thing is there is only 1 set of each exact set of 36 cards. Given the amount of combinations possible even pulling 35/36 of a certain deck is very unlikely. It might be better to play the multiple decks you can but from the store than buy the deck from ebay.
  3. You haven't enclosed any of the counter arguments made in the previous thread. It's like you don't want to listen to and discuss with other people and think only you are right.
  4. I can't say much about the art as I don't have the game in hand. Can anyone with more hands on experience let me know if there are differences in colour use and style between houses? It would be great if houses can be identified by their art.
  5. Can't you get the English edition from a.local games website?
  6. Same here, my retailer has it on Nov 15.
  7. But with a mulligan the hand is not refilled or replenished. There is no addition of something to an already existing thing. With a mulligan you throw away everything an draw a whole new hand. So with a mulligan there is no refilling so no shedding of chains.
  8. Nah you draw a new starting hand with a mulligan according to the rules. This is not refilling your hand if you want to be nitpicky. You only shed chains when you would draw to refill your hand.
  9. But you do draw cards. You always draw cards and than the amount is reduced based on the number of chains and you shed a chain. It doesn't say that you shed no chains if the number of cards that you may draw during the refill step is reduced to zero.
  10. My interpretation is that you would remove a chain in the above situation. Because a player always would draws back up to six. With 8 chains he would draw 1-2 =-1 cards and then the do as much as you can rule kicks in. Your interpretation needs another rule. If someone with 8 chains would be at 4 he wouldn't draw cards, because -2 from chains. But we're in the rules does it say that he doesn't draw cards/ refills his hand because he has -2 from chains?
  11. Even 1 card difference will make a deck unique. Maybe not in playstyle but unique in composition and deckname.
  12. 1 starter and 6 decks. Also another starter to gift to a friend.
  13. I think it must be hurt. Otherwise it would have read "and give" instead of the conditional " if you do"
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