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  1. It's for an intro game, but the guys have all been wargaming for ages so wont be daunted by lots of different things. I just thought a good array of units and a list that won't instantly stomp the other would be perfect.
  2. I love it!! My favourite builder to date, it looks clean and is easy to use. Aside from the obvious missing features i.e save etc. the only thing I'd like is when I pick someone it automatically leads into equipment for them instead of having to select them. I feel it would be easier to say no rather than having to go back in every time.
  3. Horrible idea!! I don't need my Hobby quantified, I need to bury this spreadsheet so my wife can never see it! On a side note you should incorporate an IF statement for a new column so you can overwrite the price due to any promotional savings etc.
  4. Hi Guys, Wondering if you can help? I'm looking for two lists that have a decent variety of units (not just trooper spam) that are pretty equivalent and will give a really good game! I have: 2x Core, 1x Snow and Fleet, 1x Veers and Leia, 1x Han and Commandoes, 1x Boba and Scout, 1x E Web and 1.4 Current Lists I have are: Rebels (796) Commanders - Leia - Han Troopers - Fleet Troopers, Barrage, Extra Trooper - 2x Rebel Troopers, Z-6, Extra Trooper - Rebel Commandos, DH-447, Hunter, HQ Uplink Support - AT-RT, Flame Thrower - AT-RT, Laser Cannon - 1.4 FD Laser Cannon, Overcharged Imperial (794) Commanders - Veers, Commanding Presence, Emergency Stims Troopers - Snowtroopers, Flametrooper - Stormtroopers, DLT-19, Extra Trooper - Stormtroopers, Extra Trooper - Scout Troopers, DLT-19, Hunter Support - Speeder Bike, Longe Range Comlink - E Web, Barrage Vehicle - AT-ST, General Weiss. 88 Twin Blaster, AT-ST Mortar What improvements do you recommend to bring balance and for a tight game?
  5. I take it back FFG! Please forgive me!
  6. Hi Guys, Does it annoy anyone else that there are so many spelling errors in the rulebook? If you look at page 14 and 15 under the attack section for example, it seems whoever typed it up had a broken "h" key on their keyboard! Sort it out FFG! That is all.
  7. What is the first x wing scenario you played for this? Did it tie in well and 2 v 2?
  8. I dunno! With the amount I'm spending on it I may as well make use of it xD
  9. I dunno, as much as I love the game and the feel of the tables, it's a flop in my area (Coventry,UK). Only seen a few people play it and most were an intro game which didn't turn into anything.
  10. These Shoretroopers are amazing! What colours/washes have you used for the theme?
  11. What is the colour scheme you've used on these? Loving the dark khaki colour
  12. Thankyou C3P0FETT! I think I will gloss all the stormies but around the areas of weathering/Staining I will do a light satin to dim it a bit. I have done another base for a new squad and not sure if I've made a mistake! I was thinking that the rebel scum are a rag-tag group so colours shouldn't be organised.....However now I'm thinking for aesthetics and the look on the tables I should have kept the colours closer. What do you guys think? There is still no highlight or shade, just base colouring for now.
  13. Hi Guys, I'm looking for a good solution to store all my cards etc. and transport them easily with my KR Multicase - I'm looking at the toolboxes with modular walls at the moment but it got me thinking....What are your solutions to this? Do yo have a separate card box/folder or all in a box?
  14. Hi All, This is my first foray into model painting - I painted the stormies first (I later found this to be the worst decision as I assumed white would be the easiest)! I have finished these completely and varnished however I think I may move to a gloss varnish as the satin varnish isn't producing enough of a shine I feel for a true stormtrooper armour. I've just started my rebels and I'm going with a tatooine theme, some will be a light colour scheme whilst others are darker, let me know what you think and what improvements I can make. Currently I have base coloured the first theme (battlefront inspired) - no highlights/shades or finishing touches yet, however I am deep in though about which shades would look best for this theme. Imgur Album Link Below https://imgur.com/a/Oh6D2zv *Edit for extra content
  15. Where did you get the heads from? Are they shapeways?
  16. That's my issue, I think that it doesn't really light them properly.... maybe I could try and do a mix of white, red and blue
  17. Hi Guys, So I made a custom LED setup for my display cabinet and merged some red and blue LEDs to try and create a Dark side vs. Light side scenario/feel. The minis will be displayed on either side facing eachother as if it were a battle (excuse just the stormtroopers, I haven't managed to finish painting the others yet). What do you guys think? Does it work or should I scrap it and just go with cool white to light it?
  18. In flight report was on Wednesday? They released huge amounts of news for Armada, Legion and X wing
  19. The FFG in flight review has already happened though. Happened on Wednesday? Doubtful they will release news to BGG in an interview instead of in their report.
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