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  1. 8 hours ago, thepopemobile100 said:

    I like em. White defense and attack is bad, but it was expected off of the B-1s (I was about to say it could be worse, but that's not currently possible.). They can hold the line and will do a lot better defensively if they have cover. 8 hitpoints with no surge is bad, but there isn't many things that can kill them in one go. From what we can see their heavy weapon choices look solid enough, although that launcher isn't stellar as it's probably exhaust. The other weapon looks to just be the 3 black which is fairly good on it's own and has 5-6 other minis that need to go down before it gets taken out.

    I see the CIS corp as being cannon fodder while the support, SF, etc. are more for dealing the damage.

    Weapons with the SPRAY keyword are going to wreck the droids. AT-RT with 2 blacks per model in LoS ignoring cover. 16 blacks against white defense with no surge.....ouch.


    Roger Roger

  2. If Bossk can get into Range 1 prior to his activation, have 3 wounds he would get the charge keyword. He can then use his command card to give him 2x Ranged attacks, suffer 1 wound to move into melee and activate his free enrage charge ability.....


    A lot has to line up for this to happen but that is a tonne of damage 2x red, 8x white followed by a 1x red, 2x black and 1x white melee also with pierce!

  3. 2 hours ago, chr335 said:

      Infiltrate allows them to hit early if you want while inspire keeps the rest of your units in the game. 

    Exactly this except. I would further it that if there are several pathfinder units, all of which are adding suppression for additional cover and defence whilst behind enemy lines, then you have some form of suppression control by inspiring them to remove it.

  4. Just for clarity, if I have emergency stims on a unit with multiple wounds that has already activated. That unit only has 2 health remaining and then gets attacked for 2 and activates the stims card placing 2 wounds on the card, they then get attacked again by a different unit who scores two hits again. Would the unit now be dead?


    I know this is a simple query and comes down to choosing the right time to pop the stims, but thought I'd ask.

  5. All single minatures - Abaddon Black to block out any wash/crud that got onto the sides.

    Multiple unit minatures - Squad colour, i.e one squad is blue, another green and so forth. I always use dark/muted colours though. or atleast ranges with strong pigmentation.

  6. Leia Organa 90
    Improvised Orders,

    Han Solo 120
    Esteemed Leader, Hunter, Emergency Stims,

    Rebel Troopers 40
    Z-6 Trooper,

    Rebel Troopers 40
    Z-6 Trooper,

    Rebel Troopers 40
    Z-6 Trooper,

    Fleet Troopers 44
    Scatter Gun Trooper,

    Chewbacca 110
    Hunter, Tenacity, Emergency Stims,

    AT-RT 55
    AT-RT Laser Cannon,

    AT-RT 55
    AT-RT Laser Cannon,

    Sorry About the Mess, Coordinated Bombardment, No Time for Sorrows, Reckless Diversion, Notorious Scoundrels, Covering Fire, Standing Orders,


    39 minutes ago, NeonWolf said:

    I would also drop at least one of the grenades and swap out Hunter for Duck and Cover on Han. Tenacity on Chewie might be useful as well since you would get 5 red dice in melee instead of 4.  Maybe drop another grenade to give Chewie Emergency Stims to keep him around an extra turn.

    I am not a big fan of duck and cover, whilst it really helps han I don't like the balance of suppression, especially when he will be the main target most times. I wanted tenacity on Chewie and after reworking some points I could afford it and Stims!


    41 minutes ago, NeonWolf said:

    Not sure why but you have Turning the Tide listed twice in your Command hand. Personally I would drop it and take No Time for Sorrows along with Reckless Diversion. That extra Speed 1 move can win you the game and unless your troopers are right next to your AT-RTs, AND your AT-RTs are alive, Turning the Tide won't have too large of an effect.

    I thought Turning tide seemed useful but after thinking it through and changing them to laser cannons I decided you're right and they will be out of range of troopers.

    42 minutes ago, NeonWolf said:

    I would also think about swapping Esteemed Leader and Improvised Orders between Han & Leia. Leia will generally want to hang back while Han advances to make the most of his Reckless Diversion so having the ability to dump wounds from Han to both Chewie and the trooper units keeps Han alive that much longer as well.

    Good shout!

    41 minutes ago, manoftomorrow010 said:

    Also if you're worried about armor, you could make 1 AT-RT the laser cannon. It still is good vs troopers, 1 red + 2 black is good, and at longer range, so if there's a lack of armor, you can still pop corps from distance. I just started running a triple AT-RT list and played it last night, with 2 Rotary and 1 Laser, and honestly, having the Laser cannon was very helpful, even after I took down my opponent's Airspeeder. That AT-RT could safely lob shots at corps units with still solid dice.

    I think you're right, although I've always felt AT-RT's are best in pairs with the same weapon to allow concentrated fire. So I have upgraded both to Laser Cannons, which can easily deal with an AT-ST, and therefore no longer need the grenades.

    38 minutes ago, Zeph01 said:

    I am gonna run a similar list tomorrow with two flame AtRts, I normally dont use grenades, they are tough to use and are very situational.  

    My main thought with grenades is than Han could easily cover troopers whilst they got in range, although after thinking it through I think the changes I've made outweigh the requirement for the blast keyword on the whole dice pool.

  7. Hi All,

    What do you think of the following list? If anything I think it could do with some more activations but I only have 1x Commandos box, I'd change out the grenades and esteemed leader but not great amounts I could do with the points and I don't care about point bidding.


    My main thoughts are that Han and Chewy can wreck some units with the right turn build up and their ability to take down a character is strong with both having Hunter and Peirce. With Hans reckless diversion played at the perfect time I can aim to move up the troopers to a position with range 1 of a unit and then the grenades come into their own. AT-RT's going Rotary Blaster to cover both units and armour, I was thinking both flamers to save points but decided it would make armour a lot tougher to deal with.

    Points (800)

    Leia Organa 90
    Esteemed Leader,

    Han Solo 120
    Improvised Orders, Hunter, Emergency Stims,

    Rebel Troopers 40
    Z-6 Trooper, Concussion Grenades,

    Rebel Troopers 40
    Z-6 Trooper, Concussion Grenades,

    Rebel Troopers 40
    Z-6 Trooper, Impact Grenades,

    Fleet Troopers 44
    Scatter Gun Trooper, Recon Intel, Impact Grenades,

    Chewbacca 110

    AT-RT 55
    AT-RT Rotary Blaster,

    AT-RT 55
    AT-RT Rotary Blaster,

    Sorry About the Mess, Coordinated Bombardment, Reckless Diversion, Turning the Tide, Notorious Scoundrels, Turning the Tide, Covering Fire, Standing Orders

  8. I was literally just looking for this! I wanted to buy my ticket for the EXPO but alas' it wasn't there.


    Hopefully we have some kind of organised play soon! In my area (Warwickshire) Legion is pretty dead, I go to a regular game group and it's only myself and one other that collects Legion. Sometimes we get a game in with others but it's few and far between.

  9. 19 hours ago, Sorastro said:

    Hi Thumper!  Sorry for the late reply.. I'd strongly recommend the Badger Stynylrez Grey Primer.  It's a fair bit darker than the Vallejo's Grey Primer, and very close in tone to Mechanicus Standard Grey. 😃


    16 hours ago, Skyguard said:

    There is also Mechanicus Standard Grey (Air) right from Games Workshop with you want it.


    Thankyou for the suggestion!! I'll pick it up straight away and try it out! The Mechanicus Standard Grey (Air) by CW is indeed not a primer so wouldn't work and if I primed black/white it would affect the end shade of the grey.

  10. @Sorastro what primer would you use in place of Mechanicus Standard Grey for use with an airbrush?


    Looking to do the vehicles and your guides use Mechanicus spray primer but I try to always use an airbrush as I find the finish is smoother than that I get with the rattle can.

  11. On ‎10‎/‎26‎/‎2018 at 9:01 PM, GalacticFister said:

    I kind of wanted to do this, my only question would be what upgrade category would the user be lead into first? The current application only allows the selection of a single category of an upgrade at one time. It could also be feasible to make the add upgrade button a hover over to reduce clicking on desktop browsers. 

    Is there any option to have it so that the right side of the screen displays buttons to the command sections? So if I click Leia, is then adds her to the army, then the right side of the screen has three circle buttons that you can click on to the relevant command section?

    Just an idea, main thing about website design is that it should lead the user through each step.

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