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  1. The official response is here~ Q: About Wildlings Attack: Massing on the Milkwater, If I am the lowest bidder and have only 2 cards with 2 strength in my hand as Martell, what should I do? Am I supposed to discards those two cards and get my other 5 cards back? A: Yes. You would discard both 2’s and retrieve the other 5. Q: A similar question is regarding the Patchface, can he discard the last card of an opponent? because I think the timing of retrieving cards is after a battle and after that comes the Patchface's ability. A: Yes. This would cause the opponent to draw back the other 6 cards. Answered by Jason WaldenSenior Board Game ProducerFantasy Flight Games
  2. Actually, I thought you were the official guy XD
  3. Which indicates I can get my other 5 cards back? but I don't think there is any circumstance that you can retrieve your cards after you have on cards in hand other than when a battle is done according to the rule book. Furthermore, I think the author didn't want players to retrieve cards by this wildling so there is a premise:if you have more than one card in hand, in case you can get your cards back and be strong instead of getting a penalty from this card. So I'm really confused now:/
  4. another situation: If I am the lowest bidder and have only 2 cards with 2 strength in my hand as Martell, what should I do?
  5. Alan001

    Robb Stark House Card

    In my opinion, the errata is lame. The single word "Yes" doesn't help much but brings more implications. If we stick to the original rule, Robb's ability is just useless while defending according to the card's text. I'm ok with that, at least it's clear. I know it will be more powerful if the ability can be used by a defender, but wouldn't it be better describing it specifically on the card rather than leaving it open to interpretation especially when it overrides the core rule in a significant and controversial way. All in all, I think adding a new feature afterward, in errata, vaguely, is not that good :/