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  1. I would say they get +2 power.
  2. I actually would not like that at all and would be turned off instantly. I want the keyforge world to exist on its own.
  3. Yeah, being able to play with your own personal deck online would be super cool. I’ve always thought a game where physical cards translated to an online game would be super neat. And with this whole idea of a QR code representing a whole deck it just makes tons of sense and is probably easy yo do.
  4. Dude, I just watched that entire match and had a blast. Thanks guys. I am having so much fun watching and reading up on this game. It looks so so good!
  5. LeVitaMonster

    Promo Cards

    Hmm, interesting thought, out of everything I’ve seen and read I am enamored with everything but I hadn’t thought about promos. I will miss playing at an event and winning a unique prize. Maybe they could do prize tokens or just novelty prize cards? I hope they get popular enough to play weekly at the local game store and now that you mention it I really want cool prizes!
  6. Not knowing will be part of the fun though. If you buy 3 decks you are almost certainly likely to have most if not all houses to choose from (3 Houses in each deck). I like the model quite a bit and will buy at least a few decks.
  7. Yea, I guess the hook will be that rare creature in each House that everyone would want in their decks. Right? Like I want the super rare legendary alien on my Mars team. I guess thats how they’ll get me to keep buying more. It’ll be interesting to see new expansions released too. I am so excited for this game.
  8. This is how they will make money though right? As far as I can see the idea is if you want to play different Houses and you don’t open the one you want, then you go and buy another deck. This is ok. You can play with more than one deck and have fun. This will get me to buy at least a few till I find a deck with a cool Mars House card or two that I like. Surely if the game is to thrive they don’t expect players to ONLY purchase one deck. Though with that being said I suppose I don’t see myself buying more than a few after I get my Mars House main.
  9. I totally agree! I just hope my local game store gets people to play and FFG has some sort of prizes or ranking for players even if it is just through their app.
  10. I can’t wait to find a sweet Mars House deck. That will definitley be my main!
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