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  1. You distributeur opportunity among thé different u want to tricher. But each die Can only be used once . Assuming u have 3 opportunities for a check that Can trigger for one, 2, 2+, and 3. U Can: Trigger 1 and 2, or, 2+, or, 3 But u cannot trigger 1 and 2 and 2+ and 3.
  2. Btw, it could be your vision of rokugan in a World u may wish to play. sure, u are free to do wathever u may wish including setting onis are peaceful pink rabbits sharing the World with Bisounours samouraïs. But, please forgive us with attempts to make ffg to denaturate the legacy (1st and 2nd Ed) L5R World with such heretic considération.
  3. Agree with curing affliction for some Kuni shug. Not really for Kuni investigator/inquisitors that are not to heal affliction but to destroyer or survey tainted.
  4. To be afflicted IS not to be tainted. To be afflicted IS to be weakened to resist to taint. Affliction Can be cured, not taint
  5. The advantage to play meanwhile on winter court or on the Bad side or the wall IS that when emerald will be published Ur current PCs would probably be died?
  6. There s no way to purify taint. It Can only je transfered or container, never it Can be cured. So it's normal there IS no ritual or spell go purify except if burning the tainted IS considered as a ritual to cure/purify the taint.
  7. officially, if this part of History IS avoided in any discussion, all the Shame and sanction were to be assumed by subordinates "that misunderstood emperor will" rather to assume and pretend the emperor might be wrong. Later, scorpions paid to have assume "Empire goes first va emperor" and lions paid to have not dare to contest the "emperor IS truth" concept. During Big crisiS, this contestation Can be unofficially supported, but i do not think that any clan could officially support gunpowder vs impérial decree and originate The political/Sociétal crisiS to assume "an hantei went wrong"
  8. Not really fan or the jade magistrate or any other title to be standardized. These are given following events and political choices, not really due to inner capabities. On the other Hans, i m really fan with defining official/legacy minor clans and some schools . Tu for Falcon draft .
  9. Nous firearms/gunpowder IS not matter of no évolution but respect of impérial decree and keeping consistent the social ordre. What would happen to social order if it would be assumed an hantei could have do wrong? A god might have fail? All the celestial order would go wrong if a divine decree IS openly not respected whatever the reasons are. si non gunpowder/firearms are to be officially supported.
  10. given the 3rd édition supplément, it seems clan armies match with such statistics if squadrons in most basic melee or archer units are ashigarus constituted. This let between 2/3 UP to 3/4 of samouraï cast outside of bushi activities (courtier, too young or too old, etc...). That sounds correct for me. Btw, around a 20/1 ratio between samouraï seems correct although it may seem a strict minimum if it also incluses Etas. In such a case a 50/1 ratio with doubling population should be better.
  11. Seems logical, and i like the fact a pc need to spend a void to choose assuming a Crit instead of defending. The void IS logical in order to refrain the instinct to défend.
  12. Except for élites or specialized units that doom to be exclusively constituted with samouraï, i believe that most of squadrons in compagnies are ashigarus constituted and led by samouraï staff. Additionnaly, a one on tenth ratio proposed to determine the samouraï population, think it should rather be considered 10 or 20 non samouraï family for each samouraï, similar ratio as medieval europe, thus armies are more easily constituted.
  13. Hope these PDF would be free for ppls that bought Books
  14. For me, sounds like the original aim of Chuda, or the vilager shaman that uses a Good way of blood Magic on such a form of white Magic... all are legally blood Magic then subject of imperial decree, whatever the réalisations are good or the aim motivated for the Empire benefit.
  15. Ouch, seems really too near with blood Magic and top far away from rokugani approach of dead bodies since hiuchiban attempts that originaires the imperial decree to burn deads.
  16. Additionnaly, within a province that belongs to a clan, You Can have a town managed by imperial magistrates and ponctually governed by another clan... See the City of the lies
  17. Personnaly, i like this RnK with the new divers set. PCs can choose to fail an action in order to (or go not) strife or to use opportunities for the group benefit. Additionnaly, a failure on check Can also be exploited for opportunities or strife. The game transcends the elementary concept success/failure for a more human-like concept with doubts, surprises, seizing opportunities.
  18. Nous dachi allons an extended range from 2h katana. At range 0-1 it seems normal katana IS better (maneuvrability) At range 1, seems normal it does little bit less than naginata that design IS this range (naginata IS initialy a katana for samurai-ko to compensate less physical strengh by distance and manoeuver). As anything in between two ranges, it's less effective than things dedicated to each of these range . U want a good short range; katana. U want a good extended range; naginata. U want both on one weapon? Nous dachi, but less effective than either naginata or katana in their range.
  19. 1) i Guess that with using opportunities you could materialize this. 2) regarding names, with a little translation in japanese, u can chose anything if the pc IS ronin or from minor clan that does not have a family name. Otherwise, unless if you are a very talentuous and experimented pc, it s not a good Idea to not bé names with Ur family name; a shame for Ur family and Ur ancestors .. a good way for seppuku or ronin path. 3) be crab, or asako inquisitors, or Falcon minor clan. I do not invite u tout chose emerald magistrate althought it could be within their missions; magistrates are too involved in politics as "emperor voice" anywhere within the empire, and anywhere when among rokugani.
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