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  1. Finally an idea excuse to buy into Armada - I cannot wait!
  2. Agree please do not sell only unpainted miniatures. It is one of the main reasons I got into this was because I could focus in the game and not paint.
  3. For me I would like to see Clone wars Armada. Can be an expansion to existing format or a new Armada 1.1 game but with a proper campaign style as well as usual mission format. Also so news on expansions after the SSD in current Armada. As someone new to the game getting product is a challenge. Finally I would like to see an essentials pack where you can get the dials cards etc but be better value than the core set to allow guys to buy other ships from the start instead. As other local players see the game as dead and do not want to stump up for the core set.
  4. Thanks all for the awesome suggestions
  5. Thanks all - great suggestions. Seems there is a huge range of prices at each store for Armada so I will have to double check my options before I pick up a few items
  6. Is there something I need to do to stop my posts needing mod approval? I have been posting on the X wing and armada forum sections Thanks
  7. Just want to add my thanks for this hard work as well. It has really helped me test lists for my ships and think about different combinations. Keep up the great work! Now if someone could do the same for Armada
  8. For UK players out there where do you tend to pick up your Armada products from? Struggling to find somewhere other than Amazon and store prices on eBay a seem extreme as well.
  9. As someone who is an X wing player looking to jump in the opening price tag for Armada is the issue. So also interested to hear review on the marketplace webstore.
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