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  1. I thought it was deployment cards? So 3 cards? But it's the number of droids on the cards? Only 3 droids. Maybe I should work on my reading comprehension. Ha! Or go over the rulebook again.
  2. Iggy and the stooges. IG-88/Focused on the kill E sentry droid/explosive armaments BT-1/Targeting computer Vinto E Jawa C3P0
  3. No. No! What the ****. I keep getting screwed. That would have been amazing.
  4. I'm liking it. Targeting computer for IG-88. BT-1 also targeting computer. Droids and hunters.
  5. That is terrible news. I wanted a list of: Vader/fueled by hate Temp alliance IG 88/focus on the kill EJawa scavenger C3P0 TO focus Vader R2D2 to get cards and absorb chopper hits Fill in the rest with officers, jets and zillo. Figured IG 88 and Vader fixed could do range/melee magic and finally deal with spectre.
  6. I want to have an Vader based team with Temporary Alliance bringing in IG-88 and Elite Jawa scavenger. Can I also bring in focused on the kill or would that be three scum deployments? I really hope focused on the kill doesn't count since its a fix.
  7. Anyone having luck against spectre cell? What are the standout deployments?
  8. I have come up against the new Spectre cell list and Skirmish upgrade and am struggling with how to defeat them. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Driven by hate Vader EJets RJets Cap. Terro Thrawn rImperial officer
  9. Black market opportunistic. Wow. Mind blown, I love it.
  10. I really appreciate the knowledge! It's been burning me up cuz it was the difference between a win or the loss I suffered. Good play!
  11. Thanks. I lost a real close game this way. But when you say play it on him you mean bantha can be the target of opportunistic even though it is Greedo's activation?
  12. I had the leader of our imperial assault tournament play opportunistic as such. It is greedo's activation. He attacks successfully against Vader, plays opportunistic BUT tells me that his bantha (not his activation GREEDO'S) can take the 3 movement points. No way right?
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