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  1. I was at Gencon for the release at the flight report. I have played 8 games 4 with each deck I was given. It plays well even though we used genaric dice as counters and markers. The decks are 100% random. Each deck is individual and no 2 decks will ever be the same. The math is solid. There are 100billion possibilities and adding to that is the unique deck labeling to ensure there is no card swaping. Learn to play with the faction types. You may find you like some more than others. Then buy decks till you find what you want, just dont open the plastic. People will be looking for certain faction combinations so that is the only way to retain value. Once a deck has been played and registered...they add "chains" to the deck if found to be OP.
  2. You can see the factions after you open the box without opening the cellophane. Maybe this will be the opportunity to trade before play.
  3. The way it has been explained at the inflight event was that you open the deck and play. You cannot trade cards. You cannot enhance your deck by purchasing cards. Every single deck you purchase is 100% original. No more tourneys with 3 over powered decks being played by 30 people that read up online. No more overly priced cards. If a deck is proven to be way OP or UP they have have handicapping in play. It seams to be a card game where money doesnt win.....play strategy will.
  4. Yes we were each given 2 decks.
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