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  1. EDIT 2: false alarm, eventually found it exactly where it should have been?; it was literally stuck to card #74 in a such a way that even after going through it about 4 times I never saw it. Suppose I'll keep the thread here for posterity, the sleeving idea might help someone who has also had this issue (also someone really should really upload a list of the card text or something, unless that's illegal) So, I noticed today I am missing card number #75, which is one of the vault 84 cards. Not entirely sure if I lost it recently (honestly haven't touched the game in months...) or if it simply never was in the box (as unlikely as that is), is there any way I can get a replacement or something? I suppose I could proxy it if someone could provide the text, but the problem with that is this is in fact supposed to be shuffled into a deck, it's not a quest and therefore my proxy would have to be good to avoid being able to tell what card it is from the back. Might be less of a problem than I making it out to be, but in either case I should do something. edit: I just realized I could solve the proxy issue with sleeves, since it's just a vault deck it wouldn't be too hard to sleeve it all. My brother actually has experience with this kind of things with his time spent on the Magic Set Editor, so if I just had the text it honestly wouldn't be too bad off.
  2. Hello, I just created this account to make this report. I'm afraid I don't have screenshots as this was done on my father's tablet and we weren't too sure how, but I will describe them in the best detail, they are fairly minor, just tile name issues: These both occurred in the Astral Alchemy scenario, playing with all of the expansions (Sanctum, Streets, Threshold, as well as both First Ed figure & Tile packs) A couple of times the app referenced "Library 1" (specifically, the target of the monster's attack was moved 1 space away from Library 1 as a result of the attack); the tile in use was from Streets of Arkham, but during the monster's attack it had the base-game's set symbol (the little tentacle) present, which we assumed had to be a mistake; there was no chance that we used the wrong tile by mistake, the art clearly matched. At one point a Mythos effect placed darkness in each space in "Classroom 3" (with correct set symbol; Streets), but there was no Classroom 3 on the board, only Classroom 1; we revealed most of the map over the course of the investigation and there was no classroom 3 (and I doubt the one unexplored area had it as it said it was a sewer grate and other context), so we again assumed it must have been a mistake and meant the only classroom that was there. Hope this helps, sorry if it's not enough info to actually pin it down.
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