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  1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with setting stories during that period. Rebels and Rogue One and Solo ranged from very good to amazing in my book. I just don't care about that particular group of characters.
  2. Well... that is disappointing. I didn't care for that Clone Wars arc at all.
  3. Farscape had Budongs: gigantic space-faring creatures (a bit like the space slugs from Star Wars, but way, way bigger, like, the teeth alone are Star Destroyer sized). Alive they are a menace, dead they are a gigantic pile of valuable minerals; their corpses get turned into mining colonies. Farscape also had Leviathans: mile-long living bio-mechanoid ships. Farscape had a lot of weird stuff going on.
  4. The terms I ussually see for this is percussive mechanics or percussive maintenance. I would still keep it on INT because it's not a factor of hitting it really hard, but of hitting it on just the right spot, at just the right angle, with just the required amount of strength.
  5. I somewhat agree with a lot of what you're saying, even though I really like the first two sequels, but while this seems in contradiction to common sense, the final instalment of a trilogy is usually the least profitable one, regardless of the franchise, and part of the reason they stopped at three movies. The first film of a franchise is rarely surpassed by future instalments. Return Of The Jedi was the least profitable film of the original trilogy.
  6. I am asking a question. Therefore I do not need evidence.
  7. Well, no, it doesn't. That's what "not canon" means.
  8. Which are not canon, because the entire Old Republic setting isn't canon.
  9. I think the marketing bot needs an oil bath.
  10. You posted/spammed this like three times. Would you mind giving some context? What is this fragment of text even supposed to be? Where is it from?
  11. One example of a Democrat-run state (although it's not currently Democrat-run) having a terrible education system is not evidence of Republicans not aiming for terrible education systemically as part of their overal platform.
  12. I guess I'll see it someday whenever it's available on a streaming service I follow. I'm planning to get Disney + anyway whenever it gets around to Belgium.
  13. It feels like something they used to do all the time back in the day to me. The only thing that is missing is the video game tie-in.
  14. Ah. That's how I thought it worked, I just didn't know about spoilering it breaking it. It kinda has got everything to do with money-making, because a 200+ billion dollar movie isn't going to make any profit if it appeals to just the core fanbase, which is just... tiny compared to the mainstream audience that buys a good 95% of the tickets. I don't complain about them or mind that they are there. I just feel like pointing out they do exist whenever somebody starts about how George Lucas was this master storyteller who had the first 6 episodes completely worked out from the starts and that it is this perfect, complete story, free of retcons, contradictions, or plot holes, particularly when contrasting the originals with the sequels. If George Lucas was a consistant storyteller who never changed his mind long after the fact about what he wants Star Wars to be, we wouldn't have the "Han Shot First" debacle.
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