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  1. If they were going to do this, why would they waste the cardboard and ink on making 4 bases when they could get away with 3? It would probably save them less than a cent per unit, but they print thousands of these (tens of thousands?) so it would add up quick.
  2. The prequel trilogy's production design is just as impressive as the original trilogy's, and the sequels' biggest weakness is that theirs is not. The abilities that tend to get dismissed as gimmicky, i.e. Boba Fett (crew), are much more interesting and fun to play with and against than the more straightforward abilities that end up being strongest, i.e. Boba Fett (pilot). I think simple and mathematically strong abilities should cost more than they're worth, and positional and situational abilities should cost less than they're expected to be worth, to encourage unorthodox list concepts.
  3. I fly a lot of X-Wings. The blue 2-turn is really good and probably worth the 2 points. You certainly get more value from the R4 on a Y-Wing or E-Wing but it still helps the T-65.
  4. Flechette Torpedoes. 2-3 charges, 3 dice, cheap. It's annoying that there are only three torpedoes given the wealth options available in the missile slot. Arc Caster. Silly and mostly useless but a fun card. Cool Hand. Single charge for the same effect, maybe spend a focus in the end phase to recharge? Unfortunately it's a Talent so Cool Hand Luke can't happen. Minefield Mapper. Would give sensor slot bombers an option that's not Trajectory Simulator, and would be much easier to word now that mines and bombs are separate and charges exist. Thermal Detonators. Hopefully a different, more interesting effect. They're an iconic Star Wars weapon and they were in the game before. Mara Jade. Regardless of what she actually does, just acknowledging her would be nice. Lots of faction options too; could make her Imperial, Imperial/Scum, Scum/squad with Luke Skywalker, or just factionless. Snap Shot. Fun, thematic, and not overpowered unless coupled with control options, of which there are way fewer now. I agree it should be Bullseye only and would not be opposed to increasing the range to compensate.
  5. Having only two torpedo shots without reload is not necessarily a problem. Even at the height of triple deadeye Scouts each ship only had two shots, and three JumpMasters with Proton Torpedoes is still possible with double modded shots (though that version requires some clever flying from Manaroo to work). The lack of the white S-loop will doubtless make this list way less effective than the Wave 8 equivalent was, but that is definitely not a bad thing.
  6. @theBitterFig It would be nice if Punishing One added a 3-dice forward arc primary like Moldy Crow does (instead of just adding a die when you aim forward). The JumpMaster is definitely overpriced and underequipped compared to Lando's Falcon at the moment, and while I expect that will change relatively soon, I for one will be happy to see it be joke-tier for a while.
  7. In first edition I liked to fly a Lothal Rebel with Hera, Ezra, and Fire Control System. Losing FCS, Hera (who is both awful and more expensive now), and the 5K (which was arguably the ship's best maneuver and certainly the most fun) makes the Ghost utterly unappealing to me in Second Edition. Though I do like that Hera pilot has good initiative and a Talent. PS 7 with no EPT was practically useless. The TIE Defender in second edition is one of the few ships that can still token-stack without a support ship, and with Advanced Sensors can be pretty much anywhere it wants. Vessery seems overpriced at 88 but I think both Rexler and the generic Onyx Squadron Ace will see play. With the importance of critical damage effects and the compression of PS/Initiative, Rexler seems like a very appealing centerpiece type ship. And since both Soontir Fel and Duchess are so cheap, I think Rexler/Shuttle/Pocket Ace might be a really fun and maybe pretty good list.
  8. My challenge: what's the most ineffective squad you can build for 200 points? We can't put a Tractor Beam on Outrider anymore, but we can include the Autopilot Drone in a list without the Lando's Falcon Title: Autopilot Drone (12) Constable Zuvio (33) Maul (13) Inertial Dampeners (1) Cartel Spacer (29) Shield Upgrade (*) Hardpoint: Cannon (0) Jamming Beam (2) Freighter Captain (46) Cad Bane (4) Greedo (1) Inertial Dampeners (1) Stealth Device (*) Dace Bonearm (36) Ketsu Onyo (5) Inertial Dampeners (1) Electronic Baffle (2) Munitions Failsafe (2) Total: 200 My favorite part of this list is that Greedo costs points but actively hurts you.
  9. The answer to all three can be provided by one very entertaining list. The most devices possible on one ship is, disappointingly, just four: two devices, each with two charges. The most ships with four devices possible in one list is five (you can't fit another ship even with just a single device in the minimal list of five Scimitars each with Seismic Charges and Proton Bombs, which is as efficient as we're able to be without using more than one of the same upgrade). So that's a total of 20 devices. And if we're interested in covering the board in as many devices as possible in a single System phase, then we want as many mines as possible. If the opposing player cooperates, this squad could drop ten proximity mines and then all five ships could drop Seismic Charges simultaneously, leading to a system phase with 15 devices on the board (plus whatever the opposing player may have dropped).
  10. Fortunately all the Escape Craft pilots are unique, so madness like this isn't possible. But if it were this would also easily be the most expensive list in dollars, since you'd need 16 Lando's Falcons and every one is $40! In a bid to actually win most expensive list ($$), here's the most I could do with that: Autopilot Drone (12) L3-37 (Escape Craft) (22) Outer Rim Pioneer (24) Lando Calrissian (Scum) (Escape Craft) (26) Trandoshan Slaver (58) Hound's Tooth (1) Nashtah Pup (6) Palob Godalhi (38) Moldy Crow (12) Total: 199 You'd need four Lando's Falcons, a YV-666, a Z-95, a HWK-290, and both the Scum and Rebel conversion kits to fly this (really, really bad) list. At MSRP that's $310 before taxes and assuming the Core Set. Best I can do for Rebels is this: Warden Squadron Pilot (40) Barrage Rockets (6) Ezra Bridger (Attack Shuttle)(41) Maul (13) Lieutenant Blount (30) Afterburners (8) Bandit Squadron Pilot (23) Afterburners (8) Bandit Squadron Pilot (23) Afterburners (8) Total: 200 This list requires all three conversion kits (because Maul is only in the Scum kit and Barrage Rockets are only in the Imperial kit) as well as a K-Wing, a Ghost, three Z-95s, and two Fangs (cheapest way to get the extra Afterburners). At MSRP all this is $265. And for Imperials I came up with this: Cutlass Squadron Pilot (36) BT-1 (2) Cutlass Squadron Pilot (36) Cutlass Squadron Pilot (36) Scarif Base Pilot (41) Darth Vader (14) Alpha Squadron Pilot (34) Total: 199 This list requires two Imperial conversion kits and one Scum conversion kit as well as three Punishers, a Reaper, and an Interceptor, for a total MSRP of $225. I discovered I had a convenient way of forcing Imperials to buy three conversion kits but couldn't also force them to buy Fang Fighters for Afterburners (because Punishers are medium-base). Incidentally, it's easy to make more expensive lists than these in First Edition. Just look at this (admittedly silly) list, which requires three Ghosts, a Rebel Transport, Tantive IV, Most Wanted, a TIE Reaper, a Quadjumper, a Phantom II, two Jumpmasters (or four Inquisitor's TIEs), a Mist Hunter, a U-Wing, Saw's Renegades, a T-65 and a T-70 X-Wing, and a Z-95, for a staggering $565. This hilariously awful Scum squad totals $665. I discovered while making that Scum squad that the Tantive IV comes with one copy of a crew card that's limited but not unique and can be used by any faction, which led to this abomination, requiring four corvettes and four Ghosts (along with some other junk) for a total of $710, and my masterpiece, which requires three Corvettes, an Assault Carrier, a Raider, two Imperial Veterans, three TIE Bombers, a Lambda Shuttle, Saw's Renegades, a TIE Reaper, a U-Wing, a TIE Defender or Z-95, a Shadow Caster or VT-49, a Starwing, a TIE Punisher, and an Upsilon Shuttle for a grand total of $775. And for those who would point out (quite correctly) that these lists are a deliberate attempt to spend as much money as possible and First Edition lists aren't actually that expensive, this is what I flew to a Store Championship this weekend, totaling $285 if you use the Force Awakens damage deck (which I did), which is more than the most expensive Rebel or Imperial lists I could make would cost in Second Edition. Having all the upgrade cards in (mostly) one place is a really big deal.
  11. The Sensor/System, Cannon, and Modification slots are kind of abstract anyway. It's not clear (in universe, of course) why a B-Wing can have upgraded electronics but an A-Wing can't, or why a Lambda-class can have an ion cannon but an X-Wing can't. It's much more important that upgrade slots allow fun combos and disallow overpowered combos than that they make thematic sense. So I wonder what combo was deemed too strong on the Ghost to allow the Sensor slot? Maybe Fire Control System was too efficient on a ship that has many ways of shooting twice in one round?
  12. Soontir Fel with Predator is 54 points, which seems pretty cheap for I6 (compare 68 points base for Fenn Rau in a similar ship), and has double repositions. And you get double mods if you fly well. I think a good player could make back 54 points with that ship. The real loser, I think, is Turr Phennir, who is stuck at lower initiative than ships like Luke Skywalker, Thane Kyrell, and Guri. With that ability you really, really want to shoot first, and with no VI and so many attractive I5 ships, that seems like a grim prospect.
  13. I wouldn't even word this as an extra attack or bonus attack since spending results is a mechanic now. Seems more streamlined to me to just have it all happen in the same attack. Fire-Linked Cannon: TIE/D only, Cannon, maybe 5ish points. Setup: Place 1 Ion, Tractor Beam, or Jam token on this card. While you perform a primary weapon attack, you may cancel 1 [hit], [crit], or [eye] result to assign `1 token to the defender of the type that is on this card. This isn't necessarily better than an ion cannon since it can't inflict multiple ion tokens, and it's definitely better than Jamming and Tractor Beam because it can still deal damage and works at Range 3.
  14. I'm AdmiralKirk, and this is my favorite thread on the X-Wing Forums. --- Redline: Guysguysguys, watch this! Does a 0-stop Gamma 3: Yeah, we know, Redline. You showed us three times yesterday. Redline: No way the Rebels can stop me if I beat them to it! Jonus: Redline, you're distracting the other pilots. Could you dial it down, please? Redline: But I don't have a reverse maneuver!
  15. I think Star Trek could definitely still work using the same system X-Wing has (I've never played Attack Wing so I don't have a bias from that). But where most ships in X-Wing are small bases with a single forward firing arc, most ships in a good Star Trek game would be large or medium bases with multiple firing arcs and few slow maneuvers. Imagine a match where almost every ship flies like the Shadow Caster or 2E Millennium Falcon. And given the scale of engagements we generally see in Star Trek, I would have it be only just barely possible to include more than one or two ships in a list; just Enterprise versus two Klingon Birds of Prey feels like the right size for the scale of the game.
  16. This is no longer really relevant to Erytas' question, but for anyone else with a Mac who is curious about this, Apple keyboards do have CTRL (It's occasionally used to modify other shortcuts, i.e. CMD + CTRL + Power, which forces a restart), and on an English keyboard CTRL + Tilde brings up the console just like it does on Windows.
  17. You might have said your keyboard was German. Maybe try ctrl + one of the other special character keys? §, ^, or ` ? It probably wouldn't hurt anything to try all of them, that's how I discovered it was tilde on my computer.
  18. It seems like sticking to one faction is reasonable in second edition (it's not too bad in first edition either if you trade for missing upgrades from your friends; I did that for about a year until I had all the Rebel stuff and decided I wanted to fly some Scum lists occasionally). I'm almost exclusively a Rebel player, and if I so chose I could stay that way. I'll probably convert my existing Resistance stuff (just some T-70s and a Falcon) and maybe pick up an RZ-2 if they're any good. What's a big deal for me was the Clone Wars announcement, though. I plan to buy into Republic in a big way. Not sure if I'll convert my Scum and Imperial stuff; I don't really have enough ships to play anything other than aces with the Empire, and aside from Starvipers, Y-Wings, and HWKs, I don't really like Scum ships.
  19. You don't even have a Lambda? But they're so pretty! And they're in the movies and everything!
  20. I like the idea of Anakin and Obi-Wan having equal Force ratings (presumably both 3) but unequal initiative and abilities. Obi-Wan's not a bad pilot, but he should be nowhere near as good as Anakin and probably not as good as some of the other Jedi known to be fighter aces, like Adi Gallia and Plo Koon. I'd expect Anakin at I6, F3 and Obi-Wan at I3, F3. Both should get Force upgrades but I might also give Anakin EPT, and have him be the only pilot in the game with both. As for abilities, if it were up to me I'd give Anakin an ability that makes him really aggressive and dangerous to both his allies and his enemies: "While you defend or perform a primary weapon attack, you may spend 1 [Force] to choose a friendly ship at Range 0-1. If you do, that ship suffers 1 [hit] damage and you may add one [crit] or [evade] result to your roll." Evokes 1e Vader crew, 1e Advanced Targeting Computer, and 2e Ruthless, and should play well with the expected Jedi + Swarm archetype for GAR. For Obi-Wan I'd emphasize defense, since when we see him fly in the movies he's mostly protecting himself: "While defending, you may spend 1 [Force] to reroll 1 die." As a side note, I really want to have R2-D2 as a pilot for the N-1, exchanging the astro slot for a crew slot (and Focus for Calculate, of course). I doubt it'll happen, though.
  21. FlyCasual has become my main source of X-Wing since my local group has pretty much abandoned the game. I'm much obliged to you for building the best X-Wing software out there (I can't stand VASSAL's UI and TTS always felt too finnicky). If you're looking for feedback—some of which may be redundant with previous reporting—here's what I've noticed so far: The squad builder screen sometimes loses the button to add another ship. Generally happens when there's already a lot of cards selected. It would be really handy to be able to duplicate a pilot with its upgrades, especially for 1e squads which tend to have tons of cards. For self-challenge purposes it would be cool to be able to optionally break the 100 or 200 point limit (or other squad building rules) for the AI. This may not be possible based on how you've implemented the AI, but I'd really like to be able to choose where the AI places its ships. It doesn't need to be smart enough to place the ships intelligently itself or maintain formation; just allowing me to put the ships in sensible locations would be enough. The E-Wing's 2e linked action should be a red lock, not a red focus. The 2e B-Wing is indeed missing its 1-Troll as @Shoulder of Orion points out. The AI doesn't understand how to shoot 2e cluster missiles and hangs every time on the potential bonus attack. I've also encountered the bug @vladamex did; the AI sometimes doesn't know which ship Optimized Prototype should be assigned to. It actually didn't happen the few times I loaded lists in just now, but I could swear it's happened to me in 0.5.3 Hotfix 1 before. The 2e Arc-170 should be on a medium base. On 2e turret ships, like the K-Wing, it seems impossible to fire secondary weapons from the forward arc if there is no primary weapon arc aligned there. 2e ships with both a forward arc primary weapon and a turret secondary weapon (like the Y-Wing) are still able to fire the primary weapon using the turret's arc, even if the turret is not aligned to the forward arc position. I've used a Y-Wing's primary weapon from a turret arc by accident at Range 3 when I'm not given a choice. And I think (but I'm not positive) that the opposite is also true; a turret secondary can be used from the primary arc even if the turret is aligned elsewhere. I accept that the AI can't perform boost and barrel roll actions because the logic would be really hard to program, but as (I suspect) a side effect, the AI can't perform the compulsory maneuver for the TIE Reaper and Striker, which causes those ships to fly very strangely. Might there be some way to implement the Ailerons effect anyway, even if it's so crude as a 1 forward in all cases? When the Elite Y-Wing Pilots mod is selected, it allows 1e Dutch with an EPT to be selected as a 2e pilot. The TIE Defender's Full Throttle ability appears to assign an evade token (as in 1e before /x7 was nerfed) rather than granting an evade action, which causes the AI to then take the evade action and end up with two evades. A human player can also do this, and although it's probably not as good as a focus it's still illegal. I read above that you're looking for feedback on successful 2e squads for the AI; I've had tough games against TIE Defenders (despite the double-evade issue) as it's a ship that consistently gets focus/evade/lock and has no trouble keeping arc on you most of the time. They would be even meaner if the AI could boost or barrel roll, but they're tough already. I recommend the following until more upgrades become available: Onyx Squadron Ace @ Outmaneuver, Fire Control System Scimitar Squadron Pilot @ Proton Torpedoes Scimitar Squadron Pilot @ Proton Torpedoes Scimitar Squadron Pilot @ Proton Torpedoes Finally, I'd just like to give a big thank you for some features that aren't strictly necessary for X-Wing but which are a lot of fun and make me happy: Skins for different ships. I appreciate being able to make my Green Squadron A-Wings green or my Blue Squadron X-Wings blue. Sound effects from the movies. I love hearing the TIE Fighter engine, the Firespray's rapid fire lasers, the proton torpedo sound from A New Hope, and the beefy explosion when a ship is destroyed. Similarly, I like the engine FX, especially on the bigger ships like the Falcon and the VT-49, but it brings the X-Wings and Y-Wings to life too. Your 1e mods are a lot of fun. I like being able to fly Tycho, Wedge, and Corran together, and the Rebels characters' abilities are surprisingly great in A-Wings, especially Hera, who basically has Stay On Target with no downside. It's very nice to be able to mouse over possible targets when shooting to see from the squad overlays which ships are focused, target locking, evading, etc. Having multiple maps. The Hoth map is cool but I also love the variety of flat surfaces, especially the ground maps, which bring back memories of the Rogue Squadron games. Again, thanks so much for making this!
  22. This is info from Wikipedia about a military topic, so I take it with a grain of salt, but a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier is just over 300 meters long and has a crew listed as "5000+". That's about the same crew:length ratio as the Dreadnaught, which is described in universe as having notoriously awful and badly-optimized automation. It doesn't explain why the ISD needs such a huge crew if its automation is (presumably) much better, but a lot of those people aren't actually flying the ship; they're stormtroopers and pilots and ground crews for the squadrons of TIE fighters aboard. I think the Nimitz is actually a pretty good comparison since both vehicles are used as fighter carriers. As to what all those thousands of people are busy doing, here are some ideas: Command crew (captain/admiral, XO, their staff, tacticians, mission specialists and advisers...) Navigation (helmsmen, navigators—probably dedicated navigators for both realspace and hyperspace course plotting—sensor specialists, science officers...) Communications (comms officers, translators, protocol droids...) Cyberwarfare (codebreakers, ECM specialists, slicers, counter-slicers...) Intelligence (some overlap with the above but also political officers, independent special forces, observers and advisors...) Engineers (specialists for maintaining the sublight engines and hyperdrive, power generation and distribution, infrastructure and ship's systems...) Droid programmers and maintenance (probably a whole department on a big ship with lots of droids buzzing around) Ship's security (maybe soldiers, but probably not the same people as the ship's ground forces) Gunners (probably multiple shifts and backup crews for each of the hundreds of cannons Star Wars capital ships have, all aimed by people) Support crew (chefs, janitors, barbers, maybe even entertainment and counselors on long voyages aboard big ships—not really the Empire's MO but anything's possible) Medical staff (including people who can treat ordinary illnesses among the crew and people who can treat casualties in combat, and those might not be the same people) Emergency personnel (includes medical staff but also damage control teams, firemen, EVA repair crews, search-and-rescue teams...) Attached ground forces (infantry, marines, officers, engineering and signal corps, vehicle crews and mechanics, command staff and their attaches...) Attached air and space forces (multiple rotations of pilots and crew, instructors, ground crews, simulator technicians...) Real life aircraft carriers have been described as floating cities. Ships with huge crews in Star Wars would feel the same way.
  23. I don't like other factions having TIE fighters either (I'm a Rebel player but I've flown Sabine's TIE like twice) but giving the Empire other factions' ships makes even less sense in-universe. I suppose Thrawn did that with Preybirds in the old EU, and V-Wings were around before TIEs were designed, but the Empire's MO is innovating and designing new and ever more specialized ships in their own idiom. It's much easier to picture criminals and rebels pilfering new Imperial craft than the reverse, however unfortunate that may be for Imperial ship diversity in X-Wing. As far as lack of Imperial releases goes, I agree, and I'm surprised that FFG is choosing to increase the number of Scum ships when they already had more than Rebels and Imperials. I guess it's at least thematic that gangs of space pirates and mercenaries should have a lot of variety in their materiel, but I can't imagine that's much consolation to someone who's sick of flying yet another TIE Somethingorother.
  24. I'm very, very excited about this announcement. I don't think the prequels are very good movies, but the designs of the spacecraft and vehicles in them were consistently cool and memorable. The N-1 and the Delta-7 in particular are ships I've always wanted to see in this game, and with one confirmed and no good reason not to include the other, I'll be happy to buy into the Republic faction at least (not so into CIS but if the ships look fun to fly we'll see). I also really look forward to seeing what the list archetypes of both the GAR and CIS end up being like; both sides are shown using tactics involving swarms of disposable ships (GAR because nobody cares if clones live or die, CIS because nobody cares if droids live or die). GAR also has a ton of Jedi; I would not be surprised if the Delta-7 and inevitable Eta-2 expansions don't include any pilots who don't have Force. Jedi ace + Mini-Swarm might be a compelling option—which could easily lead to really thematic stuff like Anakin leading a squadron of V-19s or V-Wings. CIS is a bit more wide open since there aren't many named pilots (for obvious reasons) though of course Ventress and Darth Maul are a given. I suspect that CIS will be even more swarm-focused than Empire is, with lots of cheap ships that are all kinda crappy individually, and I think we might reasonably expect some Scum-style jank and dirty tricks. I doubt they would break the eight-of-a-given-ship rule, but there's no rule that you can't have more than eight ships total; it would be cumbersome to play such a list, but if the individual ships are cheap and bad enough, maybe it will be possible to have something like eight Vulture Droids and a few Tri-Fighters together. FFG could even encourage such a thing by selling multiple ships in a single blister, like the Z-95s in Most Wanted or the Interceptors in Imperial Aces.
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